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[Special Edition] Special Edition (SE)

    Regular expansion of 324 cards published by Decipher (1998-11).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    SW 10  C 1[?]2X-7KPR (Tooex)CommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 2[?]Ak-revUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  C 3[?]Anoat OperativeCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 4[?]Barquin D'anUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 5[?]Boba FettRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 6[?]BoeloRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 7[?]Brangus GleeRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 8[?]ChylerUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 9[?]Corporal GrenwickRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 10[?]Corporal PrescottUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  C 11[?]Corulag OperativeCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  C 12[?]Dantooine OperativeCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 13[?]Darth Vader, Dark Lord Of The SithRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 14[?]Dodo BodonawieedoUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  C 15[?]Eriadu OperativeCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 16[?]Gela YeensUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 17[?]GreeataUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 18[?]Iasa, The Traitor Of Jawa CanyonRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  F 19[?]IM4-099FixedCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 20[?]JabbaRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 21[?]Kashyyyk OperativeUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 22[?]Kessel OperativeUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 23[?]Kiffex OperativeUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  C 24[?]LobelCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 25[?]LobotRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 26[?]Lyn MeUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  F 27[?]MakurthFixedCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  C 28[?]Nal Hutta OperativeCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 29[?]NebitRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 30[?]Niado DuegadUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  C 31[?]Ord Mantell OperativeCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 32[?]OS-72-10RareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 33[?]Outer Rim ScoutRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 34[?]R2-A5UncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  C 35[?]Raithal OperativeCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 36[?]RappertunieUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 37[?]RR'uruurrrRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 38[?]RystállRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  F 39[?]SandtrooperFixedCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 40[?]Sergeant Major BurskUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 41[?]Sergeant Major EnfieldRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  U 42[?]Sergeant MerrilUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 43[?]Sergeant NarthaxRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 44[?]Sergeant TorentRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  F 45[?]Swoop MercenaryFixedCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 46[?]Sy SnootlesRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 47[?]Umpass-stayRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 48[?]Ur'Ru'rRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 10  R 49[?]Krayt DragonRareCreatureDark Side
    SW 10  R 50[?]One-ArmRareCreatureDark Side
    SW 10  F 51[?]Rock WartFixedCreatureDark Side
    SW 10  R 52[?]SarlaccRareCreatureDark Side
    SW 10  C 53[?]Womp RatCommonCreatureDark Side
    SW 10  C 54[?]Floating RefineryCommonDeviceDark Side
    SW 10  R 55[?]Homing BeaconRareDeviceDark Side
    SW 10  U 56[?]A Bright Center To The UniverseUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  U 57[?]A Day Long RememberedUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  C 58[?]Alert My Star Destroyer!CommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 59[?]Bantha HerdRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  U 60[?]Blown ClearUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 61[?]Cloud City OccupationRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  C 62[?]Come Here You Big Coward!CommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  U 63[?]Desilijic TattooUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 64[?]Destroyed HomesteadRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 65[?]Dreaded Imperial StarfleetRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  C 66[?]FirepowerCommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  U 67[?]First StrikeUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 68[?]Imperial PropagandaRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 69[?]Jabba's InfluenceRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 70[?]Kuat Drive YardsRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  U 71[?]No BargainUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  U 72[?]Oppressive EnforcementUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  U 73[?]Planetary SubjugationUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  C 74[?]Pride Of The EmpireCommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 75[?]Rebel Base OccupationRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 76[?]Rendili StarDriveRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 77[?]Return To BaseRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  U 78[?]Secret PlansUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 79[?]Sienar Fleet SystemsRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 80[?]Strategic ReservesRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  U 81[?]Tarkin's BountyUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 82[?]Tatooine OccupationRareEffectDark Side
    SW 10  R 83[?]A Real HeroRareInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 84[?]All Power To WeaponsCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 85[?]Blast PointsCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 86[?]Coordinated AttackCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  R 87[?]Counter Surprise AssaultRareInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 88[?]Flawless MarksmanshipCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 89[?]Heavy Fire ZoneCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  R 90[?]Hunting PartyRareInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 91[?]I Can't Shake Him!CommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 92[?]In RangeCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  U 93[?]Jabba's Through With YouUncommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  U 94[?]Jabba's TwerpsUncommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 95[?]Masterful Move (first print)CommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 96[?]OverwhelmedCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 97[?]Put All Sections On AlertCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 98[?]Relentless PursuitCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  F 99[?]SacrificeFixedInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  R 100[?]Short-range FightersRareInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  R 101[?]Surface DefenseRareInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 102[?]Tauntaun SkullCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 103[?]They're Coming In Too Fast!CommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 104[?]They've Shut Down The Main ReactorCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  F 105[?]Trooper SabaccFixedInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  C 106[?]Watch Your Back!CommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 10  U 107[?]Cloud City: CasinoUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  R 108[?]Cloud City: Downtown PlazaRareLocationDark Side
    SW 10  C 109[?]Cloud City: Interrogation RoomCommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  U 110[?]Cloud City: Port Town DistrictUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  C 111[?]Cloud City: Upper WalkwayCommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  C 112[?]Cloud City: West GalleryCommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  R 113[?]CoruscantRareLocationDark Side
    SW 10  C 114[?]Coruscant: Docking BayCommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  U 115[?]Coruscant: Imperial CityUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  R 116[?]Coruscant: Imperial SquareRareLocationDark Side
    SW 10  U 117[?]DagobahUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  C 118[?]Death Star: Detention Block Control RoomCommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  F 119[?]DesertFixedLocationDark Side
    SW 10  U 120[?]Executor: Docking BayUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  U 121[?]FondorUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  F 122[?]ForestFixedLocationDark Side
    SW 10  F 123[?]JungleFixedLocationDark Side
    SW 10  U 124[?]KuatUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  F 125[?]RendiliFixedLocationDark Side
    SW 10  F 126[?]Spaceport CityFixedLocationDark Side
    SW 10  F 127[?]Spaceport Docking BayFixedLocationDark Side
    SW 10  F 128[?]Spaceport Prefect's OfficeFixedLocationDark Side
    SW 10  F 129[?]Spaceport StreetFixedLocationDark Side
    SW 10  F 130[?]SwampFixedLocationDark Side
    SW 10  U 131[?]Tatooine: Jawa CanyonUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  F 132[?]Tatooine: Krayt Dragon PassFixedLocationDark Side
    SW 10  U 133[?]WakeelmuiUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 10  R 134[?]Carbon Chamber Testing / My Favorite DecorationRareObjectiveDark Side
    SW 10  R 135[?]Hunt Down And Destroy The Jedi / Their Fire Has Gone Out Of The UniverseRareObjectiveDark Side
    SW 10  R 136[?]Imperial Occupation / Imperial ControlRareObjectiveDark Side
    SW 10  R 137[?]ISB Operations / Empire's Sinister AgentsRareObjectiveDark Side
    SW 10  R 138[?]Ralltiir Operations / In The Hands Of The EmpireRareObjectiveDark Side
    SW 10  R 139[?]Bossk In Hound's ToothRareStarshipDark Side
    SW 10  R 140[?]Death Squadron Star DestroyerRareStarshipDark Side
    SW 10  R 141[?]Death Star Assault SquadronRareStarshipDark Side
    SW 10  R 142[?]Jabba's Space CruiserRareStarshipDark Side
    SW 10  R 143[?]OS-72-1 In Obsidian 1RareStarshipDark Side
    SW 10  R 144[?]OS-72-2 In Obsidian 2RareStarshipDark Side
    SW 10  F 145[?]Sentinel-Class Landing CraftFixedStarshipDark Side
    SW 10  F 146[?]TIE Defender Mark IFixedStarshipDark Side
    SW 10  R 147[?]Vader's Personal ShuttleRareStarshipDark Side
    SW 10  R 148[?]VengeanceRareStarshipDark Side
    SW 10  F 149[?]Combat Cloud CarFixedVehicleDark Side
    SW 10  C 150[?]DewbackCommonVehicleDark Side
    SW 10  R 151[?]Dune WalkerRareVehicleDark Side
    SW 10  C 152[?]Flare-S Racing SwoopCommonVehicleDark Side
    SW 10  C 153[?]Patrol CraftCommonVehicleDark Side
    SW 10  C 154[?]RontoCommonVehicleDark Side
    SW 10  R 155[?]URoRRuR'R'R's BanthaRareVehicleDark Side
    SW 10  R 156[?]Wittin's SandcrawlerRareVehicleDark Side
    SW 10  F 157[?]Disruptor PistolFixedWeaponDark Side
    SW 10  U 158[?]Dr. Evazan's Sawed-off BlasterUncommonWeaponDark Side
    SW 10  U 159[?]Feltipern Trevagg's Stun RifleUncommonWeaponDark Side
    SW 10  F 160[?]Intruder MissileFixedWeaponDark Side
    SW 10  U 161[?]Ponda Baba's Hold-out BlasterUncommonWeaponDark Side
    SW 10  C 162[?]SFS L-s9.3 Laser CannonsCommonWeaponDark Side
    SW 10  C 163[?]Alderaan OperativeCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  C 164[?]Anoat OperativeCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  F 165[?]ASP-707FixedCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 166[?]Ben KenobiRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  C 167[?]Bothan SpyCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  C 168[?]Bothawui OperativeCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 169[?]Bren QuerseyUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 170[?]Bron BursRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 171[?]CamieRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 172[?]Clak'dor VII OperativeUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 173[?]Colonel Feyn GospicRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 174[?]Commander Wedge AntillesRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 175[?]Corellia OperativeUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 176[?]DebnoliRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  C 177[?]Droid MerchantCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 178[?]Elyhek RueUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 179[?]Firin MorettUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 180[?]General McQuarrieRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 181[?]Grondorn MuseRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 182[?]Harc SeffUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 183[?]Hol OkandUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  C 184[?]Incom EngineerCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 185[?]Joh YowzaRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 186[?]Kashyyyk OperativeUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 187[?]KetwolRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 188[?]Kiffex OperativeUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  C 189[?]Kirdo III OperativeCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 190[?]Lieutenant LepiraUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 191[?]Lieutenant NaytaanUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 192[?]Lieutenant Tarn MisonRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 193[?]Major Palo TorshanRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 194[?]MelasRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  C 195[?]Moisture FarmerCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 196[?]Neb DuloUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 197[?]Princess OrganaRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 198[?]R3-A2UncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 199[?]R3-T2RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  F 200[?]Ralltiir Freighter CaptainFixedCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  C 201[?]Ralltiir OperativeCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 202[?]Ryle TorsynUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 203[?]Sergeant EdianUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 204[?]Sergeant HollisRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 205[?]Soth PetikkinRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 206[?]Tawss KhaaRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 207[?]TheditRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  U 208[?]Theron NettUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  C 209[?]Tibrin OperativeCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 210[?]TK-422RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  R 211[?]UutkikRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  F 212[?]WookieeFixedCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  F 213[?]Yavin 4 TrooperFixedCharacterLight Side
    SW 10  F 214[?]ScurrierFixedCreatureLight Side
    SW 10  C 215[?]Portable ScannerCommonDeviceLight Side
    SW 10  C 216[?]Wrist ComlinkCommonDeviceLight Side
    SW 10  R 217[?]Cloud City CelebrationRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 218[?]Corellian Engineering CorporationRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 219[?]Coruscant CelebrationRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 220[?]Docking And Repair FacilitiesRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  U 221[?]Down With The Emperor!UncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  U 222[?]Draw Their FireUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 223[?]EntrenchmentRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 224[?]Goo Nee TayRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  U 225[?]Heroic SacrificeUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  U 226[?]Hoth SentryUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 227[?]Imperial AtrocityRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 228[?]Incom CorporationRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 229[?]Koensayr ManufacturingRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  C 230[?]Legendary StarfighterCommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  C 231[?]Maneuvering FlapsCommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 232[?]Mechanical FailureRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 233[?]MeditationRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  U 234[?]Nick Of TimeUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 235[?]Rebel FleetRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  C 236[?]S-foilsCommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  U 237[?]Scrambled TransmissionUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 238[?]Slayn & Korpil FacilitiesRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 239[?]Tatooine CelebrationRareEffectLight Side
    SW 10  U 240[?]The Planet That It's Farthest FromUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  U 241[?]Uh-oh!UncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  C 242[?]Weapons DisplayCommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  U 243[?]Wise AdviceUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 10  R 244[?]All Wings Report InRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 245[?]Antilles ManeuverCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  U 246[?]Balanced AttackUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 247[?]Darklighter SpinCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 248[?]Desperate TacticsCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 249[?]Direct AssaultCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  R 250[?]Don't Tread On MeRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  F 251[?]First AidFixedInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  R 252[?]HarvestRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  R 253[?]Heroes Of YavinRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  R 254[?]Hit And RunRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  F 255[?]It's Not My Fault!FixedInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  U 256[?]Local DefenseUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  R 257[?]Old TimesRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 258[?]On TargetCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 259[?]Organized AttackCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 260[?]Power PivotCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 261[?]Precise HitCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 262[?]Rapid FireCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 263[?]Rebel AmbushCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 264[?]Slight Weapons MalfunctionCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  R 265[?]Star Destroyer!RareInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  U 266[?]Stay Sharp!UncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 267[?]Steady AimCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 268[?]Suppressive FireCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  R 269[?]T-47 Battle FormationRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  C 270[?]They're Tracking UsCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  F 271[?]Trooper SabaccFixedInterruptLight Side
    SW 10  F 272[?]BothawuiFixedLocationLight Side
    SW 10  U 273[?]Cloud City: CasinoUncommonLocationLight Side
    SW 10  U 274[?]Cloud City: Core TunnelUncommonLocationLight Side
    SW 10  R 275[?]Cloud City: Downtown PlazaRareLocationLight Side
    SW 10  C 276[?]Cloud City: North CorridorCommonLocationLight Side
    SW 10  C 277[?]Cloud City: West GalleryCommonLocationLight Side
    SW 10  R 278[?]CoruscantRareLocationLight Side
    SW 10  R 279[?]Death StarRareLocationLight Side
    SW 10  C 280[?]Death Star: Detention Block CorridorCommonLocationLight Side
    SW 10  F 281[?]DesertFixedLocationLight Side
    SW 10  F 282[?]FarmFixedLocationLight Side
    SW 10  F 283[?]ForestFixedLocationLight Side
    SW 10  F 284[?]JungleFixedLocationLight Side
    SW 10  R 285[?]Rendezvous PointRareLocationLight Side
    SW 10  U 286[?]RocheUncommonLocationLight Side
    SW 10  F 287[?]Spaceport CityFixedLocationLight Side
    SW 10  F 288[?]Spaceport Docking BayFixedLocationLight Side
    SW 10  F 289[?]Spaceport StreetFixedLocationLight Side
    SW 10  F 290[?]SwampFixedLocationLight Side
    SW 10  F 291[?]Tatooine: AnchorheadFixedLocationLight Side
    SW 10  R 292[?]Tatooine: Beggar's CanyonRareLocationLight Side
    SW 10  C 293[?]Tatooine: Jabba's PalaceCommonLocationLight Side
    SW 10  U 294[?]Tatooine: Jawa CanyonUncommonLocationLight Side
    SW 10  C 295[?]Tatooine: Tosche StationCommonLocationLight Side
    SW 10  R 296[?]Yavin 4: Massassi HeadquartersRareLocationLight Side
    SW 10  R 297[?]Dantooine Base Operations / More Dangerous Than You RealizeRareObjectiveLight Side
    SW 10  R 298[?]Hidden Base / Systems Will Slip Through Your FingersRareObjectiveLight Side
    SW 10  R 299[?]Local Uprising / LiberationRareObjectiveLight Side
    SW 10  R 300[?]Mind What You Have Learned / Save You It CanRareObjectiveLight Side
    SW 10  R 301[?]Rescue The Princess / Sometimes I Amaze Even MyselfRareObjectiveLight Side
    SW 10  F 302[?]B-wing Attack FighterFixedStarshipLight Side
    SW 10  U 303[?]Gold 3UncommonStarshipLight Side
    SW 10  U 304[?]Gold 4UncommonStarshipLight Side
    SW 10  U 305[?]Gold 6UncommonStarshipLight Side
    SW 10  U 306[?]Medium Bulk FreighterUncommonStarshipLight Side
    SW 10  U 307[?]Red 7UncommonStarshipLight Side
    SW 10  U 308[?]Red 8UncommonStarshipLight Side
    SW 10  U 309[?]Red 9UncommonStarshipLight Side
    SW 10  U 310[?]Red 10UncommonStarshipLight Side
    SW 10  R 311[?]SpiralRareStarshipLight Side
    SW 10  R 312[?]X-wing Assault SquadronRareStarshipLight Side
    SW 10  C 313[?]Air-2 Racing SwoopCommonVehicleLight Side
    SW 10  R 314[?]Kalit's SandcrawlerRareVehicleLight Side
    SW 10  C 315[?]Patrol CraftCommonVehicleLight Side
    SW 10  R 316[?]Rogue 4RareVehicleLight Side
    SW 10  C 317[?]RontoCommonVehicleLight Side
    SW 10  F 318[?]SandspeederFixedVehicleLight Side
    SW 10  F 319[?]Disruptor PistolFixedWeaponLight Side
    SW 10  C 320[?]Echo Base Trooper RifleCommonWeaponLight Side
    SW 10  F 321[?]Intruder MissileFixedWeaponLight Side
    SW 10  R 322[?]Lando's Blaster RifleRareWeaponLight Side
    SW 10  R 323[?]Leia's Blaster RifleRareWeaponLight Side
    SW 10  C 324[?]X-wing Laser CannonCommonWeaponLight Side

    Limited Edition Released November 1998

    • Booster Packs (MSRP $2.50): 9 cards (5 Commons,3 Uncommons, 1 Rare).
    • Booster Box: 30 Booster Packs
    • Starter Decks: 1 Dark Side version, 1 Light Side version
      • 60 Cards for the respective allegiance
        • 22 Fixed Cards
        • 22 Common Cards (random)
        • 14 Uncommon Cards (random)
        • 2 Rare Cards (random)
      • Rules Booklet (2.0)
      • Glossary
    • Starter Deck Boxes: 12 Starter Decks
      • 6 Starter Decks per side


    Set Information: 324 Cards (162 Dark Side and 162 Light Side)

    • 120 Rares
    • 80 Uncommons
    • 80 Commons
    • 44 Fixed cards

    Each card appeared an equal number of times on its respective sheet