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[Chain of Command] Chain of Command (CoC)

Regular expansion of 15 virtual cards published by The Continuing Committee (2009-11-06).

Overview card types:
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeAffiliation
ST1E 16 V 1Where No Man Has Gone BeforeVirtualEvent
ST1E 16 V 2Benjamin SiskoVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 16 V 3Captain KirkVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 16 V 4Jean-Luc Picard (first print)VirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 16 V 5Kathryn JanewayVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 16 V 6William T. RikerVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 16 V 7K'mpecVirtualPersonnelKlingon icon
ST1E 16 V 8ShinzonVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
ST1E 16 V 9Starship EnterpriseVirtualShipFederation icon
ST1E 16 V 10U.S.S. DefiantVirtualShipFederation icon
ST1E 16 V 11U.S.S. Enterprise (first print)VirtualShipFederation icon
ST1E 16 V 12U.S.S. Enterprise-EVirtualShipFederation icon
ST1E 16 V 13U.S.S. VoyagerVirtualShipFederation icon
ST1E 16 V 14I.K.C. Qam-cheeVirtualShipKlingon icon
ST1E 16 V 15ScimitarVirtualShipRomulan icon

Chain of Command is the first set of brand new virtual cards for First Edition. We are very excited to get these new cards into your hands.

We wanted to present each of these cards as beautifully as possible. Each card features artwork that extends beyond the image box, like some of the Fajo Collection cards. Even the expansion icon art is extended. The result is a collection of visually stunning cards. Beyond the look of the cards, the gameplay of these cards was handcrafted to enhance your decks and make use of some cards that have been in the binder for years.

by Seth Claybrook, First Edition Graphic Designer (23rd October 2009 on CC)