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[Endor] Endor (ED)

Regular expansion of 198 cards published by Decipher (1999-06-30).

Overview card types:
CharacterEffectEpic EventInterruptLocationObjectiveStarshipVehicleWeapon
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeFaction
SW 11  C 1[?]AT-ST PilotCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 11  C 2[?]Biker Scout Trooper (first print)CommonCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 3[?]Colonel DyerRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 4[?]Commander IgarRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  U 5[?]Corporal AvarikUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 11  U 6[?]Corporal DrazinUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 7[?]Corporal DrelosynRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 8[?]Corporal MisikRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 9[?]Corporal OberkRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  C 10[?]Elite Squadron Stormtrooper (first print)CommonCharacterDark Side
SW 11  U 11[?]Lieutenant ArnetUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 11  U 12[?]Lieutenant GrondUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 13[?]Lieutenant RenzRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 14[?]Lieutenant WattsRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 15[?]Major HewexRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 16[?]Major MarquandRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  C 17[?]Navy TrooperCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 18[?]Navy Trooper FensonRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  C 19[?]Navy Trooper Shield TechnicianCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 11  U 20[?]Navy Trooper VesdenUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 21[?]Sergeant BarichRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  U 22[?]Sergeant ElsekUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 23[?]Sergeant IrolRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  U 24[?]Sergeant TarlUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 11  R 25[?]Sergeant WallenRareCharacterDark Side
SW 11  U 26[?]An Entire Legion Of My Best TroopsUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 11  R 27[?]Aratech CorporationRareEffectDark Side
SW 11  U 28[?]Battle Order (first print)UncommonEffectDark Side
SW 11  U 29[?]Biker Scout GearUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 11  R 30[?]Closed DoorRareEffectDark Side
SW 11  R 31[?]CrossfireRareEffectDark Side
SW 11  R 32[?]Early Warning Network (first print)RareEffectDark Side
SW 11  R 33[?]Empire's New OrderRareEffectDark Side
SW 11  R 34[?]Establish Secret BaseRareEffectDark Side
SW 11  C 35[?]Imperial Academy TrainingCommonEffectDark Side
SW 11  U 36[?]Imperial Arrest Order (first print)UncommonEffectDark Side
SW 11  R 37[?]Ominous RumorsRareEffectDark Side
SW 11  R 38[?]Perimeter PatrolRareEffectDark Side
SW 11  U 39[?]Pinned DownUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 11  R 40[?]Relentless TrackingRareEffectDark Side
SW 11  U 41[?]Search And DestroyUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 11  R 42[?]Security PrecautionsRareEffectDark Side
SW 11  R 43[?]Well-earned CommandRareEffectDark Side
SW 11  C 44[?]AccelerateCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  R 45[?]Always Thinking With Your StomachRareInterruptDark Side
SW 11  C 46[?]Combat ReadinessCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  C 47[?]Compact FirepowerCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  R 48[?]CounterattackRareInterruptDark Side
SW 11  C 49[?]Dead EwokCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  C 50[?]Don't Move!CommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  C 51[?]Eee Chu Wawa!CommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  R 52[?]Endor OccupationRareInterruptDark Side
SW 11  U 53[?]Freeze!UncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  C 54[?]Go For Help!CommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  U 55[?]High-speed TacticsUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  C 56[?]Hot Pursuit (first print)CommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  C 57[?]Imperial TyrannyCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  R 58[?]It's An Older CodeRareInterruptDark Side
SW 11  U 59[?]Main Course (first print)UncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  C 60[?]OutflankCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  C 61[?]Pitiful Little BandCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  C 62[?]Scout ReconCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  C 63[?]Sneak AttackCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 11  R 64[?]Wounded WarriorRareInterruptDark Side
SW 11  R 65[?]You Rebel ScumRareInterruptDark Side
SW 11  U 66[?]CaridaUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 11  U 67[?]EndorUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 11  U 68[?]Endor: Ancient ForestUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 11  U 69[?]Endor: Back DoorUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 11  U 70[?]Endor: BunkerUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 11  R 71[?]Endor: Dark ForestRareLocationDark Side
SW 11  C 72[?]Endor: Dense ForestCommonLocationDark Side
SW 11  U 73[?]Endor: Ewok VillageUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 11  U 74[?]Endor: Forest ClearingUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 11  C 75[?]Endor: Great ForestCommonLocationDark Side
SW 11  C 76[?]Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay) (first print)CommonLocationDark Side
SW 11  R 77[?]Endor Operations / Imperial OutpostRareObjectiveDark Side
SW 11  C 78[?]Lambda-Class ShuttleCommonStarshipDark Side
SW 11  C 79[?]Speeder Bike (first print)CommonVehicleDark Side
SW 11  R 80[?]Tempest 1 (first print)RareVehicleDark Side
SW 11  U 81[?]Tempest ScoutUncommonVehicleDark Side
SW 11  R 82[?]Tempest Scout 1RareVehicleDark Side
SW 11  R 83[?]Tempest Scout 2RareVehicleDark Side
SW 11  R 84[?]Tempest Scout 3RareVehicleDark Side
SW 11  R 85[?]Tempest Scout 4 (first print)RareVehicleDark Side
SW 11  R 86[?]Tempest Scout 5RareVehicleDark Side
SW 11  R 87[?]Tempest Scout 6RareVehicleDark Side
SW 11  R 88[?]AT-ST Dual CannonRareWeaponDark Side
SW 11  C 89[?]Scout BlasterCommonWeaponDark Side
SW 11  U 90[?]Speeder Bike CannonUncommonWeaponDark Side
SW 11  U 91[?]Captain YutaniUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 92[?]Chewbacca Of Kashyyyk (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 93[?]Chief ChirpaRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  U 94[?]Corporal BeezerUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  U 95[?]Corporal DelevarUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  U 96[?]Corporal JanseUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 97[?]Corporal KensaricRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 98[?]Daughter Of Skywalker (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  C 99[?]Dresselian CommandoCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  C 100[?]Endor Scout TrooperCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  C 101[?]Ewok SentryCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  C 102[?]Ewok SpearmanCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  C 103[?]Ewok TribesmanCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 104[?]General Crix MadineRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 105[?]General Solo (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 106[?]GraakRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 107[?]KazakRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 108[?]Lieutenant GreeveRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 109[?]Lieutenant PageRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 110[?]LograyRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  U 111[?]LumatUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 112[?]Mon MothmaRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 113[?]OrrimaarkoRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  U 114[?]Paploo (first print)UncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  U 115[?]RabinUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 116[?]RombaRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 117[?]Sergeant Brooks CarlsonRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 118[?]Sergeant BruckmanRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  U 119[?]Sergeant JunkinUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 120[?]TeeboRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 121[?]Threepio (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 122[?]WicketRareCharacterLight Side
SW 11  U 123[?]WutaUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 11  R 124[?]Aim HighRareEffectLight Side
SW 11  U 125[?]Battle Plan (first print)UncommonEffectLight Side
SW 11  C 126[?]Commando TrainingCommonEffectLight Side
SW 11  R 127[?]Count Me InRareEffectLight Side
SW 11  U 128[?]I Hope She's All RightUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 11  U 129[?]I Wonder Who They FoundUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 11  U 130[?]Insurrection (first print)UncommonEffectLight Side
SW 11  R 131[?]That's OneRareEffectLight Side
SW 11  R 132[?]WoklingRareEffectLight Side
SW 11  R 133[?]Deactivate The Shield GeneratorRareEpic EventLight Side
SW 11  C 134[?]Careful PlanningCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  U 135[?]Covert LandingUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  R 136[?]Endor Celebration (first print)RareInterruptLight Side
SW 11  C 137[?]Ewok And Roll (first print)CommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  C 138[?]Ewok Log JamCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  C 139[?]Ewok RescueCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  C 140[?]FirefightCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  R 141[?]Fly CasualRareInterruptLight Side
SW 11  U 142[?]Free RideUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  U 143[?]Get Alongside That OneUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  R 144[?]Here We Go AgainRareInterruptLight Side
SW 11  C 145[?]I Have A Really Bad Feeling About ThisCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  R 146[?]I KnowRareInterruptLight Side
SW 11  R 147[?]Lost In The WildernessRareInterruptLight Side
SW 11  R 148[?]Rapid DeploymentRareInterruptLight Side
SW 11  C 149[?]Sound The AttackCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  R 150[?]Surprise Counter AssaultRareInterruptLight Side
SW 11  C 151[?]Take The InitiativeCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  R 152[?]This Is Absolutely RightRareInterruptLight Side
SW 11  U 153[?]Throw Me Another ChargeUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  R 154[?]Were You Looking For Me?RareInterruptLight Side
SW 11  C 155[?]Wookiee GuideCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  C 156[?]Yub Yub!CommonInterruptLight Side
SW 11  U 157[?]ChandrilaUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 11  U 158[?]EndorUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 11  U 159[?]Endor: Back DoorUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 11  U 160[?]Endor: BunkerUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 11  R 161[?]Endor: Chief Chirpa's HutRareLocationLight Side
SW 11  C 162[?]Endor: Dense ForestCommonLocationLight Side
SW 11  U 163[?]Endor: Ewok Village (first print)UncommonLocationLight Side
SW 11  C 164[?]Endor: Great ForestCommonLocationLight Side
SW 11  U 165[?]Endor: Hidden Forest TrailUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 11  C 166[?]Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay)CommonLocationLight Side
SW 11  R 167[?]Endor: Rebel Landing Site (Forest)RareLocationLight Side
SW 11  R 168[?]Rebel Strike Team / Garrison DestroyedRareObjectiveLight Side
SW 11  R 169[?]TydiriumRareStarshipLight Side
SW 11  C 170[?]YT-1300 TransportCommonStarshipLight Side
SW 11  R 171[?]Chewie's AT-STRareVehicleLight Side
SW 11  C 172[?]Ewok Glider (first print)CommonVehicleLight Side
SW 11  C 173[?]Speeder BikeCommonVehicleLight Side
SW 11  R 174[?]A280 Sharpshooter RifleRareWeaponLight Side
SW 11  C 175[?]Blastech E-11B Blaster RifleCommonWeaponLight Side
SW 11  R 176[?]Chewbacca's BowcasterRareWeaponLight Side
SW 11  C 177[?]Ewok BowCommonWeaponLight Side
SW 11  U 178[?]Ewok CatapultUncommonWeaponLight Side
SW 11  C 179[?]Ewok SpearCommonWeaponLight Side
SW 11  U 180[?]Explosive ChargeUncommonWeaponLight Side
SW 11 VRF 181[?]Biker Scout Trooper  (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW 11 VRF 182[?]Elite Squadron Stormtrooper  (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW 11 SRF 183[?]Early Warning Network  (reprint)Super Rare FoilEffectDark Side
SW 11 SRF 184[?]Hot Pursuit  (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
SW 11 SRF 185[?]Main Course  (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
SW 11 VRF 186[?]Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay)  (reprint)Very Rare FoilLocationDark Side
SW 11 VRF 187[?]Speeder Bike  (reprint)Very Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
SW 11 URF 188[?]Tempest 1  (reprint)Ultra Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
SW 11 VRF 189[?]Tempest Scout 4  (reprint)Very Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
SW 11 SRF 190[?] Chewbacca Of Kashyyyk  (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW 11 SRF 191[?] Daughter Of Skywalker  (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW 11 URF 192[?] General Solo  (reprint)Ultra Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW 11 VRF 192[?] Paploo  (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW 11 URF 192[?] Threepio  (reprint)Ultra Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW 11 SRF 192[?] Endor Celebration  (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
SW 11 VRF 192[?] Ewok And Roll  (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
SW 11 VRF 192[?] Endor: Ewok Village  (reprint)Very Rare FoilLocationLight Side
SW 11 VRF 192[?] Ewok Glider  (reprint)Very Rare FoilVehicleLight Side

Limited Edition Released June 30, 1999

  • Booster Packs (MSRP $2.50): 9 cards (5 Commons, 3 Uncommons and 1 Rare (or 1 Foil)).
  • Booster Box: 30 Booster Packs and a fold-out Rules/Supplement/Card List


Set Information: 180 cards (90 Dark Side and 90 Light Side) + 18 Foils (9 per side)

Standard set:

  • 80 Rares
  • 50 Uncommons
  • 50 Commons

Eeach card appeared an equal number of times on its respective sheet)

Foil Subset: 18 Foils (replaced the rare card in approximately 1 out of every 9 packs)

  • 8 Common Foils (appear on the sheet 18 times each)
    • Biker Scout Trooper
    • Elite Squadron Stormtrooper
    • Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay) (Dark Side)
    • Speeder Bike
    • Endor: Ewok Village
    • Ewok and Roll
    • Ewok Glider
    • Paploo
  • 6 Uncommon Foils (appear on the sheet 8 times each)
    • Early Warning Network
    • Hot Pursuit
    • Main Course
    • Chewbacca of Kashyyyk
    • Daughter of Skywalker
    • Endor Celebration
  • 4 Rare Foils (appear on the sheet 4 times each)
    • Tempest 1
    • Tempest Scout 4
    • General Solo
    • Threepio