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[Coruscant] Coruscant (CO)

Regular expansion of 189 cards published by Decipher (2001-08).

Overview card types:
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeFaction
SW 15  R 1[?]Aks MoeRareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  U 2[?]Baskol YeesrimUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  U 3[?]ChokkUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  C 4[?]Coruscant GuardCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 5[?]Darth Maul, Young Apprentice (first print)RareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 6[?]Daultay DofineRareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 7[?]Destroyer DroidRareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  C 8[?]Edcel Bar GaneCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  U 9[?]Gardulla The HuttUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 10[?]Grotto WerribeeRareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  C 11[?]JawaCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 12[?]Keder The BlackRareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 13[?]Lott DodRareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  C 14[?]Neimoidian PilotCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 15[?]Nute GunrayRareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  C 16[?]Orn Free TaaCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 17[?]P-59RareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 18[?]P-60RareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  C 19[?]Passel ArgenteCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 20[?]Rune HaakoRareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  C 21[?]Security Battle DroidCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 22[?]TC-14RareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 23[?]Televan KoreyyRareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  U 24[?]Tey HowUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  C 25[?]TikkesCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  U 26[?]Toonbuck TooraUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  C 27[?]Tusken RaiderCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  U 28[?]Yade M'rakUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  C 29[?]Yeb Yeb Adem'thornCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 15  U 30[?]Accepting Trade Federation ControlUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 15  U 31[?]Allegations Of CorruptionUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 15  R 32[?]Battle Order & First StrikeRareEffectDark Side
SW 15  U 33[?]Begin Landing Your TroopsUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 15  R 34[?]Do They Have A Code Clearance?RareEffectDark Side
SW 15  U 35[?]Drop!UncommonEffectDark Side
SW 15  U 36[?]Enter The BureaucratUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 15  U 37[?]Establish ControlUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 15  R 38[?]Imperial Arrest Order & Secret PlansRareEffectDark Side
SW 15  U 39[?]Mind Tricks Don't Work On MeUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 15  U 40[?]Motion SupportedUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 15  U 41[?]Our Blockade Is Perfectly LegalUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 15  R 42[?]The Phantom Menace (first print)RareEffectDark Side
SW 15  R 43[?]They Will Be No Match For YouRareEffectDark Side
SW 15  U 44[?]This Is Outrageous!UncommonEffectDark Side
SW 15  U 45[?]Wipe Them Out, All Of ThemUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 15  R 46[?]You Cannot Hide Forever & Mobilization PointsRareEffectDark Side
SW 15  U 47[?]AlterUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 15  U 48[?]ControlUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 15  R 49[?]DioxisRareInterruptDark Side
SW 15  R 50[?]Imperial ArtilleryRareInterruptDark Side
SW 15  C 51[?]Kill Them ImmediatelyCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 15  U 52[?]Lana DobreedUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 15  C 53[?]Little Real PowerCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 15  R 54[?]Masterful Move & Endor OccupationRareInterruptDark Side
SW 15  R 55[?]Maul StrikesRareInterruptDark Side
SW 15  U 56[?]Neimoidian AdvisorUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 15  C 57[?]No Civility, Only PoliticsCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 15  C 58[?]On The Payroll Of The Trade FederationCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 15  U 59[?]SenseUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 15  R 60[?]Short Range Fighters & Watch Your Back!RareInterruptDark Side
SW 15  R 61[?]Squabbling DelegatesRareInterruptDark Side
SW 15  C 62[?]The Point Is ConcededCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 15  U 63[?]They're Still Coming Through!UncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 15  R 64[?]Vote Now!RareInterruptDark Side
SW 15  R 65[?]We Must Accelerate Our PlansRareInterruptDark Side
SW 15  R 66[?]Blockade Flagship: BridgeRareLocationDark Side
SW 15  C 67[?]CoruscantCommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  C 68[?]Coruscant: Docking BayCommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  C 69[?]Coruscant: Galactic SenateCommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  U 70[?]MalastareUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  U 71[?]NabooUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  C 72[?]Naboo: Battle PlainsCommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  C 73[?]Naboo: SwampCommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  C 74[?]Naboo: Theed Palace CourtyardCommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  C 75[?]Naboo: Theed Palace Docking BayCommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  C 76[?]Naboo: Theed Palace Throne RoomCommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  U 77[?]TatooineUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  C 78[?]Tatooine: MarketplaceCommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  C 79[?]Tatooine: Mos Espa Docking BayCommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  C 80[?]Tatooine: Watto's JunkyardCommonLocationDark Side
SW 15  U 81[?]My Lord, Is That Legal? / I Will Make It LegalUncommonObjectiveDark Side
SW 15  U 82[?]No Money, No Parts, No Deal! / You're A Slave?UncommonObjectiveDark Side
SW 15  C 83[?]Droid StarfighterCommonStarshipDark Side
SW 15  R 84[?]Maul's Sith InfiltratorRareStarshipDark Side
SW 15  U 85[?]Trade Federation BattleshipUncommonStarshipDark Side
SW 15  R 86[?]Trade Federation Droid Control ShipRareStarshipDark Side
SW 15  C 87[?]Battle Droid Blaster RifleCommonWeaponDark Side
SW 15  U 88[?]Laser Cannon BatteryUncommonWeaponDark Side
SW 15  C 89[?]Naboo BlasterCommonWeaponDark Side
SW 15  C 90[?]Naboo Blaster RifleCommonWeaponDark Side
SW 15  R 91[?]Captain MadakorRareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 92[?]Captain PanakaRareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  C 93[?]Coruscant GuardCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 94[?]Depa BillabaRareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  U 95[?]Freon DrevanUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  U 96[?]Graxol KelvyynUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  C 97[?]Gungan WarriorCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  C 98[?]Horox RyyderCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  C 99[?]JawaCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  U 100[?]Ki-Adi-MundiUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  U 101[?]Liana MerianUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  U 102[?]Lieutenant WilliamsUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 103[?]Mace Windu (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  U 104[?]Mas AmeddaUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 105[?]Master Qui-Gon (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 106[?]Murr DanodRareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  C 107[?]Naboo Fighter PilotCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 108[?]Phylo GandishRareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 109[?]Plo KoonRareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 110[?]Queen Amidala, Ruler Of Naboo (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 111[?]Ric OliéRareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 112[?]SabéRareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  U 113[?]SachéUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  U 114[?]Sei TariaUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 115[?]Senator Palpatine (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 116[?]Supreme Chancellor Valorum (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  U 117[?]Tendau BendonUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  U 118[?]YanéUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  U 119[?]YaruaUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 120[?]Yoda, Senior Council Member (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  U 121[?]A Tragedy Has OccurredUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 15  U 122[?]A Vergence In The ForceUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 15  U 123[?]Another Pathetic LifeformUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 15  U 124[?]Ascertaining The TruthUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 15  R 125[?]Battle Plan & Draw Their FireRareEffectLight Side
SW 15  C 126[?]Credits Will Do FineCommonEffectLight Side
SW 15  U 127[?]I Will Not DeferUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 15  R 128[?]Insurrection & Aim HighRareEffectLight Side
SW 15  U 129[?]Plea To The CourtUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 15  U 130[?]Secure RouteUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 15  U 131[?]Security ControlUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 15  U 132[?]The Gravest Of CircumstancesUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 15  C 133[?]Thrown BackCommonEffectLight Side
SW 15  C 134[?]We're LeavingCommonEffectLight Side
SW 15  R 135[?]Your Insight Serves You Well & Staging AreasRareEffectLight Side
SW 15  R 136[?]You've Got A Lot Of Guts Coming HereRareEffectLight Side
SW 15  R 137[?]All Wings Report In & Darklighter SpinRareInterruptLight Side
SW 15  U 138[?]AlterUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 15  R 139[?]Are You Brain Dead?!RareInterruptLight Side
SW 15  C 140[?]Baseless AccusationsCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 15  U 141[?]ControlUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 15  R 142[?]Free Ride & Endor CelebrationRareInterruptLight Side
SW 15  C 143[?]Inconsequential BarriersCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 15  C 144[?]I've Decided To Go BackCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 15  R 145[?]Might Of The RepublicRareInterruptLight Side
SW 15  C 146[?]Mindful Of The FutureCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 15  U 147[?]My Loyal BodyguardUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 15  C 148[?]New Leadership Is NeededCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 15  U 149[?]Odin NesloorUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 15  R 150[?]Rebel ArtilleryRareInterruptLight Side
SW 15  C 151[?]Reveal Ourselves To The JediCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 15  U 152[?]SenseUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 15  R 153[?]Speak With The Jedi CouncilRareInterruptLight Side
SW 15  C 154[?]Stay Here, Where It's SafeCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 15  R 155[?]Vote Now!RareInterruptLight Side
SW 15  R 156[?]We Wish To Board At OnceRareInterruptLight Side
SW 15  C 157[?]CoruscantCommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  C 158[?]Coruscant: Docking BayCommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  C 159[?]Coruscant: Galactic SenateCommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  R 160[?]Coruscant: Jedi Council ChamberRareLocationLight Side
SW 15  U 161[?]MalastareUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  U 162[?]NabooUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  C 163[?]Naboo: Battle PlainsCommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  C 164[?]Naboo: SwampCommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  C 165[?]Naboo: Theed Palace CourtyardCommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  C 166[?]Naboo: Theed Palace Docking BayCommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  C 167[?]Naboo: Theed Palace Throne RoomCommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  U 168[?]TatooineUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  C 169[?]Tatooine: MarketplaceCommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  C 170[?]Tatooine: Mos Espa Docking BayCommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  C 171[?]Tatooine: Watto's JunkyardCommonLocationLight Side
SW 15  U 172[?]Plead My Case To The Senate / Sanity And CompassionUncommonObjectiveLight Side
SW 15  U 173[?]The Hyperdrive Generator's Gone / We'll Need A New OneUncommonObjectiveLight Side
SW 15  C 174[?]Naboo Defense FighterCommonStarshipLight Side
SW 15  R 175[?]Queen's Royal StarshipRareStarshipLight Side
SW 15  R 176[?]Radiant VIIRareStarshipLight Side
SW 15  C 177[?]Republic CruiserCommonStarshipLight Side
SW 15  C 178[?]Naboo Blaster RifleCommonWeaponLight Side
SW 15  C 179[?]Naboo Security Officer BlasterCommonWeaponLight Side
SW 15  R 180[?]Panaka's BlasterRareWeaponLight Side
SW 15  R 181[?]Darth Maul, Young Apprentice (reprint)RareCharacterDark Side
SW 15  R 182[?]The Phantom Menace (reprint)RareEffectDark Side
SW 15  R 183[?]Maul's Sith Infiltrator (reprint)RareStarshipDark Side
SW 15  R 184[?] Mace Windu (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 185[?]Master Qui-Gon (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 186[?]Queen Amidala, Ruler Of Naboo (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 187[?]Senator Palpatine (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 188[?]Supreme Chancellor Valorum (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 15  R 189[?]Yoda, Senior Council Member (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side

Limited Edition Released August 2001

  • Booster Packs (MSRP $3.29): 11 cards (1 Rare card and a mixture of 10 common, uncommon, checklist and rules cards).
  • Booster Box (30 Booster Packs)


Set Information:  180 cards (90 Light Side and 90 Dark Side) + 6 Rules/Checklist cards

  • 60 Rares, 60 Uncommons, and 60 Commons (as with the Tatooine expansion, the Uncommons and Commons were on the same sheet)
  • 3 Rules cards (double-sided, with no back or allegiance on any)
  • 4 Checklist cards (2 per side, each single sided, printed with the respective allegiance card back)
  • 9 Alternate Image cards (replaced the „standard image‟ version 1 out of every 4 times)
    • Darth Maul, Young Apprentice
    • Maul‟s Sith Infiltrator
    • The Phantom Menace
    • Mace Windu
    • Master Qui-Gon
    • Queen Amidala, Ruler of Naboo
    • Senator Palpatine
    • Supreme Chancellor Valorum
    • Yoda, Senior Council Member