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[Premiere] Premiere (Prem)

    Regular expansion of 324 cards published by Decipher (1995-12).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    SW 1 R1 15D6-RA-7 (Fivedesix) (first print)Rare-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R2 2Admiral Motti (first print)Rare-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U1 3Chief Bast (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U1 4Colonel Wullf Yularen (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U2 5Commander Praji (first print)Uncommon-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R1 6Darth Vader (first print)Rare-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U1 7Dathcha (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 C2 8Death Star Trooper (first print)Common-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R2 9Djas Puhr (first print)Rare-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R2 10Dr. Evazan (first print)Rare-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U1 11DS-61-2 (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R1 12DS-61-3 (first print)Rare-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U2 13EG-6 (Eegee-Six) (first print)Uncommon-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U1 14Feltipern Trevagg (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R2 15Garindan (first print)Rare-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R2 16General Tagge (first print)Rare-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R1 17Grand Moff Tarkin (first print)Rare-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 C2 18Imperial Pilot (first print)Common-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 C2 19Imperial Trooper Guard (first print)Common-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 C2 20Jawa (first print)Common-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R1 21Kitik Keed'kak (first print)Rare-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R2 22Labria (first print)Rare-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U2 23Lieutenant Tanbris (first print)Uncommon-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 C1 24LIN-V8M (Elleyein-Veeateemm) (first print)Common-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U2 25M'iiyoom Onith (first print)Uncommon-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U1 26MSE-6 'Mouse' Droid (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R2 27Myo (first print)Rare-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U1 28Ponda Baba (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U1 29Prophetess (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 C2 30R1-G4 (Arone-Geefour) (first print)Common-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 C2 31R4-M9 (Arfour-Emmnine) (first print)Common-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 C3 32Stormtrooper (first print)Common-3CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R1 33Tonnika Sisters (first print)Rare-1CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 C2 34Tusken Raider (first print)Common-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 R2 35WED15-1662 'Treadwell' Droid (first print)Rare-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U2 36Wuher (first print)Uncommon-2CharacterDark Side
    SW 1 U1 37Blaster Scope (first print)Uncommon-1DeviceDark Side
    SW 1 U2 38Caller (first print)Uncommon-2DeviceDark Side
    SW 1 C1 39Comlink (first print)Common-1DeviceDark Side
    SW 1 C2 40Droid Detector (first print)Common-2DeviceDark Side
    SW 1 C2 41Fusion Generator Supply Tanks (first print)Common-2DeviceDark Side
    SW 1 U2 42Observation Holocam (first print)Uncommon-2DeviceDark Side
    SW 1 C2 43Restraining Bolt (first print)Common-2DeviceDark Side
    SW 1 C2 44Stormtrooper Backpack (first print)Common-2DeviceDark Side
    SW 1 C2 45Stormtrooper Utility Belt (first print)Common-2DeviceDark Side
    SW 1 U1 46A Disturbance In The Force (first print)Uncommon-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 C2 47Baniss Keeg (first print)Common-2EffectDark Side
    SW 1 U2 48Blast Door Controls (first print)Uncommon-2EffectDark Side
    SW 1 U1 49Blaster Rack (first print)Uncommon-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 U2 50Dark Hours (first print)Uncommon-2EffectDark Side
    SW 1 U1 51Death Star Sentry (first print)Uncommon-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 R1 52Disarmed (first print)Rare-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 R1 53Expand The Empire (first print)Rare-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 R2 54Fear Will Keep Them In Line (first print)Rare-2EffectDark Side
    SW 1 R1 55I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing (first print)Rare-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 U1 56I've Lost Artoo! (first print)Uncommon-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 U1 57Jawa Pack (first print)Uncommon-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 R2 58Juri Juice (first print)Rare-2EffectDark Side
    SW 1 C2 59Ket Maliss (first print)Common-2EffectDark Side
    SW 1 R2 60Lateral Damage (first print)Rare-2EffectDark Side
    SW 1 U1 61[?]Luke? Luuuuke! (first print)Uncommon-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 C2 62[?]Macroscan (first print)Common-2EffectDark Side
    SW 1 R1 63[?]Molator (first print)Rare-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 R1 64[?]Organa's Ceremonial Necklace (first print)Rare-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 R1 65[?]Presence Of The Force (first print)Rare-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 U2 66[?]Reactor Terminal (first print)Uncommon-2EffectDark Side
    SW 1 R1 67[?]Send A Detachment Down (first print)Rare-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 U1 68[?]Sunsdown (first print)Uncommon-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 R2 69[?]Tactical Recall (first print)Rare-2EffectDark Side
    SW 1 U1 70[?]Wrong Turn (first print)Uncommon-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 U1 71[?]Your Eyes Can Deceive You (first print)Uncommon-1EffectDark Side
    SW 1 U1 72[?]Alter (first print)Uncommon-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R1 73[?]Boring Conversation Anyway (first print)Rare-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R2 74[?]Charming To The Last (first print)Rare-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 75[?]Collateral Damage (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C1 76[?]Counter Assault (first print)Common-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R1 77[?]Dark Collaboration (first print)Rare-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R1 78[?]Dark Jedi Presence (first print)Rare-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 79[?]Dark Maneuvers (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 80[?]Dead Jawa (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 U2 81[?]Elis Helrot (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 U1 82[?]Emergency Deployment (first print)Uncommon-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 U2 83[?]Evacuate? (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 U2 84[?]Full Scale Alert (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 U2 85[?]Gravel Storm (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R2 86[?]I Have You Now (first print)Rare-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 87[?]I've Got A Problem Here (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 88[?]Imperial Barrier (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 89[?]Imperial Code Cylinder (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C1 90[?]Imperial Reinforcements (first print)Common-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 91[?]It's Worse (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C1 92[?]Kintan Strider (first print)Common-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 U2 93[?]Limited Resources (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R1 94[?]Local Trouble (first print)Rare-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R2 95[?]Lone Pilot (first print)Rare-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R2 96[?]Lone Warrior (first print)Rare-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R1 97[?]Look Sir, Droids (first print)Rare-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R2 98[?]Moment of Triumph (first print)Rare-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R2 99[?]Nevar Yalnal (first print)Rare-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 100[?]Ommni Box (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 101[?]Overload (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R1 102[?]Physical Choke (first print)Rare-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 103[?]Precise Attack (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 104[?]Scanning Crew (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 U1 105[?]Sense (first print)Uncommon-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 106[?]Set For Stun (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 107[?]Takeel (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 108[?]Tallon Roll (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R1 109[?]The Circle Is Now Complete (first print)Rare-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 U1 110[?]The Empire's Back (first print)Uncommon-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 U1 111[?]Trinto Duaba (first print)Uncommon-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 U2 112[?]Trooper Charge (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C2 113[?]Tusken Scavengers (first print)Common-2InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R1 114[?]Utinni! (first print)Rare-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R1 115[?]Vader's Eye (first print)Rare-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R1 116[?]We're All Gonna Be A Lot Thinner! (first print)Rare-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 C1 117[?]You Overestimate Their Chances (first print)Common-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R1 118[?]Your Powers Are Weak, Old Man (first print)Rare-1InterruptDark Side
    SW 1 R1 119[?]Alderaan (first print)Rare-1LocationDark Side
    SW 1 U1 120[?]Dantooine (first print)Uncommon-1LocationDark Side
    SW 1 U2 121[?]Death Star: Central Core (first print)Uncommon-2LocationDark Side
    SW 1 C1 122[?]Death Star: Detention Block Corridor (first print)Common-1LocationDark Side
    SW 1 C2 123[?]Death Star: Docking Bay 327 (first print)Common-2LocationDark Side
    SW 1 U1 124[?]Death Star: Level 4 Military Corridor (first print)Uncommon-1LocationDark Side
    SW 1 U2 125[?]Death Star: War Room (first print)Uncommon-2LocationDark Side
    SW 1 U2 126[?]Kessel (first print)Uncommon-2LocationDark Side
    SW 1 C2 127[?]Tatooine (first print)Common-2LocationDark Side
    SW 1 R2 128[?]Tatooine: Cantina (first print)Rare-2LocationDark Side
    SW 1 C2 129[?]Tatooine: Docking Bay 94 (first print)Common-2LocationDark Side
    SW 1 C1 130[?]Tatooine: Jawa Camp (first print)Common-1LocationDark Side
    SW 1 C1 131[?]Tatooine: Jundland Wastes (first print)Common-1LocationDark Side
    SW 1 U2 132[?]Tatooine: Lars' Moisture Farm (first print)Uncommon-2LocationDark Side
    SW 1 C1 133[?]Tatooine: Mos Eisley (first print)Common-1LocationDark Side
    SW 1 C2 134[?]Yavin 4 (first print)Common-2LocationDark Side
    SW 1 C2 135[?]Yavin 4: Docking Bay (first print)Common-2LocationDark Side
    SW 1 U2 136[?]Yavin 4: Jungle (first print)Uncommon-2LocationDark Side
    SW 1 R1 137[?]Black 2 (first print)Rare-1StarshipDark Side
    SW 1 U1 138[?]Black 3 (first print)Uncommon-1StarshipDark Side
    SW 1 R1 139[?]Devastator (first print)Rare-1StarshipDark Side
    SW 1 U1 140[?]Imperial-Class Star Destroyer (first print)Uncommon-1StarshipDark Side
    SW 1 U2 141[?]TIE Advanced x1 (first print)Uncommon-2StarshipDark Side
    SW 1 C2 142[?]TIE Fighter (first print)Common-2StarshipDark Side
    SW 1 C2 143[?]TIE Scout (first print)Common-2StarshipDark Side
    SW 1 R1 144[?]Vader's Custom TIE (first print)Rare-1StarshipDark Side
    SW 1 U2 145[?]Bantha (first print)Uncommon-2VehicleDark Side
    SW 1 C2 146[?]Lift Tube (first print)Common-2VehicleDark Side
    SW 1 R2 147[?]Sandcrawler (first print)Rare-2VehicleDark Side
    SW 1 C2 148[?]Ubrikkian 9000 Z001 (first print)Common-2VehicleDark Side
    SW 1 R2 149[?]Assault Rifle (first print)Rare-2WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 C2 150[?]Blaster Rifle (first print)Common-2WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 U1 151[?]Boosted TIE Cannon (first print)Uncommon-1WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 U1 152[?]Dark Jedi Lightsaber (first print)Uncommon-1WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 C2 153[?]Gaderffii Stick (first print)Common-2WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 R2 154[?]Han Seeker (first print)Rare-2WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 C2 155[?]Imperial Blaster (first print)Common-2WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 U1 156[?]Ion Cannon (first print)Uncommon-1WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 U2 157[?]Laser Projector (first print)Uncommon-2WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 R1 158[?]Light Repeating Blaster Rifle (first print)Rare-1WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 R2 159[?]Luke Seeker (first print)Rare-2WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 C2 160[?]Timer Mine (first print)Common-2WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 R2 161[?]Turbolaser Battery (first print)Rare-2WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 R1 162[?]Vader's Lightsaber (first print)Rare-1WeaponDark Side
    SW 1 U1 163[?]2X-3KPR (Tooex) (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 U2 164[?]Beru Lars (first print)Uncommon-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 R2 165[?]Biggs Darklighter (first print)Rare-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 U1 166[?]BoShek (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 R1 167[?]C-3PO (See-Threepio) (first print)Rare-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 C2 168[?]CZ-3 (Seezee-Three) (first print)Common-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 R2 169[?]Dice Ibegon (first print)Rare-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 R1 170[?]Dutch (first print)Rare-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 U2 171[?]Figrin D'an (first print)Uncommon-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 U1 172[?]General Dodonna (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 R1 173[?]Han Solo (first print)Rare-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 C2 174[?]Jawa (first print)Common-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 U1 175[?]Jek Porkins (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 U1 176[?]Kabe (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 R1 177[?]Kal'Falnl C'ndros (first print)Rare-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 R2 178[?]Leesub Sirln (first print)Rare-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 R1 179[?]Leia Organa (first print)Rare-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 C1 180[?]LIN-V8K (Elleyein-Veeatekay) (first print)Common-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 R1 181[?]Luke Skywalker (first print)Rare-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 U2 182[?]Momaw Nadon (first print)Uncommon-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 R1 183[?]Obi-Wan Kenobi (first print)Rare-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 U1 184[?]Owen Lars (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 U1 185[?]Pops (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 C2 186[?]R2-X2 (Artoo-Extoo) (first print)Common-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 C2 187[?]R4-E1 (Arfour-Eeone) (first print)Common-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 C2 188[?]Rebel Guard (first print)Common-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 C2 189[?]Rebel Pilot (first print)Common-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 C3 190[?]Rebel Trooper (first print)Common-3CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 R1 191[?]Red Leader (first print)Rare-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 C2 192[?]Shistavanen Wolfman (first print)Common-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 C2 193[?]Talz (first print)Common-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 R2 194[?]WED-9-M1 'Bantha' Droid (first print)Rare-2CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 U1 195[?]Wioslea (first print)Uncommon-1CharacterLight Side
    SW 1 U2 196[?]Caller (first print)Uncommon-2DeviceLight Side
    SW 1 C2 197[?]Electrobinoculars (first print)Common-2DeviceLight Side
    SW 1 C2 198[?]Fusion Generator Supply Tanks (first print)Common-2DeviceLight Side
    SW 1 U2 199[?]Hydroponics Station (first print)Uncommon-2DeviceLight Side
    SW 1 C2 200[?]Restraining Bolt (first print)Common-2DeviceLight Side
    SW 1 U1 201[?]Targeting Computer (first print)Uncommon-1DeviceLight Side
    SW 1 C2 202[?]Tatooine Utility Belt (first print)Common-2DeviceLight Side
    SW 1 C2 203[?]Vaporator (first print)Common-2DeviceLight Side
    SW 1 U1 204[?]A Tremor In The Force (first print)Uncommon-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 R1 205[?]Affect Mind (first print)Rare-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 R1 206[?]Beggar (first print)Rare-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U1 207[?]Crash Site Memorial (first print)Uncommon-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 R1 208[?]Death Star Plans (first print)Rare-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 R2 209[?]Demotion (first print)Rare-2EffectLight Side
    SW 1 R1 210[?]Disarmed (first print)Rare-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 C2 211[?]Ellorrs Madak (first print)Common-2EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U1 212[?]Eyes In The Dark (first print)Uncommon-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U1 213[?]Jawa Siesta (first print)Uncommon-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 R1 214[?]K'lor'slug (first print)Rare-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 R2 215[?]Kessel Run (first print)Rare-2EffectLight Side
    SW 1 R1 216[?]Lightsaber Proficiency (first print)Rare-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U1 217[?]Mantellian Savrip (first print)Uncommon-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U1 218[?]Nightfall (first print)Uncommon-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 R1 219[?]Obi-Wan's Cape (first print)Rare-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 R1 220[?]Our Most Desperate Hour (first print)Rare-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U2 221[?]Plastoid Armor (first print)Uncommon-2EffectLight Side
    SW 1 C2 222[?]Rebel Planners (first print)Common-2EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U1 223[?]Restricted Deployment (first print)Uncommon-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 R1 224[?]Revolution (first print)Rare-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U1 225[?]Rycar Ryjerd (first print)Uncommon-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 C2 226[?]Sai'torr Kal Fas (first print)Common-2EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U1 227[?]Special Modifications (first print)Uncommon-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U2 228[?]Traffic Control (first print)Uncommon-2EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U1 229[?]Tusken Breath Mask (first print)Uncommon-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U2 230[?]Yavin 4 Sentry (first print)Uncommon-2EffectLight Side
    SW 1 U1 231[?]Yerka Mig (first print)Uncommon-1EffectLight Side
    SW 1 C2 232[?]A Few Maneuvers (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U1 233[?]Alter (first print)Uncommon-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U2 234[?]Beru Stew (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R1 235[?]Cantina Brawl (first print)Rare-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 236[?]Collision! (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 237[?]Combined Attack (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R1 238[?]Don't Get Cocky (first print)Rare-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C1 239[?]Don't Underestimate Our Chances (first print)Common-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 240[?]Droid Shutdown (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U2 241[?]Escape Pod (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 242[?]Friendly Fire (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R2 243[?]Full Throttle (first print)Rare-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R1 244[?]Gift Of The Mentor (first print)Rare-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U2 245[?]Han's Back (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 246[?]Han's Dice (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 247[?]Hear Me Baby, Hold Together (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R1 248[?]Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi (first print)Rare-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U2 249[?]How Did We Get Into This Mess? (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 250[?]Hyper Escape (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 251[?]I've Got A Bad Feeling About This (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R2 252[?]Into the Garbage Chute, Flyboy (first print)Rare-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 253[?]It Could Be Worse (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R1 254[?]Jedi Presence (first print)Rare-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R1 255[?]Krayt Dragon Howl (first print)Rare-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U2 256[?]Leia's Back (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U2 257[?]Luke's Back (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R1 258[?]Move Along... (first print)Rare-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U2 259[?]Nabrun Leids (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 260[?]Narrow Escape (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R2 261[?]Noble Sacrifice (first print)Rare-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 262[?]Old Ben (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R2 263[?]On The Edge (first print)Rare-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U2 264[?]Out Of Nowhere (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U1 265[?]Panic (first print)Uncommon-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 266[?]Radar Scanner (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 267[?]Rebel Barrier (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C1 268[?]Rebel Reinforcements (first print)Common-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 269[?]Return Of A Jedi (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 270[?]Scomp Link Access (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U1 271[?]Sense (first print)Uncommon-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R1 272[?]Skywalkers (first print)Rare-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R2 273[?]Solo Han (first print)Rare-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U2 274[?]Spaceport Speeders (first print)Uncommon-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C1 275[?]Surprise Assault (first print)Common-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R2 276[?]Thank The Maker (first print)Rare-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 277[?]The Bith Shuffle (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R2 278[?]The Force Is Strong With This One (first print)Rare-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U1 279[?]This Is All Your Fault (first print)Uncommon-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R1 280[?]Utinni! (first print)Rare-1InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 R2 281[?]Warrior's Courage (first print)Rare-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 C2 282[?]We're Doomed (first print)Common-2InterruptLight Side
    SW 1 U2 283[?]Alderaan (first print)Uncommon-2LocationLight Side
    SW 1 U1 284[?]Dantooine (first print)Uncommon-1LocationLight Side
    SW 1 U2 285[?]Death Star: Detention Block Control Room (first print)Uncommon-2LocationLight Side
    SW 1 C2 286[?]Death Star: Docking Bay 327 (first print)Common-2LocationLight Side
    SW 1 U1 287[?]Death Star: Trash Compactor (first print)Uncommon-1LocationLight Side
    SW 1 U2 288[?]Kessel (first print)Uncommon-2LocationLight Side
    SW 1 C2 289[?]Tatooine (first print)Common-2LocationLight Side
    SW 1 R2 290[?]Tatooine: Cantina (first print)Rare-2LocationLight Side
    SW 1 C2 291[?]Tatooine: Docking Bay 94 (first print)Common-2LocationLight Side
    SW 1 C1 292[?]Tatooine: Dune Sea (first print)Common-1LocationLight Side
    SW 1 C1 293[?]Tatooine: Jawa Camp (first print)Common-1LocationLight Side
    SW 1 C1 294[?]Tatooine: Lars' Moisture Farm (first print)Common-1LocationLight Side
    SW 1 U2 295[?]Tatooine: Mos Eisley (first print)Uncommon-2LocationLight Side
    SW 1 R1 296[?]Tatooine: Obi-Wan's Hut (first print)Rare-1LocationLight Side
    SW 1 C2 297[?]Yavin 4 (first print)Common-2LocationLight Side
    SW 1 C2 298[?]Yavin 4: Docking Bay (first print)Common-2LocationLight Side
    SW 1 C1 299[?]Yavin 4: Jungle (first print)Common-1LocationLight Side
    SW 1 R1 300[?]Yavin 4: Massassi Throne Room (first print)Rare-1LocationLight Side
    SW 1 U2 301[?]Yavin 4: Massassi War Room (first print)Uncommon-2LocationLight Side
    SW 1 U2 302[?]Corellian Corvette (first print)Uncommon-2StarshipLight Side
    SW 1 R2 303[?]Gold 1 (first print)Rare-2StarshipLight Side
    SW 1 R2 304[?]Gold 5 (first print)Rare-2StarshipLight Side
    SW 1 R1 305[?]Millennium Falcon (first print)Rare-1StarshipLight Side
    SW 1 U1 306[?]Red 1 (first print)Uncommon-1StarshipLight Side
    SW 1 R2 307[?]Red 3 (first print)Rare-2StarshipLight Side
    SW 1 C2 308[?]X-wing (first print)Common-2StarshipLight Side
    SW 1 C2 309[?]Y-wing (first print)Common-2StarshipLight Side
    SW 1 C2 310[?]Lift Tube (first print)Common-2VehicleLight Side
    SW 1 U1 311[?]Luke's X-34 Landspeeder (first print)Uncommon-1VehicleLight Side
    SW 1 R2 312[?]Sandcrawler (first print)Rare-2VehicleLight Side
    SW 1 C2 313[?]SoroSuub V-35 Landspeeder (first print)Common-2VehicleLight Side
    SW 1 C2 314[?]Blaster (first print)Common-2WeaponLight Side
    SW 1 C1 315[?]Blaster Rifle (first print)Common-1WeaponLight Side
    SW 1 R2 316[?]Han's Heavy Blaster Pistol (first print)Rare-2WeaponLight Side
    SW 1 U1 317[?]Jedi Lightsaber (first print)Uncommon-1WeaponLight Side
    SW 1 U1 318[?]Leia's Sporting Blaster (first print)Uncommon-1WeaponLight Side
    SW 1 R1 319[?]Obi-Wan's Lightsaber (first print)Rare-1WeaponLight Side
    SW 1 C2 320[?]Proton Torpedoes (first print)Common-2WeaponLight Side
    SW 1 U1 321[?]Quad Laser Cannon (first print)Uncommon-1WeaponLight Side
    SW 1 R2 322[?]Tagge Seeker (first print)Rare-2WeaponLight Side
    SW 1 R2 323[?]Tarkin Seeker (first print)Rare-2WeaponLight Side
    SW 1 C2 324[?]Timer Mine (first print)Common-2WeaponLight Side

    Limited Edition (Black Border): Released December 1995

    • Booster Packs (MSRP $3): 15 cards (4 Uncommons, 1 Rare, 10 commons)
    • Booster Boxes: 36 booster packs
    • Starter Set (MSRP $9.95): 60 cards (30 per side), including 2 rare cards
      • 14 Uncommons (7 Light Side, then 7 Dark Side)
      • 2 Rares (1 Light Side, then 1 Dark Side)
      • 1 Rule Book
      • 44 Commons (22 Light Side, then 22 Dark Side)
    • Starter Set Boxes: 12 Starter Sets


    Set Information: 324 Cards (162 Dark Side cards and 162 Light Side cards)

    • 108 Rares (54 for each side)
      • 30 R1s per side (appear on the Rare Sheet twice)
      • 24 R2s per side (appear on the Rare Sheet four times)
    • 108 Uncommons (54 for each side)
      • 30 U1s per side (appear on the Uncommon Sheet twice)
      • 24 U2s per side (appear on the Uncommon Sheet four times)
    • 108 Commons (54 for each side) (this sheet was a different size than the other 2 – it was 9x11)
      • 10 C1s per side (appear on the Common Sheet once)
      • 43 C2s per side (appear on the Common Sheet twice)
      • 2 C3s (Stormtrooper and Rebel Trooper appear on the Common Sheet three times)