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[Death Star II] Death Star II (DS)

Regular expansion of 182 cards published by Decipher (2000-07-19).

Overview card types:
Admiral's OrderCharacterEffectEpic EventInterruptLocationJedi TestObjectiveStarshipWeapon
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeFaction
SW 13  R 1[?]Battle DeploymentRareAdmiral's OrderDark Side
SW 13  R 2[?]Fighter CoverRareAdmiral's OrderDark Side
SW 13  R 3[?]Fighters Coming InRareAdmiral's OrderDark Side
SW 13  R 4[?]Intensify The Forward BatteriesRareAdmiral's OrderDark Side
SW 13  R 5[?]We're In Attack Position NowRareAdmiral's OrderDark Side
SW 13  R 6[?]Admiral ChiraneauRareCharacterDark Side
SW 13 XR 7[?]Admiral Piett X-RareCharacterDark Side
SW 13  R 8[?]Baron Soontir FelRareCharacterDark Side
SW 13  U 9[?]Captain GodherdtUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 13  U 10[?]Captain JonusUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 13  R 11[?]Captain SarkliRareCharacterDark Side
SW 13  U 12[?]Captain YorrUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 13  U 13[?]Colonel Davod JonUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 13  R 14[?]Colonel JendonRareCharacterDark Side
SW 13  R 15[?]Commander MerrejkRareCharacterDark Side
SW 13  U 16[?]DS-181-3UncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 13  U 17[?]DS-181-4UncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 13 UR 18[?]Emperor Palpatine Ultra RareCharacterDark Side
SW 13  R 19[?]Janus GreejatusRareCharacterDark Side
SW 13  U 20[?]Lieutenant EndicottUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 13  U 21[?]Lieutenant HebslyUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 13  R 22[?]Lord VaderRareCharacterDark Side
SW 13  U 23[?]Major MiandaUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 13  U 24[?]Major RhymerUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 13  U 25[?]Major Turr PhennirUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 13  R 26[?]Moff JerjerrodRareCharacterDark Side
SW 13  R 27[?]Myn KyneughRareCharacterDark Side
SW 13  C 28[?]Royal GuardCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 13  R 29[?]Sim AlooRareCharacterDark Side
SW 13  C 30[?]Combat ResponseCommonEffectDark Side
SW 13  C 31[?]Desperate CounterCommonEffectDark Side
SW 13  U 32[?]Emperor's PowerUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 13  U 33[?]Endor ShieldUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 13  R 34[?]Flagship OperationsRareEffectDark Side
SW 13  C 35[?]Inconsequential LossesCommonEffectDark Side
SW 13  U 36[?]Insignificant RebellionUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 13  C 37[?]Leave Them To MeCommonEffectDark Side
SW 13  C 38[?]Mobilization PointsCommonEffectDark Side
SW 13  R 39[?]Overseeing It PersonallyRareEffectDark Side
SW 13  C 40[?]Royal EscortCommonEffectDark Side
SW 13  C 41[?]Something Special Planned For ThemCommonEffectDark Side
SW 13  U 42[?]You Cannot Hide ForeverUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 13  C 43[?]Your DestinyCommonEffectDark Side
SW 13  R 44[?]That Thing's OperationalRareEpic EventDark Side
SW 13  R 45[?]Force LightningRareInterruptDark Side
SW 13  R 46[?]Imperial CommandRareInterruptDark Side
SW 13  C 47[?]Operational As PlannedCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 13  C 48[?]Prepared DefensesCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 13  R 49[?]Rise, My FriendRareInterruptDark Side
SW 13  R 50[?]Young FoolRareInterruptDark Side
SW 13  R 51[?]Death Star IIRareLocationDark Side
SW 13  C 52[?]Death Star II: CapacitorsCommonLocationDark Side
SW 13  C 53[?]Death Star II: Coolant ShaftCommonLocationDark Side
SW 13  C 54[?]Death Star II: Docking BayCommonLocationDark Side
SW 13  C 55[?]Death Star II: Reactor CoreCommonLocationDark Side
SW 13  R 56[?]Death Star II: Throne RoomRareLocationDark Side
SW 13  C 57[?]GallCommonLocationDark Side
SW 13  C 58[?]Mon CalamariCommonLocationDark Side
SW 13  C 59[?]SullustCommonLocationDark Side
SW 13  R 60[?]Bring Him Before Me/Take Your Father's PlaceRareObjectiveDark Side
SW 13  R 61[?]AccuserRareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  R 62[?]Black 11RareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  R 63[?]ChimaeraRareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  R 64[?]DominatorRareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  R 65[?]Emperor's Personal ShuttleRareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  R 66[?]Flagship ExecutorRareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  R 67[?]JudicatorRareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  U 68[?]Obsidian 10UncommonStarshipDark Side
SW 13  R 69[?]Onyx 1RareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  U 70[?]Onyx 2UncommonStarshipDark Side
SW 13  R 71[?]Saber 1RareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  U 72[?]Saber 2UncommonStarshipDark Side
SW 13  U 73[?]Saber 3UncommonStarshipDark Side
SW 13  U 74[?]Saber 4UncommonStarshipDark Side
SW 13  U 75[?]Scimitar 1UncommonStarshipDark Side
SW 13  U 76[?]Scimitar 2UncommonStarshipDark Side
SW 13  C 77[?]Scimitar Squadron TIECommonStarshipDark Side
SW 13  U 78[?]Scythe 1UncommonStarshipDark Side
SW 13  U 79[?]Scythe 3UncommonStarshipDark Side
SW 13  C 80[?]Scythe Squadron TIECommonStarshipDark Side
SW 13  R 81[?]The Emperor's ShieldRareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  R 82[?]The Emperor's SwordRareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  R 83[?]ThunderflareRareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  C 84[?]TIE InterceptorCommonStarshipDark Side
SW 13  R 85[?]VisageRareStarshipDark Side
SW 13  C 86[?]Concussion MissilesCommonWeaponDark Side
SW 13  R 87[?]Darth Vader's LightsaberRareWeaponDark Side
SW 13  C 88[?]Force PikeCommonWeaponDark Side
SW 13  C 89[?]Heavy Turbolaser BatteryCommonWeaponDark Side
SW 13  C 90[?]SFS L-s7.2 TIE CannonCommonWeaponDark Side
SW 13  U 91[?]Superlaser Mark IIUncommonWeaponDark Side
SW 13  R 92[?]Capital SupportRareAdmiral's OrderLight Side
SW 13  R 93[?]Combined Fleet ActionRareAdmiral's OrderLight Side
SW 13  R 94[?]Concentrate All FireRareAdmiral's OrderLight Side
SW 13  R 95[?]I'll Take The LeaderRareAdmiral's OrderLight Side
SW 13  R 96[?]Taking Them With UsRareAdmiral's OrderLight Side
SW 13 XR 97[?]Admiral Ackbar X-RareCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 98[?]Captain VerrackUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  R 99[?]Colonel CrackenRareCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 100[?]Colonel SalmUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 101[?]Corporal MarmorUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 102[?]Corporal MidgeUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  R 103[?]First Officer ThaneespiRareCharacterLight Side
SW 13  R 104[?]General CalrissianRareCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 105[?]General Walex BlissexUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  R 106[?]Green LeaderRareCharacterLight Side
SW 13  C 107[?]Green Squadron PilotCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  C 108[?]Grey Squadron Y-wing PilotCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 109[?]Karie NethUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 110[?]Keir SantageUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 111[?]Kin KianUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  R 112[?]Lieutenant BlountRareCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 113[?]Lieutenant s'Too VeesUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 114[?]Lieutenant TelsijUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13 UR 115[?]Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight Ultra RareCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 116[?]Major Haash'nUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 117[?]Major Olander BritUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  U 118[?]Major PannoUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 13  R 119[?]Nien NunbRareCharacterLight Side
SW 13  R 120[?]Ten NumbRareCharacterLight Side
SW 13  R 121[?]Tycho CelchuRareCharacterLight Side
SW 13  R 122[?]Wedge Antilles, Red Squadron LeaderRareCharacterLight Side
SW 13  C 123[?]Close Air SupportCommonEffectLight Side
SW 13  U 124[?]Honor Of The JediUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 13  U 125[?]I Feel The ConflictUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 13  R 126[?]I'm With You TooRareEffectLight Side
SW 13  R 127[?]Launching The AssaultRareEffectLight Side
SW 13  C 128[?]Let's Keep A Little Optimism HereCommonEffectLight Side
SW 13  C 129[?]Menace FadesCommonEffectLight Side
SW 13  C 130[?]Squadron AssignmentsCommonEffectLight Side
SW 13  C 131[?]Staging AreasCommonEffectLight Side
SW 13  R 132[?]Strike PlanningRareEffectLight Side
SW 13  C 133[?]StrikeforceCommonEffectLight Side
SW 13  C 134[?]Superficial DamageCommonEffectLight Side
SW 13  C 135[?]The Time For Our Attack Has ComeCommonEffectLight Side
SW 13  U 136[?]The Way Of ThingsUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 13  R 137[?]Twilight Is Upon MeRareEffectLight Side
SW 13  U 138[?]Your Insight Serves You WellUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 13  R 139[?]Anakin SkywalkerRareInterruptLight Side
SW 13  C 140[?]Critical Error RevealedCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 13  C 141[?]Head Back To The SurfaceCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 13  C 142[?]Heading For The Medical FrigateCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 13  C 143[?]Insertion PlanningCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 13  U 144[?]Our Only HopeUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 13  R 145[?]Rebel LeadershipRareInterruptLight Side
SW 13  R 146[?]You Must Confront VaderRareJedi TestLight Side
SW 13  C 147[?]AquarisCommonLocationLight Side
SW 13  C 148[?]Home One: Docking BayCommonLocationLight Side
SW 13  R 149[?]Home One: War RoomRareLocationLight Side
SW 13  C 150[?]Mon CalamariCommonLocationLight Side
SW 13  C 151[?]SullustCommonLocationLight Side
SW 13  R 152[?]There Is Good In Him / I Can Save HimRareObjectiveLight Side
SW 13  C 153[?]A-wingCommonStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 154[?]B-wing Attack SquadronRareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  C 155[?]B-wing BomberCommonStarshipLight Side
SW 13  U 156[?]Blue Squadron 5UncommonStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 157[?]Blue Squadron B-wingRareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 158[?]DefianceRareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 159[?]Gold Squadron 1RareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  U 160[?]Gray Squadron 1UncommonStarshipLight Side
SW 13  U 161[?]Gray Squadron 2UncommonStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 162[?]Green Squadron 1RareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 163[?]Green Squadron 3RareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 164[?]Green Squadron A-wingRareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 165[?]Home OneRareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 166[?]IndependenceRareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 167[?]LibertyRareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  U 168[?]LuminousUncommonStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 169[?]MasanyaRareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 170[?]Mon Calamari Star CruiserRareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  U 171[?]Nebulon-B FrigateUncommonStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 172[?]Red Squadron 1RareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  U 173[?]Red Squadron 4UncommonStarshipLight Side
SW 13  U 174[?]Red Squadron 7UncommonStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 175[?]Tala 1RareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  R 176[?]Tala 2RareStarshipLight Side
SW 13  C 177[?]A-wing CannonCommonWeaponLight Side
SW 13  C 178[?]Concussion MissilesCommonWeaponLight Side
SW 13  C 179[?]Enhanced Proton TorpedoesCommonWeaponLight Side
SW 13  C 180[?]Heavy Turbolaser BatteryCommonWeaponLight Side
SW 13  R 181[?]Luke's LightsaberRareWeaponLight Side
SW 13  C 182[?]Orbital MineCommonWeaponLight Side

Limited Edition Released July 19, 2000

  • Booster Packs (MSRP $3.29): 11 cards (7 Commons, 1 Rare, 3 Uncommons).
  • Booster Box: 36 packs
  • Pre-Constructed Decks (MSRP $10.95): 60 fixed cards and 1 Death Star II Rule Book per side
    • Printed on two separate 11 x 11 sheets that contained the respective deck twice, with one blank spot in the middle of the sheet
    • Light Side Deck: 60 fixed cards, including:
      • Admiral Ackbar (Exclusive rare)
      • General Solo (“2000 ©”)
      • Chewbacca of Kashyyyk (“2000 ©”)
    • Dark Side Deck: 60 fixed cards, including:
      • Admiral Piett (Exclusive rare)
      • Tempest 1 (“2000 ©”)
      • Tempest Scout 4 (“2000 ©”)

Set Information: 182 Cards (91 Dark Side and 91 Light Side)

  • 2 Ultra Rare (Emperor Palpatine and Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight appear on the Rare sheet twice)
  • 80 Rares (each appears on the Rare sheet 3 times except: Strike Planning, You Must Confront Vader, That Thing‟s Operational, and Flagship Operations, which each appear 4 times)
    • Admiral Piett and Admiral Ackbar appear only on the pre-constructed sheet, noted above
  • 50 Uncommons
  • 50 commons