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Character Character card list

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    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityFaction
    SW 4 R1 82
    2-1B (Too-Onebee)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 1 U1 163
    2X-3KPR (Tooex)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 10  C 1Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 16  U 6Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 16  U 3Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 16  U 4Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 16  U 5Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 5  R 1
    4-LOMimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareDark Side
    SW S9 P 1Enhanced Cloud CityPromotion
    SW 1 R1 1
    5D6-RA-7 (Fivedesix)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 7  R 91Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 7  C 1Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 13 XR 97Death Star IIX-RareLight Side
    SW 13  R 6Death Star IIRareDark Side
    SW 1 R2 2
    Admiral Mottiimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 4 R1 1
    Admiral Ozzelimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 13 XR 7Death Star IIX-RareDark Side
    SW 3 C2 1
    Advoszeimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 10  U 2Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 15  R 1CoruscantRareDark Side
    SW 10  C 163Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 7  R 2Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 7  C 3Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 10  C 3Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 10  C 164Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 7  C 4Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 3 C2 82
    Arconaimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 7  R 92Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW S14  P 107Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDark Side
    SW S6 P 10Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW 7  R 93Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 16  R 63Theed Palace (first print)RareLight Side
    SW S14  P 134Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionLight Side
    SW 10  F 165Special EditionFixedLight Side
    SW 4 C2 2
    AT-AT Driverimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 11  C 1EndorCommonDark Side
    SW 7  R 94Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 14  R 1
    Aurra Singimage (first print)
    Tatooine (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 7  R 5Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 7  R 6Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 7  C 97Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 13  R 8Death Star IIRareDark Side
    SW 10  U 4Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 15  U 2CoruscantUncommonDark Side
    SW 16  C 7Theed PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 16  C 8Theed PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 7  R 7Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 10  R 166Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 1 U2 164
    Beru Larsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 7  R 98Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 7  R 8Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 15  P 101Reflections IIIPromotionDark Side
    SW 1 R2 165
    Biggs Darklighterimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 11  C 2
    Biker Scout Trooperimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)CommonDark Side
    SW 6  R 1Cloud CityRareDark Side
    SW 10  R 5Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW S5 1 PFirst AnthologyPromotion
    SW 15  P 102Reflections IIIPromotionDark Side
    SW S8 P 1Enhanced PremierePromotion
    SW 10  R 6Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 16  U 9Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 7  C 96Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 1 U1 166
    BoShekimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 5  R 2
    Bosskimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareDark Side
    SW S11 P 1Enhanced Jabba’s PalacePromotion
    SW 16  R 64
    Boss Nassimage (first print)
    Theed Palace (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 10  C 167Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 10  C 168Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW S11 P 9Enhanced Jabba’s PalacePromotion
    SW 3 R1 83
    Brainiacimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 10  R 7Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 10  U 169Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  R 170Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 1 R1 167
    C-3PO (See-Threepio)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 4 U2 83
    Cal Alderimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 14  C 46TatooineCommonLight Side
    SW 10  R 171Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 6  R 2Cloud CityRareDark Side
    SW 16  R 10Theed PalaceRareDark Side
    SW S14  P 108Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDark Side
    SW 13  U 9Death Star IIUncommonDark Side
    SW 6  R 91Cloud CityRareLight Side
    SW 13  U 10Death Star IIUncommonDark Side
    SW 3 U1 2
    Captain Khurgeeimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 4 U1 3
    Captain Lennoximage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 15  R 91CoruscantRareLight Side
    SW 5  R 3
    Captain Needaimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 15  R 92CoruscantRareLight Side
    SW 4 R2 4
    Captain Piettimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 13  R 11Death Star IIRareDark Side
    SW 16  R 65Theed PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 13  U 98Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 13  U 12Death Star IIUncommonDark Side
    SW 11  U 91EndorUncommonLight Side
    SW 7  C 99Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW S6 P 1Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW 7  C 9Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 3 R2 84
    Chewbaccaimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 11  R 92
    Chewbacca Of Kashyyykimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareLight Side
    SW S14  P 135Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionLight Side
    SW S4 P 5The Empire Strikes Back Introductory Two-Player GamePromotion
    SW 15  P 151Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW S9 P 8Enhanced Cloud CityPromotion
    SW 1 U1 3
    Chief Bastimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 11  R 93EndorRareLight Side
    SW 6  R 3Cloud CityRareDark Side
    SW 15  U 3CoruscantUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  U 8Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  U 172Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 6  C 4Cloud CityCommonDark Side
    SW 6  C 92Cloud CityCommonLight Side
    SW 6  C 5Cloud CityCommonDark Side
    SW 6  C 93Cloud CityCommonLight Side
    SW 13  R 99Death Star IIRareLight Side
    SW 13  U 13Death Star IIUncommonDark Side
    SW 11  R 3EndorRareDark Side
    SW 10  R 173Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 13  R 14Death Star IIRareDark Side
    SW 13  U 100Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 1 U1 4
    Colonel Wullf Yularenimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 5  U 5
    Commander Brandeiimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonDark Side
    SW 6  U 6Cloud CityUncommonDark Side
    SW 3 C1 85
    Commander Evram Lajaieimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Light Side
    SW 5  U 6
    Commander Gherantimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonDark Side
    SW 11  R 4EndorRareDark Side
    SW 4 R1 84
    Commander Luke Skywalkerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 13  R 15Death Star IIRareDark Side
    SW 5  U 7
    Commander Nemetimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonDark Side
    SW 1 U2 5
    Commander Prajiimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 3 U2 86
    Commander Vanden Willardimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 10  R 174Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW S5 P 4First AnthologyPromotion
    SW 5  C 4
    Comm Chiefimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonDark Side
    SW 3 C2 87
    Corellianimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 10  U 175Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 11  U 5EndorUncommonDark Side
    SW 11  U 94EndorUncommonLight Side
    SW 11  U 95EndorUncommonLight Side
    SW 5  U 8
    Corporal Derdramimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonDark Side
    SW 11  U 6EndorUncommonDark Side
    SW 11  R 7EndorRareDark Side
    SW 10  R 9Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 11  U 96EndorUncommonLight Side
    SW 11  R 97EndorRareLight Side
    SW 13  U 101Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 13  U 102Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 11  R 8EndorRareDark Side
    SW 11  R 9EndorRareDark Side
    SW 10  U 10Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 16  U 66Theed PalaceUncommonLight Side
    SW 5  U 9
    Corporal Vandolayimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonDark Side
    SW S14  P 136Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionLight Side
    SW 10  C 11Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 15  C 4CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW 15  C 93CoruscantCommonLight Side
    SW 1 C2 168
    CZ-3 (Seezee-Three)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 7  C 10Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 4 R2 85
    Dack Ralterimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 16  U 67Theed PalaceUncommonLight Side
    SW 3 R1 3
    Dannik Jerrikoimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 10  C 12Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 3 U2 4
    Danz Borinimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 14  R 2TatooineRareDark Side
    SW 14  R 3
    Darth Maulimage (first print)
    Tatooine (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 16  R 11Theed Palace (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 15  R 5Coruscant (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 16  R 12
    Darth Sidiousimage (first print)
    Theed Palace (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 1 R1 6
    Darth Vaderimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 10  R 13Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW S8 P 2Enhanced PremierePromotion
    SW S14  P 137Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionLight Side
    SW 1 U1 7
    Dathchaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 11  R 98
    Daughter Of Skywalkerimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 15  R 6CoruscantRareDark Side
    SW 3 C1 5
    Death Star Gunnerimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Dark Side
    SW 1 C2 8
    Death Star Trooperimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 10  R 176Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 3 C2 6
    Defelimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 14  U 47TatooineUncommonLight Side
    SW 5  R 10
    Dengarimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareDark Side
    SW S11 P 2Enhanced Jabba’s PalacePromotion
    SW 15  R 94CoruscantRareLight Side
    SW 4 U1 86
    Derek 'Hobbie' Klivianimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 15  R 7CoruscantRareDark Side
    SW 7  C 100Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 1 R2 169
    Dice Ibegonimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 1 R2 9
    Djas Puhrimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 10  U 14Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 3 U2 88
    Doikk Na'tsimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 7  R 95Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 11  C 99EndorCommonLight Side
    SW 1 R2 10
    Dr. Evazanimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW S14  P 109Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDark Side
    SW 10  C 177Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 7  R 101Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 13  U 16Death Star IIUncommonDark Side
    SW 13  U 17Death Star IIUncommonDark Side
    SW 1 U1 11
    DS-61-2image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 1 R1 12
    DS-61-3image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 3 R2 7
    DS-61-4image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 1 R1 170
    Dutchimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 6  R 7Cloud CityRareDark Side
    SW 4 C3 87
    Echo Base Trooperimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-3Light Side
    SW 4 C1 88Hoth (first print)Common-1Light Side
    SW 15  C 8CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW 4 C1 89
    EG-4 (Eegee-Four)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-1Light Side
    SW 1 U2 13
    EG-6 (Eegee-Six)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 11  C 10Endor (first print)CommonDark Side
    SW 7  C 102Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 10  U 178Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 13 UR 18Death Star IIUltra RareDark Side
    SW 11  C 100EndorCommonLight Side
    SW 7  R 11Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 10  C 15Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 7  R 12Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 11  C 101EndorCommonLight Side
    SW 11  C 102EndorCommonLight Side
    SW 11  C 103EndorCommonLight Side
    SW 1 U1 14
    Feltipern Trevaggimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 1 U2 171
    Figrin D'animage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 10  U 179Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 13  R 103Death Star IIRareLight Side
    SW 7  C 103Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 7  R 13Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 15  U 95CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW 4 C2 5
    FX-10 (Effex-ten)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 4 C2 90
    FX-7 (Effex-Seven)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 7  R 14Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 14  U 4TatooineUncommonDark Side
    SW 7  C 15Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 15  U 9CoruscantUncommonDark Side
    SW 1 R2 15
    Garindanimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 7  R 104Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 3 U2 89
    Garouf Lafoeimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 7  R 105Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 10  U 16Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 13  R 104Death Star IIRareLight Side
    SW 4 R2 91
    General Carlist Rieekanimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 11  R 104EndorRareLight Side
    SW 1 U1 172
    General Dodonnaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 16  R 68
    General Jar Jarimage (first print)
    Theed Palace (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 10  R 180Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 11  R 105
    General Soloimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 1 R2 16
    General Taggeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 4 R1 6
    General Veersimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 13  U 105Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 14  U 5TatooineUncommonDark Side
    SW 7  R 106Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 7  R 16Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 11  R 106EndorRareLight Side
    SW 14  U 6TatooineUncommonDark Side
    SW 7  C 107Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW S14  P 110Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDark Side
    SW 1 R1 17
    Grand Moff Tarkinimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 15  U 96CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  U 17Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 3 R1 8
    Greedoimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 13  R 106Death Star IIRareLight Side
    SW 13  C 107Death Star IICommonLight Side
    SW 13  C 108Death Star IICommonLight Side
    SW 10  R 181Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 15  R 10CoruscantRareDark Side
    SW 14  U 48TatooineUncommonLight Side
    SW 16  C 69Theed PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 16  C 70Theed PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 15  C 97CoruscantCommonLight Side
    SW S14  P 111Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDark Side
    SW S3 P 6Jedi PackPromotion
    SW 1 R1 173
    Han Soloimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW S8 P 3Enhanced PremierePromotion
    SW 10  U 182Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 3 R1 9
    Hem Dazonimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 7  R 17Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 7  R 18Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 3 U2 90
    Het Nkikimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 7  C 108Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 10  U 183Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 15  P 152Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW 15  C 98CoruscantCommonLight Side
    SW 3 R1 91
    Hunchbackimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 10  R 18Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 3 U2 92
    Ickabel G'ontimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 5  R 11
    IG-88image (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareDark Side
    SW S9 P 2Enhanced Cloud CityPromotion
    SW 10  F 19Special EditionFixedDark Side
    SW 3 C2 10
    Imperial Commanderimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 4 C2 7
    Imperial Gunnerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 5  C 12
    Imperial Helmsmanimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonDark Side
    SW 1 C2 18
    Imperial Pilotimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 3 C3 11
    Imperial Squad Leaderimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-3Dark Side
    SW 1 C2 19
    Imperial Trooper Guardimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 6  U 8Cloud CityUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  C 184Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 16  C 13Theed PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 7  C 109Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 7  C 110Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 3 R1 12
    IT-O (Eyetee-Oh)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 10  R 20Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 15  P 103Reflections IIIPromotionDark Side
    SW S14  P 112Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDark Side
    SW 7  R 20Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 13  R 19Death Star IIRareDark Side
    SW 14  R 49TatooineRareLight Side
    SW 1 C2 20
    Jawaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 1 C2 174
    Jawaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 15  C 11CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW 15  C 99CoruscantCommonLight Side
    SW 1 U1 175
    Jek Porkinsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 4 U1 92
    Jeroen Webbimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 16  U 71Theed PalaceUncommonLight Side
    SW 7  R 111Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW S11 P 3Enhanced Jabba’s PalacePromotion
    SW 10  R 185Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 7  R 19Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 4 R1 93
    K-3PO (Kay-Threepio)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 1 U1 176
    Kabeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 1 R1 177
    Kal'Falnl C'ndrosimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 7  R 112Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 13  U 109Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  U 21Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  U 186Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 11  R 107EndorRareLight Side
    SW 6  U 94Cloud CityUncommonLight Side
    SW 15  R 12CoruscantRareDark Side
    SW 13  U 110Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  U 22Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  R 187Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 15  U 100CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  U 23Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  U 188Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 13  U 111Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  C 189Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW S14  P 113Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDark Side
    SW 7  R 21Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 1 R1 21
    Kitik Keed'kakimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 7  C 113Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 7  R 22Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 7  C 114Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 1 R2 22
    Labriaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 6  R 9Cloud CityRareDark Side
    SW 6  R 95Cloud CityRareLight Side
    SW 15  P 153Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW S9 P 9Enhanced Cloud CityPromotion
    SW S13 P 11Jabba’s Palace Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW 14  U 7TatooineUncommonDark Side
    SW 7  R 115Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW S14  P 138Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionLight Side
    SW 1 R2 178
    Leesub Sirlnimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW S3 P 7Jedi PackPromotion
    SW 1 R1 179
    Leia Organaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 15  P 154Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW S8 P 4Enhanced PremierePromotion
    SW 7  R 116Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 15  U 101CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW 11  U 11EndorUncommonDark Side
    SW 16  U 72Theed PalaceUncommonLight Side
    SW 13  R 112Death Star IIRareLight Side
    SW 4 U2 8
    Lieutenant Cabbelimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 6  U 10Cloud CityUncommonDark Side
    SW 16  U 73Theed PalaceUncommonLight Side
    SW 5  U 13Dagobah (first print)UncommonDark Side
    SW 13  U 20Death Star IIUncommonDark Side
    SW 11  R 108EndorRareLight Side
    SW 11  U 12EndorUncommonDark Side
    SW 13  U 21Death Star IIUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  U 190Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  U 191Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 11  R 109EndorRareLight Side
    SW 11  R 13EndorRareDark Side
    SW 16  U 74Theed PalaceUncommonLight Side
    SW 6  R 11Cloud CityRareDark Side
    SW 13  U 113Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 5  R 14
    Lieutenant Subaimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 1 U2 23
    Lieutenant Tanbrisimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 10  R 192Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 13  U 114Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 5  U 15
    Lieutenant Venkaimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonDark Side
    SW 11  R 14EndorRareDark Side
    SW 15  U 102CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW 1 C1 180Premiere (first print)Common-1Light Side
    SW 1 C1 24Premiere (first print)Common-1Dark Side
    SW 3 U2 13
    Lirin Car'nimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 10  C 24Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 6  R 96Cloud CityRareLight Side
    SW 10  R 25Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 14  U 50TatooineUncommonLight Side
    SW 11  R 110EndorRareLight Side
    SW 7  R 117Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 15  P 104Reflections IIIPromotionDark Side
    SW 13  R 22Death Star IIRareDark Side
    SW 15  R 13CoruscantRareDark Side
    SW 3 C1 14
    Lt. Pol Treidumimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Dark Side
    SW 3 U1 15
    Lt. Shann Childsenimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Dark Side
    SW S1 P 4Premiere Introductory Two-Player GamePromotion
    SW 1 R1 181
    Luke Skywalkerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 13 UR 115Death Star IIUltra RareLight Side
    SW S14  P 139Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionLight Side
    SW S8 P 5Enhanced PremierePromotion
    SW 11  U 111EndorUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  U 26Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 15  R 103
    Mace Winduimage (first print)
    Coruscant (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 16  R 75
    Mace Windu, Jedi Masterimage (first print)
    Theed Palace (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 4 R2 94
    Major Bren Derlinimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 13  U 116Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 11  R 15EndorRareDark Side
    SW 11  R 16EndorRareDark Side
    SW 13  U 23Death Star IIUncommonDark Side
    SW 13  U 117Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  R 193Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 13  U 118Death Star IIUncommonLight Side
    SW 13  U 24Death Star IIUncommonDark Side
    SW 13  U 25Death Star IIUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  F 27Special EditionFixedDark Side
    SW 7  R 23Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW S11 P 4Enhanced Jabba’s PalacePromotion
    SW 15  U 104CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW S11 P 10Enhanced Jabba’s PalacePromotion
    SW 15  R 105
    Master Qui-Gonimage (first print)
    Coruscant (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 7  R 118Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 10  R 194Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW S13 P 1Jabba’s Palace Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW 3 U1 93
    M-HYD ‘Binary' Droidimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW S13 P 2Jabba’s Palace Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW 1 U2 25
    M'iiyoom Onithimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW S14  P 140Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionLight Side
    SW 13  R 26Death Star IIRareDark Side
    SW 10  C 195Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 1 U2 182
    Momaw Nadonimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 11  R 112EndorRareLight Side
    SW S7 P 4Second AnthologyPromotion
    SW 3 U2 16
    Mosepimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW S3 P 1Jedi PackPromotion
    SW 1 U1 26
    MSE-6 'Mouse' Droidimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 15  R 106CoruscantRareLight Side
    SW 7  R 24Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 13  R 27Death Star IIRareDark Side
    SW 1 R2 27
    Myoimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 15  C 107CoruscantCommonLight Side
    SW 3 U2 94
    Nalan Cheelimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 10  C 28Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 11  C 17EndorCommonDark Side
    SW 11  R 18EndorRareDark Side
    SW 11  C 19EndorCommonDark Side
    SW 11  U 20EndorUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  U 196Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  R 29Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 15  C 14CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW 10  U 30Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 13  R 119Death Star IIRareLight Side
    SW 7  C 25Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 7  R 26Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 15  R 15CoruscantRareDark Side
    SW 16  R 14Theed Palace (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 7  R 27Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 1 R1 183
    Obi-Wan Kenobiimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 15  P 155Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW 14  R 51Tatooine (first print)RareLight Side
    SW S8 P 6Enhanced PremierePromotion
    SW 16  U 76Theed PalaceUncommonLight Side
    SW 16  U 77Theed PalaceUncommonLight Side
    SW 3 C1 17
    Officer Evaximage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Dark Side
    SW 16  U 78Theed PalaceUncommonLight Side
    SW 7  R 119Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 16  U 15Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  C 31Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 15  C 16CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW 11  R 113EndorRareLight Side
    SW 7  C 120Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 7  R 28Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 10  R 32Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 10  R 33Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 1 U1 184
    Owen Larsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW S14  P 141Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionLight Side
    SW 16  R 16Theed PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 15  R 17CoruscantRareDark Side
    SW 15  R 18CoruscantRareDark Side
    SW 14  R 52
    Padmé Naberrieimage (first print)
    Tatooine (first print)RareLight Side
    SW S13 P 12Jabba’s Palace Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW 7  R 121Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 16  R 79Theed Palace (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 11  U 114
    Paplooimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)UncommonLight Side
    SW 15  C 19CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW 15  R 108CoruscantRareLight Side
    SW 14  C 8TatooineCommonDark Side
    SW 15  R 109CoruscantRareLight Side
    SW 1 U1 28
    Ponda Babaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 1 U1 185
    Popsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 7  R 29Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 6  R 97Cloud CityRareLight Side
    SW 7  R 122Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 10  R 197Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW S14  P 114Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDark Side
    SW S12 P 2Third AnthologyPromotion
    SW 4 C2 9
    Probe Droidimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 1 U1 29
    Prophetessimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 7  R 123Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 7  C 30Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 16  R 80
    Queen Amidalaimage (first print)
    Theed Palace (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 15  R 110Coruscant (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 14  R 53
    Qui-Gon Jinnimage (first print)
    Tatooine (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 15  P 156Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW 16  R 81Theed Palace (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 1 C2 30
    R1-G4 (Arone-Geefour)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 10  U 34Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 3 R2 95
    R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 3 C2 18
    R2-Q2 (Artoo-Kyootoo)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 1 C2 186
    R2-X2 (Artoo-Extoo)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 10  U 198Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 4 R2 95
    R-3PO (Ar-Threepio)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 10  R 199Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 3 R1 19
    R3-T6 (Arthree-Teesix)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 1 C2 187
    R4-E1 (Arfour-Eeone)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 1 C2 31
    R4-M9 (Arfour-Emmnine)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 3 C2 20
    R5-A2 (Arfive-Aytoo)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 3 C2 96
    R5-D4 (Arfive-Defour)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 4  P 96
    R5-M2 (Arfive-Emmtoo)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)PromotionLight Side
    SW 3 C2 97
    RA-7 (Aray-Seven)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 11  U 115EndorUncommonLight Side
    SW 14  U 9TatooineUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  C 35Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 10  F 200Special EditionFixedLight Side
    SW 10  C 201Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 10  U 36Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 7  R 125Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 16  U 17Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 3 C2 98
    Rebel Commanderimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 1 C2 188
    Rebel Guardimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 1 C2 189
    Rebel Pilotimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 4 C1 97
    Rebel Scoutimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-1Light Side
    SW 3 C3 99
    Rebel Squad Leaderimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-3Light Side
    SW 3 C1 100
    Rebel Techimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Light Side
    SW 1 C3 190
    Rebel Trooperimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-3Light Side
    SW S6 P 11Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW 1 R1 191
    Red Leaderimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 3 U2 21
    Reegeskimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 7  R 31Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 7  R 126Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 16  U 82Theed PalaceUncommonLight Side
    SW 3 U1 22
    Reserve Pilotimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 15  R 111CoruscantRareLight Side
    SW 16  R 83Theed PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 7  R 124Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 3 C2 23
    Rodianimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 4 C2 98
    Rogue Gunnerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 4 U2 99
    Romas "Lock" Navanderimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 11  R 116EndorRareLight Side
    SW 13  C 28Death Star IICommonDark Side
    SW 16  C 84Theed PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 10  R 37Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 15  R 20CoruscantRareDark Side
    SW 16  R 18Theed Palace (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 10  U 202Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  R 38Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 15  R 112CoruscantRareLight Side
    SW 15  U 113CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW 7  R 127Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 7  R 32Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 10  F 39Special EditionFixedDark Side
    SW S7 P 1Second AnthologyPromotion
    SW 3 C2 101
    Saurinimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 14  R 10
    Sebulbaimage (first print)
    Tatooine (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 15  C 21CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW S11 P 11Enhanced Jabba’s PalacePromotion
    SW 15  U 114CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW 15  R 115
    Senator Palpatineimage (first print)
    Coruscant (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 11  R 21EndorRareDark Side
    SW 11  R 117EndorRareLight Side
    SW 11  R 118EndorRareLight Side
    SW 7  R 128Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 10  U 203Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 11  U 22EndorUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  R 204Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 11  R 23EndorRareDark Side
    SW 11  U 119EndorUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  U 40Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  R 41Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 10  U 42Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  R 43Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 11  U 24EndorUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  R 44Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 11  R 25EndorRareDark Side
    SW 7  R 129Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 4 U1 100
    Shawn Valdezimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 1 C2 192
    Shistavanen Wolfmanimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 14  R 54TatooineRareLight Side
    SW 7  C 130Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 16  U 19Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 13  R 29Death Star IIRareDark Side
    SW 15  P 157Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW 14  R 11TatooineRareDark Side
    SW 7  C 33Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 7  C 131Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW S14  P 115Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDark Side
    SW 4 C3 10
    Snowtrooperimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-3Dark Side
    SW 4 C1 11
    Snowtrooper Officerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-1Dark Side
    SW 5  R 91
    Son of Skywalkerimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 10  R 205Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 16  U 20Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 16  U 21Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 16  R 22Theed PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 1 C3 32
    Stormtrooperimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-3Dark Side
    SW S6 P 2Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW 15  P 106Reflections IIIPromotionDark Side
    SW 15  R 116Coruscant (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 10  F 45Special EditionFixedDark Side
    SW 10  R 46Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW S14  P 142Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionLight Side
    SW 1 C2 193
    Talzimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 4 U2 101
    Tamizander Reyimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 7  R 132Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 16  C 23Theed PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 7  R 133Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW S3 P 2Jedi PackPromotion
    SW 4 C2 102
    Tauntaun Handlerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 10  R 206Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 7  R 34Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 15  R 22CoruscantRareDark Side
    SW 3 U2 24
    Tech Mo'rimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW S3 P 8Jedi PackPromotion
    SW 11  R 120EndorRareLight Side
    SW 15  R 23CoruscantRareDark Side
    SW 15  U 117CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW 13  R 120Death Star IIRareLight Side
    SW 7  R 134Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 15  U 24CoruscantUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  R 207Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW S14  P 116Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDark Side
    SW 10  U 208Special EditionUncommonLight Side
    SW 15  P 105Reflections IIIPromotionDark Side
    SW 11  R 121
    Threepioimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 14  R 55Tatooine (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 7  R 35Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 6  C 12Cloud CityCommonDark Side
    SW 6  C 98Cloud CityCommonLight Side
    SW 10  C 209Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 4 U1 103
    Tigran Jamiroimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 15  C 25CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW 3 U2 102
    Tireeimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 10  R 210Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 1 R1 33
    Tonnika Sistersimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 15  U 26CoruscantUncommonDark Side
    SW 4 U1 104
    Toryn Farrimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 7  C 36Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 6  U 99Cloud CityUncommonLight Side
    SW 3 R2 25
    Trooper Davin Felthimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 6  U 13Cloud CityUncommonDark Side
    SW 6  U 100Cloud CityUncommonLight Side
    SW 1 C2 34
    Tusken Raiderimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 15  C 27CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW 13  R 121Death Star IIRareLight Side
    SW 3 R2 103
    Tzizvvtimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 3 R1 26
    U-3PO (Yoo-Threepio)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 6  R 14Cloud CityRareDark Side
    SW 6  C 15Cloud CityCommonDark Side
    SW 10  R 47Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 3 U2 27
    URoRRuR'R'Rimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 10  R 48Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 10  R 211Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW S1 P 1Premiere Introductory Two-Player GamePromotion
    SW 7  R 37Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW S4 P 1The Empire Strikes Back Introductory Two-Player GamePromotion
    SW 7  R 38Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW S14  P 117Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDark Side
    SW 7  R 39Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 7  R 135Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 5  U 16
    Warrant Officer M'Kaeimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonDark Side
    SW 14  R 12
    Wattoimage (first print)
    Tatooine (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 4 C1 105
    WED-1016 'Techie' Droidimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-1Light Side
    SW 1 R2 35Premiere (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 3 U2 28A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 1 R2 194
    WED-9-M1 'Bantha' Droidimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 3 R1 104
    Wedge Antillesimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 13  R 122Death Star IIRareLight Side
    SW 7  C 40Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 7  C 41Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 7  U 42Jabba’s PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 7  C 43Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 4 R2 106
    Wes Jansonimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 7  C 44Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 11  R 122EndorRareLight Side
    SW 6  U 101Cloud CityUncommonLight Side
    SW 1 U1 195
    Wiosleaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 7  R 45Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 10  F 212Special EditionFixedLight Side
    SW 7  R 46Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 1 U2 36
    Wuherimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 11  U 123EndorUncommonLight Side
    SW 4 U2 107
    Wyron Serperimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 15  U 28CoruscantUncommonDark Side
    SW 15  U 118CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW 7  C 136Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 15  U 119CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  F 213Special EditionFixedLight Side
    SW 15  C 29CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW 5  R 92
    Yodaimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 15  P 158Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW 15  R 120Coruscant (first print)RareLight Side
    SW 14  U 56TatooineUncommonLight Side
    SW 7  R 137Jabba’s PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 7  C 47Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 4 R2 108
    Zev Senescaimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 5  R 17
    Zuckussimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 3 C1 105
    Zuttonimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Light Side