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[In A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatible] In A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatible (IaMD)

Regular backward ST2E set of 41 physical cards published by Decipher (2007-06-25).

Overview card types:
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeAffiliation
ST2E 13 C 2Alien ConspiracyCommonDilemma
ST2E 13 C 5Crew AdvancementCommonDilemma
ST2E 13 C 9Fractured TimeCommonDilemma
ST2E 13 U 13New AdvancementsUncommonDilemma
ST2E 13 R 15Paranoid EscapeRareDilemma
ST2E 13 C 17ReflectionsCommonDilemma
ST2E 13 C 22❖ Multidimensional Transporter DeviceCommonEquipment
ST2E 13 R 29❖ Necessary EvilRareEvent
ST2E 13 C 30One Man Cannot Summon the FutureCommonEvent
ST2E 13 R 34Strange New WorldsRareEvent
ST2E 13 R 36The Inner LightRareEvent
ST2E 13 C 41Watch DogCommonEvent
ST2E 13 U 44Critical CareUncommonMission
ST2E 13 U 46Investigate DerelictUncommonMission
ST2E 13 R 48Kira Nerys, Resoucreful PrisonerRarePersonnelBajoran icon
ST2E 13 U 49Leeta, Enticing RebelUncommonPersonnelBajoran icon
ST2E 13 U 72Revised Chakotay, Imposturous First OfficerUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 13 U 73Revised Doctor, Mass MurdererUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 13 U 74Revised Janeway, Cold-Blooded KillerUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 13 U 75Revised Kim, InterrogatorUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 13 U 76Revised Neelix, Hedgehog Ops OfficerUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 13 U 77Revised Paris, Female Ensign ChaserUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 13 U 78Revised Seven of Nine, Shock-TrooperUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 13 U 79Revised Tuvok, Evil Instrument of DestructionUncommonPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 13 U 91Telok, BodyguardUncommonPersonnelKlingon icon
ST2E 13 R 96Slar, Gorn Slave MasterRarePersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 13 R 97Tuvok, Coldly Logical SoldierRarePersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST2E 13 R 99Data, From the City of RategRarePersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 13 C 103❖ Brennan ScottCommonPersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 13 U 105Hoshi Sato, Captain's WomanUncommonPersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 13 C 106Hoshi Sato, EmpressCommonPersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 13 R 107Jonathan Archer, Covetous CommanderRarePersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 13 C 109Malcolm Reed, Enthusiastic MajorCommonPersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 13 R 110Maximilian Forrest, Confident CaptainRarePersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 13 R 111Phlox, Sadistic PhysiologistRarePersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 13 U 112Soval, IdealistUncommonPersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 13 U 113T'Pol, Dutiful CommanderUncommonPersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 13 U 115Travis Mayweather,Oppontunistic SergeantUncommonPersonnelStarfleet icon
ST2E 13 C 117U.S.S. Enterprise-D, BattleshipCommonShipFederation icon
ST2E 13 U 121I.S.S. Avenger, Admiral's ShipUncommonShipStarfleet icon
ST2E 13 R 122I.S.S. Enterprise, Terran FlagshipRareShipStarfleet icon

For further information about this set see A Mirror, Darkly in ST2E.