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[The Undiscovered Country] The Undiscovered Country (TUC)

Regular expansion of 45 virtual cards published by The Continuing Committee (2008-05-09).

Overview card types:
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeAffiliation
ST2E 15 V 1Breaking the IceVirtualDilemma
ST2E 15 V 2Curt ReprimandVirtualDilemma
ST2E 15 V 3Ferengi Locator BombVirtualDilemma
ST2E 15 V 4Instigate DissensionVirtualDilemma
ST2E 15 V 5Once More Unto the BreachVirtualDilemma
ST2E 15 V 6Predictable ResponseVirtualDilemma
ST2E 15 V 7Show TrialVirtualDilemma
ST2E 15 V 8The Conscience of the KingVirtualDilemma
ST2E 15 V 9We'll Never KnowVirtualDilemma
ST2E 15 V 10What Lies BeneathVirtualDilemma
ST2E 15 V 11Debate Over DinnerVirtualEvent
ST2E 15 V 12Inexorable TortureVirtualEvent
ST2E 15 V 13Operation RetrieveVirtualEvent
ST2E 15 V 14Strength of SpiritVirtualEvent
ST2E 15 V 15The Cost of FreedomVirtualEvent
ST2E 15 V 16The Void AllianceVirtualEvent
ST2E 15 V 17Treasured CollectiblesVirtualEvent
ST2E 15 V 18What You Leave BehindVirtualEvent
ST2E 15 V 19Shall We Not Revenge?VirtualInterrupt
ST2E 15 V 20Surprise AmityVirtualInterrupt
ST2E 15 V 21The Perils of PeacemakingVirtualInterrupt
ST2E 15 V 22Warrior's ResolveVirtualInterrupt
ST2E 15 V 23Aid Legendary CivilizationVirtualMission
ST2E 15 V 24Breach BarrierVirtualMission
ST2E 15 V 25Kira Nerys, RescuerVirtualPersonnelBajoran icon
ST2E 15 V 26Vaatrik Pallra, Seductive ManipulatorVirtualPersonnelBajoran icon
ST2E 15 V 27Harvest DroneVirtualPersonnelBorg icon
ST2E 15 V 28Synergy DroneVirtualPersonnelBorg icon
ST2E 15 V 29Three of Twelve, Specialty DroneVirtualPersonnelBorg icon
ST2E 15 V 30Weyoun, Scheming NegotiatorVirtualPersonnelDominion icon
ST2E 15 V 31Hikaru Sulu, Loyal Captain (first print)VirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 15 V 32Jake Sisko, Engineer's ApprenticeVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 15 V 33Lance Cartwright, Co-ConspiratorVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 15 V 34Laurence T. Stone, PortmasterVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 15 V 35Nog, Eager EnsignVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 15 V 36Gaila, Arms DealerVirtualPersonnelFerengi icon
ST2E 15 V 37Azetbur, Visionary Chancellor (first print)VirtualPersonnelKlingon icon
ST2E 15 V 38Kerla, Military Advisor (first print)VirtualPersonnelKlingon icon
ST2E 15 V 39Annorax, Temporal ArchitectVirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 15 V 40Kes, Experienced OcampaVirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 15 V 41D'Ral, Mutinous CommanderVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 15 V 42SorusVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 15 V 43Jonathan Archer, Heroic DiplomatVirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 15 V 44U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Salvaged ShipVirtualShipFerengi icon
ST2E 15 V 45Kyana's Hope, Temporal WeaponVirtualShipNon-Aligned icon

The Undiscovered Country virtual booster

The Undiscovered Country is the first virtual set from The Continuing Committee.

"From what we left behind, venture forth into The Undiscovered Country in this new, 45-card virtual expansion. Featuring more than a dozen cards from Star Trek VI and cards for each affiliation and sub-affiliation, this groundbreaking expansion will open up new game play and revitalize old cards."

You can download this virtual expansion from The Continuing Committee as PDF:
[PDF] (1.78 MB) Download Standard Resolution
[PDF] (36.1 MB) Download Hi-Resolution