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[Reflections: A Collector’s Bounty] Reflections: A Collector’s Bounty (REF)

    Special set of 114 cards published by Decipher (2000-01-12).

    Overview card types:
    CharacterCreatureDeviceEffectEpic EventInterruptJedi TestMissionStarshipVehicleWeapon
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    SW S10 VR 1[?]4-LOM (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 2[?]Admiral Ozzel (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 3[?]Bane Malar (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 4[?]Bib Fortuna (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 SR 5[?]Boba Fett (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 6[?]Bossk (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 UR 7Darth Vader (reprint)Ultra RareCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 SR 8[?]Darth Vader, Dark Lord Of The Sith (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 9[?]Dengar (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 10DS-61-3 (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 SR 11[?]General Veers (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 SR 12Grand Moff Tarkin (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 13[?]Greedo (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 14[?]IG-88 (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 15[?]IT-O (Eyetee-Oh) (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 16[?]Jabba (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 SR 17[?]Jabba The Hutt (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 SR 18[?]Lando Calrissian (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 19[?]Lobot (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 20[?]Salacious Crumb (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 21Tonnika Sisters (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 22[?]U-3PO (Yoo-Threepio) (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 23[?]Zuckuss (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 24[?]Rancor (reprint)Very Rare FoilCreatureDark Side
    SW S10 VR 25[?]Wampa (reprint)Very Rare FoilCreatureDark Side
    SW S10 VR 26Expand The Empire (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
    SW S10 VR 27[?]Presence of the Force (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
    SW S10 VR 28[?]Visage Of The Emperor (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
    SW S10 VR 29[?]Commence Primary Ignition (reprint)Very Rare FoilEpic EventDark Side
    SW S10 VR 30[?]Epic Duel (reprint)Very Rare FoilEpic EventDark Side
    SW S10 VR 31[?]Slip Sliding Away (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S10 VR 32[?]The Circle Is Now Complete (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S10 SR 33[?]Death Star (reprint)Super Rare FoilMissionDark Side
    SW S10 VR 34[?]Avenger (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 35[?]Black 2 (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 36[?]Bossk in Hounds Tooth (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 37[?]Conquest (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 38[?]Death Squadron Star Destroyer (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 SR 39[?]Devastator (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 SR 40[?]Executor (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 41[?]IG-2000 (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 42[?]Mist Hunter (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 43[?]Obsidian 7 (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 44[?]Obsidian 8 (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 45[?]Punishing One (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 SR 46[?]Slave I (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 47[?]Stalker (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 48[?]Tyrant (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 SR 49[?]Vader's Custom TIE (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 50[?]Vengeance (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 51[?]Blizzard 1 (reprint)Very Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
    SW S10 VR 52[?]Blizzard 2 (reprint)Very Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
    SW S10 VR 53[?]Blizzard Scout 1 (reprint)Very Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
    SW S10 VR 54[?]Jabba's Sail Barge (reprint)Very Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
    SW S10 VR 55[?]Boba Fett's Blaster Rifle (reprint)Very Rare FoilWeaponDark Side
    SW S10 SR 56[?]Vader's Lightsaber (reprint)Super Rare FoilWeaponDark Side
    SW S10 VR 57[?]Superlaser (reprint)Very Rare FoilWeaponDark Side
    SW S10 VR 58[?]2-1B (Too-Onebee) (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 59[?]Artoo (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 60[?]Ben Kenobi (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 61[?]Biggs Darklighter (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 62[?]Braniac (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 63[?]C-3PO (See-Threepio) (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 64[?]Captain Han Solo (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 65[?]Chewbacca (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 66[?]Commander Luke Skywalker (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 67[?]Dutch (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 68[?]Han Solo (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 69[?]Lando Calrissian (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 70[?]Leia Organa (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 71[?]Lobot (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 72[?]Luke Skywalker (reprint)Ultra RareCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 UR 73[?]Obi-Wan Kenobi (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 74[?]Oola (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 75[?]Princess Leia (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 76[?]Princess Leia Organa (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 77[?]Princess Organa (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 78[?]R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo) (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 79[?]Red Leader (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 80[?]Son Of Skywalker (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 81[?]Tamtel Skreej (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 82[?]TK-422 (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 83[?]Wedge Antilles (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 84[?]Yoda (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 85[?]Landing Claw (reprint)Very Rare FoilDeviceLight Side
    SW S10 VR 86[?]Coruscant Celebration (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 87[?]Death Star Plans (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 88[?]Haven (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 89[?]Lightsaber Proficiency (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 90[?]Mechanical Failure (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 91[?]Reflection (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 92[?]Revolution (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 93[?]Uncontrollable Fury (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 94[?]What Is Thy Bidding, My Master? (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 95[?]Attack Run (reprint)Very Rare FoilEpic EventLight Side
    SW S10 VR 96[?]All Wings Report In (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S10 VR 97[?]Skywalkers (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S10 VR 98[?]It Is The Future You See (reprint)Very Rare FoilJedi TestLight Side
    SW S10 VR 99[?]Cloud City: Downtown Plaza (reprint)Very Rare FoilMissionLight Side
    SW S10 VR 100[?]Cloud City: Guest Quarters (reprint)Very Rare FoilMissionLight Side
    SW S10 VR 101[?]Dagobah: Yoda's Hut (reprint)Very Rare FoilMissionLight Side
    SW S10 VR 102[?]Death Star (reprint)Very Rare FoilMissionLight Side
    SW S10 VR 103[?]Death Star: Trench (reprint)Very Rare FoilMissionLight Side
    SW S10 VR 104[?]Rendezvous Point (reprint)Very Rare FoilMissionLight Side
    SW S10 VR 105[?]Millennium Falcon (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S10 SR 106[?]Red 2 (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S10 VR 107[?]Red 5 (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S10 VR 108[?]Redemption (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S10 VR 109[?]Spiral (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S10 VR 110[?]Tantive IV (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S10 VR 111[?]Rogue 1 (reprint)Very Rare FoilVehicleLight Side
    SW S10 VR 112[?]Rogue 3 (reprint)Very Rare FoilVehicleLight Side
    SW S10 VR 113[?]Anakin's Lightsaber (reprint)Very Rare FoilWeaponLight Side
    SW S10 VR 114[?]Obi-Wan's Lightsaber (reprint)Very Rare FoilWeaponLight Side

    Reflections: A Collector’s Bounty: Released January 12, 2000

    • Booster Packs of 18 cards (MSRP $4.95)
      • 17 completely random cards from Premiere thru Special Edition of all rarity levels
      • 1 foil card exclusive to the Reflections set

    General pack break-down: 3 Special Edition cards, 4 Jabba‟s Palace cards, 3-4 Cloud City cards, 1-2 Limited Premiere cards, 2 Unlimited Premiere cards, the foil card, with final 3 cards being 1 card from A New Hope, Hoth (white border or black bordered) or Dagobah.

    • Booster Box: 30 Booster Packs
      • 1 Oversized objective box topper:
        • Mind What You Have Learned/Save You It can
        • Hunt Down And Destroy the Jedi/Their Fire Has Gone Out Of The Universe


    Set Information: 114 Foil Cards

    • 87 Very Rare Foils (44 Dark Side, 43 Light Side)
    • 25 Super Rare Foils (12 Dark Side, 13 Light Side)
    • 2 Ultra Rare Foils (1 Dark Side, 1 Light Side) (each appeared once on only 1 of its 2 respective sheets)
      • Darth Vader
      • Luke Skywalker