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[Strange Bedfellows] Strange Bedfellows (SB)

    Regular expansion of 45 virtual cards published by The Continuing Committee (2015-04-10).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    ST2E 33 V 1Abrasive AlliesVirtualDilemma
    ST2E 33 V 2Dramatis PersonaeVirtualDilemma
    ST2E 33 V 3Indecent Proposal (errata / first print)VirtualDilemma
    ST2E 33 V 4Mutinous GuestsVirtualDilemma
    ST2E 33 V 5Precarious PositionVirtualDilemma
    ST2E 33 V 6Coil SpannerVirtualEquipment
    ST2E 33 V 7HyperspannerVirtualEquipment
    ST2E 33 V 8Kar'takin (errata)VirtualEquipment
    ST2E 33 V 9Common CauseVirtualEvent
    ST2E 33 V 10Common Purpose (first print)VirtualEvent
    ST2E 33 V 11Expedient OpportunityVirtualEvent
    ST2E 33 V 12Field ReportVirtualEvent
    ST2E 33 V 13Karemman FleeceVirtualEvent
    ST2E 33 V 14Mobilization PointsVirtualEvent
    ST2E 33 V 15Profound DiscoveryVirtualEvent
    ST2E 33 V 16Rule of Acquisition # 75VirtualEvent
    ST2E 33 V 17Spiteful StrategyVirtualEvent
    ST2E 33 V 18The Die Is CastVirtualEvent
    ST2E 33 V 19Unproven SuspicionsVirtualEvent
    ST2E 33 V 20A Day Long RememberedVirtualInterrupt
    ST2E 33 V 21Ancient GrudgeVirtualInterrupt
    ST2E 33 V 22Common EnemyVirtualInterrupt
    ST2E 33 V 23Crippling StrikeVirtualInterrupt
    ST2E 33 V 24Inevitable TriumphVirtualInterrupt
    ST2E 33 V 25Invasive TransportersVirtualInterrupt
    ST2E 33 V 26Founders' Homeworld, Contingent RefugeVirtualMission
    ST2E 33 V 27Kar-telos Asteroid Belt, Salvage WreckageVirtualMission
    ST2E 33 V 28Loren III, Combined DiscoveryVirtualMission
    ST2E 33 V 29Stakoron II, Mine MisziniteVirtualMission
    ST2E 33 V 30Stakoron Strait, Patrol Shipping LaneVirtualMission
    ST2E 33 V 31Teplan Prime, Subjugate PlanetVirtualMission
    ST2E 33 V 32Keiko O'Brien, Pah-Wraith HostageVirtualPersonnelBajoran icon
    ST2E 33 V 33Rase NorvanVirtualPersonnelBajoran icon
    ST2E 33 V 34Sarish Rez, Ministerial AdjutantVirtualPersonnelBajoran icon
    ST2E 33 V 35Kira Founder, CuriousVirtualPersonnelDominion icon
    ST2E 33 V 36Liam Bilby, Unwitting AccompliceVirtualPersonnelDominion icon
    ST2E 33 V 37Toman'torax, Obstinate SecondVirtualPersonnelDominion icon
    ST2E 33 V 38Virak'karaVirtualPersonnelDominion icon
    ST2E 33 V 39Benjamin Sisko, Enlightened SupervisorVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 33 V 40Elizabeth Lense, ValedictorianVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 33 V 41Lojal, Investigative AmbassadorVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 33 V 42Lwaxana Troi, Extraordinary Ambassador (first print)VirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 33 V 43Quark, Opportunistic EnvoyVirtualPersonnelFerengi icon
    ST2E 33 V 44Martok, Welcome PresenceVirtualPersonnelKlingon icon
    ST2E 33 V 45T'Rul, Guarded AttachéVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon

    Friends In Low/High Places
    Strange Bedfellows gives an identity to the Deep Space Nine related card sub-affiliation and the Dominion affiliation, all while exploring the Gamma Quadrant and the benefits for having a variety of affiliations in play. This expansion and it's forty-five (45) cards will introduce new deck types and give new tools to existing decks, shaking up the game as the Road to Worlds continues. Our entire team is proud of this expansion, and can't wait to release it to you on Friday, April 10th!

    by Charlie Plaine, Chairman
    30th March 2015