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[Captain's Log] Captain's Log (CL)

Regular expansion of 140 physical cards published by Decipher (2006-10-27).

Overview card types:
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeAffiliation
ST2E 10 C 1A Pattern of LiesCommonDilemma
ST2E 10 R 2An Issue of Trust (first print)RareDilemma
ST2E 10 R 3Armed Search Party (first print)RareDilemma
ST2E 10 C 4Chameloid ChicaneryCommonDilemma
ST2E 10 U 5Compassionate InterferenceUncommonDilemma
ST2E 10 R 6Contaminating a CultureRareDilemma
ST2E 10 C 7Difficult RescueCommonDilemma
ST2E 10 C 8Hull BreachCommonDilemma
ST2E 10 U 9Imagined EmergencyUncommonDilemma
ST2E 10 C 10Joint Operation DrillsCommonDilemma
ST2E 10 U 11Last GaspUncommonDilemma
ST2E 10 C 12Necessary Execution (first print)CommonDilemma
ST2E 10 C 13Nose to NoseCommonDilemma
ST2E 10 R 14Psionic AttackRareDilemma
ST2E 10 C 15Sabotaged ReactorCommonDilemma
ST2E 10 C 16Stand-OffCommonDilemma
ST2E 10 C 17Symbalene Blood BurnCommonDilemma
ST2E 10 C 18Temporal ConduitCommonDilemma
ST2E 10 R 19Thermokinetic Explosion (first print)RareDilemma
ST2E 10 U 20Under PressureUncommonDilemma
ST2E 10 C 21Federation Compression RifleCommonEquipment
ST2E 10 U 22Modified TricorderUncommonEquipment
ST2E 10 R 23A Sight for Sore Eyes (first print)RareEvent
ST2E 10 U 24Confessions of a CaptainUncommonEvent
ST2E 10 R 25Dark Pursuit (first print)RareEvent
ST2E 10 U 26Destiny Reset (first print)UncommonEvent
ST2E 10 C 27Finding Our Way (first print)CommonEvent
ST2E 10 C 28Make a Run for itCommonEvent
ST2E 10 C 29Making It WorkCommonEvent
ST2E 10 U 30New DiscoveryUncommonEvent
ST2E 10 R 31Parallel CourseRareEvent
ST2E 10 R 32Political PutschRareEvent
ST2E 10 R 33Rule of Acquisition #16RareEvent
ST2E 10 U 34Starting OverUncommonEvent
ST2E 10 R 35The Dominion Will PrevailRareEvent
ST2E 10 R 36The Long Journey Home (first print)RareEvent
ST2E 10 R 37The Spirit of KahlessRareEvent
ST2E 10 C 38A Long RoadCommonInterrupt
ST2E 10 C 39And Raise YouCommonInterrupt
ST2E 10 C 40Fajo's MenagerieCommonInterrupt
ST2E 10 U 41Preventative RitualUncommonInterrupt
ST2E 10 R 42Surprise SnagRareInterrupt
ST2E 10 C 43Sweet NothingsCommonInterrupt
ST2E 10 U 44Targeting the NacellesUncommonInterrupt
ST2E 10 R 45Warp Speed Transfer (first print)RareInterrupt
ST2E 10 U 46Caretaker's Array (first print)UncommonMission
ST2E 10 U 47Collect Omicron ParticlesUncommonMission
ST2E 10 U 48Explore Micro-WormholeUncommonMission
ST2E 10 U 49Investigate Alleged MurderUncommonMission
ST2E 10 U 50Investigate Unknown ElementUncommonMission
ST2E 10 U 51Observe Kazon RitualUncommonMission
ST2E 10 U 52Obtain Advanced TechnologyUncommonMission
ST2E 10 R 53Basso Tromac, Smug SubordinateRarePersonnelBajoran icon
ST2E 10 U 54Kira Nerys, Blockade CommanderUncommonPersonnelBajoran icon
ST2E 10 C 55Zayra, Bigoted WitnessCommonPersonnelBajoran icon
ST2E 10 R 56Second, Neonatal Drone (first print)RarePersonnelBorg icon
ST2E 10 C 57Fifth, Neonatal Drone (first print)CommonPersonnelBorg icon
ST2E 10 R 58Macet, Skeptical CommanderRarePersonnelCardassian icon
ST2E 10 C 59Umat'Adan, Eager FifthCommonPersonnelDominion icon
ST2E 10 C 60Andreas ColterCommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 U 61B'Elanna Torres, Straightforward Engineer (first print)UncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 U 62Baxter, Wandering Security OfficerUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 C 63BennetCommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 U 64Cavit, Apprehensive First OfficerUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 U 65Chakotay, Bridge Between Two CrewsUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 R 66Harry Kim, Eager to PleaseRarePersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 U 67Jadzia Dax, Defiant CaptainUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 C 68Joe Carey, Next in LineCommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 C 69Kathryn Janeway, Clever Captain (first print)CommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 R 70Kathryn Janeway, Forceful Captain (first print)RarePersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 U 71Kenneth Dalby, Insubordinate CrewmanUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 U 72Kosinski, Arrogant EngineerUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 C 73Larson, Security Team MemberCommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 C 74Lyndsay Ballard, Back From the DeadCommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 R 75Matthew Dougherty, Misguided AdmiralRarePersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 C 76Marie Kaplan, Observant OfficerCommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 C 77MarquayCommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 U 78Rachel Garrett, Displaced CaptainUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 U 79Samantha Wildman, First Mother on VoyagerUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 U 80Seska, Cardassian AgentUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 C 81Seven of Nine, Reclaimed Drone (reprint)CommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 C 82Stadi, FocusedCommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 R 83The Doctor, Emergency Medical Hologram (first print)RarePersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 R 84Tom Paris, Best Pilot You Could HaveRarePersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 R 85Tuvok, Chief of Security (first print)RarePersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 R 86Quark, Little Green Man (first print)RarePersonnelFerengi icon
ST2E 10 C 87Rata, ProfiteerCommonPersonnelFerengi icon
ST2E 10 U 88Tog, Lecherous DaiMonUncommonPersonnelFerengi icon
ST2E 10 U 89Jadzia Dax, The Second Heart (first print)UncommonPersonnelKlingon icon
ST2E 10 U 90K'Temoc, Long Slumbering CommanderUncommonPersonnelKlingon icon
ST2E 10 U 91Worf, The Strongest Heart (first print)UncommonPersonnelKlingon icon
ST2E 10 C 92Grebnedlog, Pakled CaptainCommonPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 10 U 93Kes, Curious OcampaUncommonPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 10 R 94Lal, BelovedRarePersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 10 U 95Martia, Duplicitous ChameloidUncommonPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 10 R 96Neelix, Morale OfficerRarePersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 10 U 97Shran, Reluctant DiplomatUncommonPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 10 R 98Tam Elbrun, Prodigal TelepathRarePersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 10 R 99ThonRarePersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 10 U 100Vosk, Temporal FanaticUncommonPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 10 C 101D'Tan, Curious YouthCommonPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 10 R 102The Viceroy, Advisor to the Praetor (first print)RarePersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 10 R 103Charles Tucker III, Chief Engineer (first print)RarePersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 10 U 104Erika Hernandez, Comparable CaptainUncommonPersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 10 C 105Daniel Leonard, Cautious AdmiralCommonPersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 10 R 106Trager, Patrol ShipRareShipCardassian icon
ST2E 10 C 107Cochrane, Voyager ShuttleCommonShipFederation icon
ST2E 10 C 108Drake, Voyager ShuttleCommonShipFederation icon
ST2E 10 R 109U.S.S. Defiant, Patrolling Warship (first print)RareShipFederation icon
ST2E 10 R 110U.S.S. Enterprise-C, Yesterday's Enterprise (first print)RareShipFederation icon
ST2E 10 R 111U.S.S. Enterprise-E, Flagship of the Federation (first print)RareShipFederation icon
ST2E 10 C 112U.S.S. Voyager, Home Away From Home (first print)CommonShipFederation icon
ST2E 10 R 113U.S.S. Yangtzee Kiang, Modified Transport (first print)RareShipFederation icon
ST2E 10 R 114Krayton, Trade EnvoyRareShipFerengi icon
ST2E 10 R 115Quark's Treasure, Sabotaged Shuttle (first print)RareShipFerengi icon
ST2E 10 U 116I.K.S. T'Ong, Sleeper ShipUncommonShipKlingon icon
ST2E 10 C 117Baxial, Salvage ShipCommonShipNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 10 U 118Jovis, MuseumUncommonShipNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 10 R 119Mondor, Far From HomeRareShipNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 10 R 120Columbia, The Second Warp Five Ship (first print)RareShipStarfleet icon
ST2E 10 A 1An Issue of Trust (reprint)Archive FoilDilemma
ST2E 10 A 2Armed Search Party (reprint)Archive FoilDilemma
ST2E 10 A 3Thermokinetic Explosion (reprint)Archive FoilDilemma
ST2E 10 A 4A Sight for Sore Eyes (reprint)Archive FoilEvent
ST2E 10 A 5Dark Pursuit (reprint)Archive FoilEvent
ST2E 10 A 6The Long Journey Home (reprint)Archive FoilEvent
ST2E 10 A 7Warp Speed Transfer (reprint)Archive FoilInterrupt
ST2E 10 A 8Second, Neonatal Drone (reprint)Archive FoilPersonnelBorg icon
ST2E 10 A 9Kathryn Janeway, Forceful Captain (reprint)Archive FoilPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 A 10The Doctor, Emergency Medical Hologram (reprint)Archive FoilPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 10 A 11The Viceroy, Advisor to the Praetor (reprint)Archive FoilPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 10 A 12Charles Tucker III, Chief Engineer (reprint)Archive FoilPersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 10 A 13U.S.S. Defiant, Patrolling Warship (reprint)Archive FoilShipFederation icon
ST2E 10 A 14U.S.S. Enterprise-C, Yesterday's Enterprise (reprint)Archive FoilShipFederation icon
ST2E 10 A 15U.S.S. Enterprise-E, Flagship of the Federation (reprint)Archive FoilShipFederation icon
ST2E 10 A 16U.S.S. Yangtzee Kiang, Modified Transport (reprint)Archive FoilShipFederation icon
ST2E 10 A 17Quark's Treasure, Sabotaged Shuttle (reprint)Archive FoilShipFerengi icon
ST2E 10 A 18Columbia, The Second Warp Five Ship (reprint)Archive FoilShipStarfleet icon
ST2E 0 AP 07Charvanek, Fleet Commander (first print)Archive Portrait FoilPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 0 AP 08Hoshi Sato, Empress (reprint)Archive Portrait FoilPersonnelStarfleet icon

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This set was released in November of 2006, and introduces the Federation Voyager culture and a number of ships with matching commanders. There is also a focus on the Pursuit keyword, introduced in the Premiere Second Edition set but not really developed since.