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[Tatooine] Tatooine (TT)

Regular expansion of 99 cards published by Decipher (2001-05).

Overview card types:
CharacterDeviceEffectEpic EventInterruptLocationPodracerVehicleWeapon
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeFaction
SW 14  R 1[?]Aurra Sing (first print)RareCharacterDark Side
SW 14  R 2[?]DaroeRareCharacterDark Side
SW 14  R 3[?]Darth Maul (first print)RareCharacterDark Side
SW 14  U 4[?]Gamall WironiccUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 14  U 5[?]Ghana GleemortUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 14  U 6[?]GragraUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 14  U 7[?]LatheUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 14  C 8[?]Pit DroidCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 14  U 9[?]Rachalt HystUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 14  R 10[?]Sebulba (first print)RareCharacterDark Side
SW 14  R 11[?]Sith Probe DroidRareCharacterDark Side
SW 14  R 12[?]Watto (first print)RareCharacterDark Side
SW 14  C 13[?]Maul's ElectrobinocularsCommonDeviceDark Side
SW 14  R 14[?]A Million Voices Crying OutRareEffectDark Side
SW 14  C 15[?]FanfareCommonEffectDark Side
SW 14  C 16[?]His Name Is AnakinCommonEffectDark Side
SW 14  R 17[?]I Will Find Them Quickly, MasterRareEffectDark Side
SW 14  R 18[?]I'm SorryRareEffectDark Side
SW 14  C 19[?]Ni Chuba Na??CommonEffectDark Side
SW 14  U 20[?]Quietly ObservingUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 14  C 21[?]Watto's BoxCommonEffectDark Side
SW 14  R 22[?]We Shall Double Our Efforts!RareEffectDark Side
SW 14  R 23[?]You May Start Your LandingRareEffectDark Side
SW 14  C 24[?]You Want This, Don't You?CommonEffectDark Side
SW 14  R 25[?]Boonta Eve PodraceRareEpic EventDark Side
SW 14  U 26[?]If The Trace Was CorrectUncommonEpic EventDark Side
SW 14  U 27[?]Hit RacerUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 14  U 28[?]Join Me!UncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 14  C 29[?]Lightsaber ParryCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 14  U 30[?]Pit CrewsUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 14  U 31[?]Podracer CollisionUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 14  C 32[?]Sith FuryCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 14  U 33[?]Start Your Engines!UncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 14  C 34[?]There Is No ConflictCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 14  C 35[?]Vader's AngerCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 14  U 36[?]Watto's Chance CubeUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 14  U 37[?]You Swindled Me!UncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 14  R 38[?]Tatooine: Desert Landing SiteRareLocationDark Side
SW 14  C 39[?]Tatooine: Mos EspaCommonLocationDark Side
SW 14  C 40[?]Tatooine: Podrace ArenaCommonLocationDark Side
SW 14  C 41[?]Ben Quadinaros' PodracerCommonPodracerDark Side
SW 14  C 42[?]Dud Bolt's PodracerCommonPodracerDark Side
SW 14  R 43[?]Sebulba's PodracerRarePodracerDark Side
SW 14  C 44[?]Teemto Pagalies' PodracerCommonPodracerDark Side
SW 14  R 45[?]Maul's LightsaberRareWeaponDark Side
SW 14  C 46[?]Caldera RighimCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 14  U 47[?]Deneb BothUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 14  U 48[?]GrugnakUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 14  R 49[?]Jar Jar BinksRareCharacterLight Side
SW 14  U 50[?]Loci RosenUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 14  R 51[?]Obi-wan Kenobi, Padawan Learner (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 14  R 52[?]Padmé Naberrie (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 14  R 53[?]Qui-Gon Jinn (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 14  R 54[?]Shmi SkywalkerRareCharacterLight Side
SW 14  R 55[?]Threepio With His Parts Showing (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 14  U 56[?]Yotts OrrenUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 14  R 57[?]Brisky Morning MunchenRareEffectLight Side
SW 14  C 58[?]Don't Do That AgainCommonEffectLight Side
SW 14  R 59[?]Great Shot, Kid!RareEffectLight Side
SW 14  C 60[?]I Can't Believe He's GoneCommonEffectLight Side
SW 14  R 61[?]Keeping The Empire Out ForeverRareEffectLight Side
SW 14  C 62[?]The CampCommonEffectLight Side
SW 14  R 63[?]The Shield Is Down!RareEffectLight Side
SW 14  U 64[?]What Was It?UncommonEffectLight Side
SW 14  R 65[?]Boonta Eve PodraceRareEpic EventLight Side
SW 14  R 66[?]I Did It!RareEpic EventLight Side
SW 14  C 67[?]A Jedi's ConcentrationCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  C 68[?]A Jedi's FocusCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  C 69[?]A Jedi's PatienceCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  U 70[?]A Jedi's ResilienceUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  U 71[?]A Step BackwardUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  C 72[?]Changing The OddsCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  U 73[?]Either Way, You WinUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  R 74[?]End Of A ReignRareInterruptLight Side
SW 14  U 75[?]Entering The ArenaUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  U 76[?]Eventually You'll LoseUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  C 77[?]Jedi EscapeCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  C 78[?]Losing TrackCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  U 79[?]Neck And NeckUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  U 80[?]Podrace PrepUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  U 81[?]Too Close For ComfortUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  U 82[?]You'll Find I'm Full Of SurprisesUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 14  U 83[?]Tatooine: City OutskirtsUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 14  C 84[?]Tatooine: Mos EspaCommonLocationLight Side
SW 14  C 85[?]Tatooine: Podrace ArenaCommonLocationLight Side
SW 14  C 86[?]Tatooine: Podracer BayCommonLocationLight Side
SW 14  U 87[?]Tatooine: Slave QuartersUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 14  R 88[?]Anakin's PodracerRarePodracerLight Side
SW 14  C 89[?]EopieCommonVehicleLight Side
SW 14  R 90[?]Qui-Gon Jinn's Lightsaber (first print)RareWeaponLight Side
SW 14  R 91[?]Aurra Sing (reprint)RareCharacterDark Side
SW 14  R 92[?]Darth Maul (reprint)RareCharacterDark Side
SW 14  R 93[?]Sebulba (reprint)RareCharacterDark Side
SW 14  R 94[?]Watto (reprint)RareCharacterDark Side
SW 14  R 95[?]Obi-wan Kenobi, Padawan Learner (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 14  R 96[?]Padmé Naberrie (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 14  R 97[?]Qui-Gon Jinn (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 14  R 98[?]Threepio With His Parts Showing (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 14  R 99[?]Qui-Gon Jinn's Lightsaber (reprint)RareWeaponLight Side

Limited Edition Released May 2001

  • Booster Packs (MSRP $3.29): 11 cards (1 Rare card and a mixture of 10 common, uncommon, checklist, and rules cards).
  • Booster Box (30 Booster Packs)


Set Information: 90 cards (45 Light Side and 45 Dark Side) + 6 Rules cards + 2 Checklist cards

  • 30 Rares, 30 Uncommons, and 30 Commons (the commons and uncommon were on the same 11 x 11 sheet; the commons appeared 4-5 times and uncommons appeared 3 times)
  • 3 Rules cards (each appeared once on both of the non-rare sheets, meaning each had a Dark Side version and a Light Side version, making 6 different cards)
  • 2 Checklist cards (one for each side, appeared twice on its respective non-rare sheet)
  • 9 Alternate Image cards (replaced the „standard image‟ version 1 out of every 4 times)
    • Aurra Sing
    • Darth Maul
    • Sebulba
    • Watto
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan Learner
    • Padme Naberrie
    • Qui-Gon Jinn
    • Qui-Gon Jinn‟s Lightsaber
    • Threepio With His Parts Showing