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Objective Objective card list

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    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityFaction
    SW S13 P 18Jabba’s Palace Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW S14  P 130Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDark Side
    SW 13  R 60Death Star IIRareDark Side
    SW 10  R 134Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW S11 P 5Enhanced Jabba’s PalacePromotion
    SW 10  R 297Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 11  R 77EndorRareDark Side
    SW 10  R 298Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 10  R 135Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 10  R 136Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 16  U 44Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  R 137Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 15  P 147Reflections IIIPromotionDark Side
    SW 10  R 299Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW S12 P 5Third AnthologyPromotion
    SW 10  R 300Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW S13 P 8Jabba’s Palace Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW 15  U 81CoruscantUncommonDark Side
    SW 15  U 82CoruscantUncommonDark Side
    SW 15  U 172CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW S9 P 10Enhanced Cloud CityPromotion
    SW 10  R 138Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 11  R 168EndorRareLight Side
    SW 10  R 301Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW S12 P 1Third AnthologyPromotion
    SW 15  U 173CoruscantUncommonLight Side
    SW 13  R 152Death Star IIRareLight Side
    SW S9 P 5Enhanced Cloud CityPromotion
    SW S14  P 157Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionLight Side
    SW 16  U 106Theed PalaceUncommonLight Side
    SW 15  P 196Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW S11 P 12Enhanced Jabba’s PalacePromotion