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[Enhanced Cloud City] Enhanced Cloud City (ECC)

    Special set of 12 cards published by Decipher (1999-12-08).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    SW S9 P 14-LOM With Concussion RiflePromotionCharacter
    SW S9 P 2IG-88 With Riot GunPromotionCharacter
    SW S9 P 3Crush The RebellionPromotionEffect
    SW S9 P 4Any Methods NecessaryPromotionInterrupt
    SW S9 P 5This Deal Is Getting Worse All The Time / Pray I Don't Alter It Any FurtherPromotionObjective
    SW S9 P 6Boba Fett In Slave IPromotionStarship
    SW S9 P 7Dengar In Punishing OnePromotionStarship
    SW S9 P 8Chewie With Blaster RiflePromotionCharacter
    SW S9 P 9Lando With Blaster PistolPromotionCharacter
    SW S9 P 10Quiet Mining Colony / Independent OperationPromotionObjective
    SW S9 P 11Lando In Millennium FalconPromotionStarship
    SW S9 P 12Z-95 Bespin Defense FighterPromotionStarship

    Enhanced Cloud City: Released December 8, 1999

    • Enhanced Cloud City Pack (MSRP $14.95o
      • 3 Premium Cards, in a die-cut box so first card viewable at time of purchase
      • 4 Cloud City Booster Packs
    • Enhanced Cloud City Boxes (contained 3 of each of the 4 ECC Packs listed below)
      • Boba Fett In Slave One (with 4-LOM With Concussion Rifle and Any Methods Necessary)
      • Lando With Blaster Rifle (with Z-95 Bespin Defense Fighter and This Deal is Getting Worse All The Time/Pray I Don‟t Alter It Any Further)
      • IG-88 With Riot Gun (with Dengar In Punishing One and Crush The Rebellion)
      • Chewie With Blaster Rifle (with Lando In Millennium Falcon and Quiet Mining Colony/Independent Operation)