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Event Event card list

    Artifact Dilemma Doorway Equipment Event Event-Interrupt Facility Incident Interrupt Mission Objective Personnel Q-Card Ship Site Tactic Time Location Tribble Trouble 

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    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarity
    ST1E 8 C 221st Rule of AcquisitionRules of AcquisitionCommon
    ST1E 8 C 29211th Rule of AcquisitionRules of AcquisitionCommon
    ST1E 8 U 2433rd Rule of AcquisitionRules of AcquisitionUncommon
    ST1E 8 U 2534th Rule of AcquisitionRules of AcquisitionUncommon
    ST1E 11 U 2335th Rule of AcquisitionMirror, MirrorUncommon
    ST1E 17 V 1345th Rule Of AcquisitionLife From LifelessnessVirtual
    ST1E 8 U 2647th Rule of AcquisitionRules of AcquisitionUncommon
    ST1E 8 U 2759th Rule of AcquisitionRules of AcquisitionUncommon
    ST1E 9 C 1662nd Rule of AcquisitionThe Trouble with TribblesCommon
    ST1E 8 C 236th Rule of AcquisitionRules of AcquisitionCommon
    ST1E 8 U 2875th Rule of AcquisitionRules of AcquisitionUncommon
    ST1E 4 R 26Abandon MissionFirst ContactRare
    ST1E 27 V 8A Better AlternativeThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
    ST2E 1 R 73A Chance for GlorySecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 4 C 27Activate SubcommandsFirst ContactCommon
    ST1E 20 V 7Adapt: Allocate ResourcesResistance is Futile!Virtual
    ST1E 13 U 18Alas, Poor DroneThe BorgUncommon
    ST1E 1 U 66Alien ProbePremiere BBUncommon
    ST1E 19 V 12All-Consuming EvilShades of GrayVirtual
    ST1E 31 V 8Amanda Rogers: ProtectorThe Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST1E 12 R 46Ancestral VisionVoyagerRare
    ST1E 1 R 67Anti-Time AnomalyPremiere BBRare
    ST1E 31 V 7A Real GameThe Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 369A Second Chance at LifeHomefront VIVirtual
    ST2E 3 C 33A Second Chance at LifeCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST2E 10 R 23A Sight for Sore EyesCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 0 VR 139Assassination PlotHomefront IIVirtual
    ST2E 2 R 31Assassination PlotEnergize - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST2E 8 C 25Assimilation TechniqueTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST2E 1 C 75Astrometrics LabSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 1 C 68Atmospheric IonizationPremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 5 R 56Automated Security SystemDeep Space NineRare
    ST1E 35 V 3Awaiting TrialMetamorphosisVirtual
    ST2E 1 R 76Awaiting TrialSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 20 V 6A Willing CompanionResistance is Futile!Virtual
    ST2E 1 U 78BaH!Second Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 5 R 57Bajoran Civil WarDeep Space NineRare
    ST1E 24 V 16Bajor for BajoransEmissaryVirtual
    ST1E 3 U 18Barber PoleQ-ContinuumUncommon
    ST1E 2 C 36Baryon BuildupAlternate UniverseCommon
    ST2E 1 R 80Battle DrillsSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 34 V 6Bigger on the InsideCold FrontVirtual
    ST1E 35 V 4Biosphere ToxinMetamorphosisVirtual
    ST2E 1 C 81Blind SpotSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 11 U 24Blood ScreeningMirror, MirrorUncommon
    ST2E 11 PF 8Blow You Out of the StarsGenesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
    ST2E 2 U 32Born for ConquestEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 8 C 26Bound by AddictionTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 23 V 12Brace for ImpactThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
    ST1E 3 R 19BrainwashQ-ContinuumRare
    ST2E 3 R 37Bred for BattleCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST2E 1 U 82Brutal StruggleSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 3 R 38Building a BridgeCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 14 U 17Bynars Data TransferHolodeck AdventuresUncommon
    ST1E 1 R 69Bynars Weapon EnhancementPremiere BBRare
    ST1E 3 R 20CalamarainQ-ContinuumRare
    ST1E 2 U 37Captain's LogAlternate UniverseUncommon
    ST1E 31 V 9Captain's PrerogativeThe Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST2E 2 C 34Cargo RunEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 0 VR 370Cellular Peptide CakeHomefront VIVirtual
    ST2E 11 PF 9Cellular Peptide CakeGenesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
    ST2E 6 P 17Changed HistoryReflections II - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
    ST1E 32 V 17Combat-Ready: SolidarityBroken BowVirtual
    ST1E 32 V 18Combat-Ready: Tense SituationBroken BowVirtual
    ST1E 5 U 58Computer CrashDeep Space NineUncommon
    ST2E 12 U 22Condition RedThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 17 V 23Coordinated CounterattackRaise The Stakes - ST1E compatibleVirtual
    ST1E 21 V 16Cowboy DiplomacyThe Next GenerationVirtual
    ST1E 13 C 19Cranial Transceiver ImplantThe BorgCommon
    ST1E 6 U 20Crew ReassignmentThe DominionUncommon
    ST1E 26 V 2Crossover: An Invitation20th Anniversary CollectionVirtual
    ST2E 1 S 83Cry "Havoc!"Second Edition - ST1E compatibleStarter
    ST1E 32 V 19DecontaminationBroken BowVirtual
    ST2E 8 C 29Defend Our PeopleTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 7 U 20Defense System UpgradeBlaze of GloryUncommon
    ST1E 5 R 59Defiant Dedication PlaqueDeep Space NineRare
    ST1E 25 V 10Determined to StayThe MaquisVirtual
    ST1E 7 U 21Dial Martok for MurderBlaze of GloryUncommon
    ST2E 8 U 31Diplomatic OfferTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 1 C 86Diplomatic OvertureSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST2E 2 R 41Disable SensorsEnergize - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 3 U 21DiscommendationQ-ContinuumUncommon
    ST1E 4 U 28Disengage Safety ProtocolsFirst ContactUncommon
    ST1E 34 V 7Disrupted ContinuumCold FrontVirtual
    ST2E 14 R 26Distant ControlWhat You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 1 U 70Distortion FieldPremiere BBUncommon
    ST1E 19 V 13D'jarrasShades of GrayVirtual
    ST1E 14 C 18Dominion War EffortsHolodeck AdventuresCommon
    ST1E 3 R 22DoppelgangerQ-ContinuumRare
    ST1E 3 R 23Drag NetQ-ContinuumRare
    ST1E 3 C 24Drought TreeQ-ContinuumCommon
    ST1E 19 V 14Duck BlindShades of GrayVirtual
    ST1E 15 C 14Duj SaqThe Motion PicturesCommon
    ST1E 5 R 60DuranjaDeep Space NineRare
    ST1E 35 V 5Earn Your Rank!MetamorphosisVirtual
    ST1E 7 R 22E-Band EmissionsBlaze of GloryRare
    ST1E 34 V 8EmpressCold FrontVirtual
    ST1E 2 U 38Engage Shuttle OperationsAlternate UniverseUncommon
    ST1E 7 U 23Engage Shuttle Operations: DominionBlaze of GloryUncommon
    ST2E 17 V 27EnsnaredRaise The Stakes - ST1E compatibleVirtual
    ST1E 5 U 61Espionage: Bajoran on CardassianDeep Space NineUncommon
    ST1E 0 P 128Espionage: Bajoran on DominionAll Good ThingsPromotion
    ST1E 5 U 62Espionage: Cardassian on BajoranDeep Space NineUncommon
    ST1E 5 U 63Espionage: Cardassian on FederationDeep Space NineUncommon
    ST1E 5 U 64Espionage: Cardassian on KlingonDeep Space NineUncommon
    ST1E 6 C 21Espionage: Dominion on FederationThe DominionCommon
    ST1E 6 C 22Espionage: Dominion on KlingonThe DominionCommon
    ST1E 6 C 23Espionage: Dominion on RomulanThe DominionCommon
    ST1E 1 C 71Espionage: Federation on KlingonPremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 1 C 72Espionage: Klingon on FederationPremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 5 U 65Espionage: Romulan on BajoranDeep Space NineUncommon
    ST1E 5 U 66Espionage: Romulan on CardassianDeep Space NineUncommon
    ST1E 1 C 73Espionage: Romulan on FederationPremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 1 C 74Espionage: Romulan on KlingonPremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 33 V 3Espionage: Romulan on VulcanLive Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 33 V 4Espionage: Starfleet on VulcanLive Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 33 V 5Espionage: Vulcan on AndorianLive Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 397Espionage: Vulcan on KlingonPre-Warp PackVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 398Espionage: Vulcan on StarfleetPre-Warp PackVirtual
    ST1E 5 C 67Establish Landing ProtocolsDeep Space NineCommon
    ST1E 35 V 6Esteemed VedekMetamorphosisVirtual
    ST1E 6 U 24Fair PlayThe DominionUncommon
    ST1E 7 R 24Fajo's GalleryBlaze of GloryRare
    ST1E 15 C 15Fal-tor-panThe Motion PicturesCommon
    ST1E 19 V 15Federation Flagship: RenewedShades of GrayVirtual
    ST1E 14 R 19Ferengi Financial Data NetHolodeck AdventuresRare
    ST2E 2 U 42FerocityEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 12 U 24Final CryThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 18 V 9Finally Ready to SwimStraight and SteadyVirtual
    ST2E 4 U 53Forcing Their HandNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 4 U 54Forever LinkedNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 2 U 44For the SiskoEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 0 VP 37FrictionVirtual Backward 2E PromosVirtual Promo
    ST1E 0 VP 23FrictionVirtual PromosVirtual Promo
    ST2E 6 P 20FrictionReflections II - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
    ST1E 1 U 75Gaps in Normal SpacePremiere BBUncommon
    ST2E 14 C 29Gatherers' RaidWhat You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 21 V 17General QuartersThe Next GenerationVirtual
    ST1E 1 U 76Genetronic ReplicatorPremiere BBUncommon
    ST2E 0 VP 38Getting Under Your SkinVirtual Backward 2E PromosVirtual Promo
    ST1E 0 VP 24Getting Under Your SkinVirtual PromosVirtual Promo
    ST2E 4 U 55Getting Under Your SkinNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 1 R 77Goddess of EmpathyPremiere BBRare
    ST2E 14 R 30Good ShepherdWhat You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 32 V 20Grappler: Shuttlepod RetrievalBroken BowVirtual
    ST2E 4 C 56Gunboat DiplomacyNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 29 V 15Habit of DisappearingThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
    ST2E 14 C 32Hall of WarriorsWhat You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 21 V 18Heart of GloryThe Next GenerationVirtual
    ST2E 2 C 45Heart of GloryEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 3 U 25Heisenberg CompensatorsQ-ContinuumUncommon
    ST1E 1 U 78Holo-ProjectorsPremiere BBUncommon
    ST1E 5 U 68HQ: War RoomDeep Space NineUncommon
    ST1E 3 R 26I Am Not A Merry Man!Q-ContinuumRare
    ST1E 15 R 16I Just Love Scanning for Life-formsThe Motion PicturesRare
    ST1E 3 U 27Immortal AgainQ-ContinuumUncommon
    ST1E 4 U 29Intermix RatioFirst ContactUncommon
    ST1E 24 V 17InternmentEmissaryVirtual
    ST1E 2 R 39InterrogationAlternate UniverseRare
    ST1E 2 U 40Intruder Force FieldAlternate UniverseUncommon
    ST1E 6 C 25Invasive Beam-InThe DominionCommon
    ST1E 15 U 17Isomagnetic DisintegratorThe Motion PicturesUncommon
    ST2E 3 C 45Jem'Hadar AmbushCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST2E 3 U 47Jem'Hadar Strike ForceCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 1 U 92Just Like Old TimesSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 12 U 49Kal-TohVoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 1 U 79Kivas Fajo - CollectorPremiere BBUncommon
    ST1E 2 U 41Klim DokachinAlternate UniverseUncommon
    ST1E 3 R 28Klingon Civil WarQ-ContinuumRare
    ST2E 2 U 46KotraEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 1 U 93Labor CampSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 26 V 3Leader of the Sect20th Anniversary CollectionVirtual
    ST2E 11 PF 10Learning CurveGenesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
    ST2E 2 C 47Legal ProceedingsEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST2E 1 U 94Let Honor Guide YouSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 21 V 19Let's See What's Out ThereThe Next GenerationVirtual
    ST1E 35 V 7Life's Simple PleasuresMetamorphosisVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 373Line of DefenseHomefront VIVirtual
    ST2E 1 C 95Line of DefenseSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 1 R 80Lore ReturnsPremiere BBRare
    ST1E 1 R 81Lore's FingernailPremiere BBRare
    ST1E 2 U 42Lower DecksAlternate UniverseUncommon
    ST1E 31 V 10Loyal SubordinateThe Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST1E 1 U 82Masaka TransformationsPremiere BBUncommon
    ST1E 13 U 20MeditationThe BorgUncommon
    ST1E 0 P 54 (1998)Memory WipePremier Starter Deck 2Promotion
    ST2E 2 U 50Mental DisciplineEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 1 U 83Metaphasic ShieldsPremiere BBUncommon
    ST1E 32 V 21Military Assault Command OperationsBroken BowVirtual
    ST2E 14 R 35Military Assault Command OperationsWhat You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST2E 4 R 59Militia PatrolNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 4 U 30Mirror ImageFirst ContactUncommon
    ST2E 4 U 60MisdirectionNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 4 U 61Mission AccomplishedNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 4 U 31Mission DebriefingFirst ContactUncommon
    ST1E 2 U 43Mot's AdviceAlternate UniverseUncommon
    ST1E 27 V 9Mutual DistrustThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
    ST2E 13 R 29Necessary EvilIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST2E 1 R 96Nelvana TrapSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 1 U 84Neural Servo DevicePremiere BBUncommon
    ST1E 33 V 6Neuropressure MassageLive Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 24 V 18New FrontiersEmissaryVirtual
    ST2E 5 P 8Noble CauseFractured Time - ST1E compatiblePromotion
    ST2E 1 R 98No Peace in Our TimeSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST2E 11 PF 11No-Win SituationGenesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
    ST1E 1 U 85Nutational ShieldsPremiere BBUncommon
    ST1E 4 R 32Ocular ImplantsFirst ContactRare
    ST1E 13 U 21Omega ParticleThe BorgUncommon
    ST2E 13 C 30One Man Cannot Summon the FutureIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 14 C 21Oo-moxHolodeck AdventuresCommon
    ST2E 15 V 13Operation RetrieveThe Undiscovered Country - ST1E compatibleVirtual
    ST1E 20 V 8Optimize DronesResistance is Futile!Virtual
    ST1E 9 C 17Organian Peace TreatyThe Trouble with TribblesCommon
    ST1E 25 V 11Organized Terrorist ActivitiesThe MaquisVirtual
    ST2E 5 P 9Out of OptionsFractured Time - ST1E compatiblePromotion
    ST1E 2 C 44Particle Scattering FieldAlternate UniverseCommon
    ST1E 35 V 8Patient SchemerMetamorphosisVirtual
    ST1E 1 C 86Pattern EnhancersPremiere BBCommon
    ST2E 1 C 102Peacemaker or Predator?Second Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST2E 2 C 52Personal ForcefieldEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 0 VR 413Planet of Galactic PeaceWarp Pack: Holiday 2017Virtual
    ST1E 1 C 87Plasma FirePremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 32 V 22Polarized Hull PlatingBroken BowVirtual
    ST2E 2 U 55Political LeverageEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 2 C 56Power to the WeaponsEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST2E 8 U 37Preeminent PrecisionTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 1 U 106Prejudice and PoliticsSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 28 V 17Pride of the FleetCrossoverVirtual
    ST2E 0 VP 39Prison CompoundVirtual Backward 2E PromosVirtual Promo
    ST1E 0 VP 25Prison CompoundVirtual PromosVirtual Promo
    ST2E 4 R 68Prison CompoundNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST2E 1 U 107Process IdentificationSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 35 V 9Psychological PressureMetamorphosisVirtual
    ST2E 3 R 49Psychological PressureCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 1 C 88Q-NetPremiere BBCommon
    ST2E 5 P 10Quantum IncursionsFractured Time - ST1E compatiblePromotion
    ST1E 13 C 22Quantum Slipstream DriveThe BorgCommon
    ST1E 35 V 10Quite a CoincidenceMetamorphosisVirtual
    ST2E 3 C 50Quite a CoincidenceCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 1 U 89Raise the StakesPremiere BBUncommon
    ST1E 24 V 19RaktajinoEmissaryVirtual
    ST2E 2 C 57Rash AggressionEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 5 C 69Reaction Control ThrustersDeep Space NineCommon
    ST1E 28 V 18Rebellious ServantsCrossoverVirtual
    ST2E 2 C 58ReconfigurationEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 5 R 70Recruit MercenariesDeep Space NineRare
    ST1E 1 C 90Red Alert!Premiere BBCommon
    ST1E 4 R 33RegenerateFirst ContactRare
    ST1E 5 U 71Renewal ScrollDeep Space NineUncommon
    ST1E 28 V 19Resistance TacticsCrossoverVirtual
    ST2E 1 R 109Resistance TacticsSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 1 C 91Res-QPremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 4 R 34RetaskFirst ContactRare
    ST1E 0 P 168Revisionist HistoryThe Enterprise CollectionPromotion Foil
    ST1E 34 V 9RevolutionariesCold FrontVirtual
    ST1E 2 R 45Revolving DoorAlternate UniverseRare
    ST1E 2 C 46Rishon UxbridgeAlternate UniverseCommon
    ST2E 1 U 110Romulan Intelligence NetworkSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 34 V 10Romulan MinefieldCold FrontVirtual
    ST1E 17 V 14Romulan "Reunification"Life From LifelessnessVirtual
    ST2E 8 U 41Rule of Acquisition # 102To Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 18 V 10Secondary MarketStraight and SteadyVirtual
    ST1E 31 V 11Security DrillsThe Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST2E 5 P 12Security DrillsFractured Time - ST1E compatiblePromotion
    ST2E 7 C 30Seeing DoubleStrange New Worlds - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST2E 3 R 54Set UpCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 19 V 16Shades of Gray: AnguishShades of GrayVirtual
    ST1E 19 V 17Shades of Gray: BrutalityShades of GrayVirtual
    ST1E 19 V 18Shades of Gray: CrueltyShades of GrayVirtual
    ST1E 19 V 19Shades of Gray: DespairShades of GrayVirtual
    ST1E 0 P 129Shape-Shift InhibitorAll Good ThingsPromotion
    ST1E 24 V 20ShipwrightEmissaryVirtual
    ST2E 2 U 62SickbayEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 6 U 26Sisko 197 SubroutineThe DominionUncommon
    ST1E 35 V 11Sleeper ShipMetamorphosisVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 143Space BoomerHomefront IIVirtual
    ST1E 1 C 92SpacedockPremiere BBCommon
    ST2E 5 P 13Spreading FearFractured Time - ST1E compatiblePromotion
    ST2E 6 P 29Stalling for TimeReflections II - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
    ST2E 1 U 111Standard Cardassian ProcedureSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 14 U 39Standard OrbitWhat You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 0 VR 216Starting OverHomefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 10 U 34Starting OverCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 1 C 93Static Warp BubblePremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 23 V 13Stone Knives and BearskinsThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
    ST1E 33 V 7Strange New WorldsLive Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST2E 13 R 34Strange New WorldsIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST2E 2 R 65Straying from the PathEnergize - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 9 C 18Subspace TransporterThe Trouble with TribblesCommon
    ST1E 1 C 94Subspace Warp RiftPremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 1 R 95SupernovaPremiere BBRare
    ST1E 0 VP 57Surprise PartyVirtual PromosVirtual
    ST1E 5 R 72System 5 DisruptorsDeep Space NineRare
    ST1E 6 U 27Tactical ConsoleThe DominionUncommon
    ST2E 1 U 113Taken PrisonerSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 1 R 114TapestrySecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST2E 8 C 44Target PracticeTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 31 V 12Technical WizardryThe Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST1E 1 U 96Telepathic Alien KidnappersPremiere BBUncommon
    ST1E 33 V 8Temper AdvancementsLive Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 9 C 19Temporal InvestigationsThe Trouble with TribblesCommon
    ST1E 0 P 169Temporal ShiftingThe Enterprise CollectionPromotion Foil
    ST2E 5 P 15Temporal Test SubjectFractured Time - ST1E compatiblePromotion
    ST1E 31 V 13Terran Flagship: PredatorThe Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST1E 1 C 97Tetryon FieldPremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 28 V 20The Best of a Bad LifeCrossoverVirtual
    ST1E 7 U 25The Big PictureBlaze of GloryUncommon
    ST1E 2 U 47The CharybdisAlternate UniverseUncommon
    ST2E 15 V 15The Cost of FreedomThe Undiscovered Country - ST1E compatibleVirtual
    ST2E 11 PF 12The Genesis EffectGenesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
    ST2E 13 R 36The Inner LightIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 4 C 35The Line Must Be Drawn HereFirst ContactCommon
    ST1E 2 C 48The Mask of KorganoAlternate UniverseCommon
    ST1E 12 C 53The Next EmanationVoyagerCommon
    ST2E 1 R 115The Orion UnderworldSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST2E 1 U 116The Pillage of BajorSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST2E 1 U 117The Reman MinesSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 2 U 49Thermal DeflectorsAlternate UniverseUncommon
    ST1E 1 U 98The Traveler: TranscendencePremiere BBUncommon
    ST1E 34 V 11The Unrelenting Lust for ProfitCold FrontVirtual
    ST2E 15 V 16The Void AllianceThe Undiscovered Country - ST1E compatibleVirtual
    ST1E 0 P 130Timepod RingAll Good ThingsPromotion
    ST1E 15 U 18To Be Or Not To BeThe Motion PicturesUncommon
    ST1E 7 R 26TortureBlaze of GloryRare
    ST1E 3 U 29TransfigurationQ-ContinuumUncommon
    ST1E 0 P 131Treacherous AdviceAll Good ThingsPromotion
    ST1E 6 C 28Treaty: Bajoran/DominionThe DominionCommon
    ST1E 5 U 73Treaty: Bajoran/KlingonDeep Space NineUncommon
    ST1E 9 C 20Treaty: Cardassian/BajoranThe Trouble with TribblesCommon
    ST1E 6 C 29Treaty: Cardassian/DominionThe DominionCommon
    ST1E 5 C 74Treaty: Federation/BajoranDeep Space NineCommon
    ST1E 5 C 75Treaty: Federation/CardassianDeep Space NineCommon
    ST1E 11 C 25Treaty: Federation/DominionMirror, MirrorCommon
    ST1E 1 C 99Treaty: Federation/KlingonPremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 1 C 100Treaty: Federation/RomulanPremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 0 P 39Treaty: Federation/Romulan/KlingonOfficial Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    ST1E 28 V 21Treaty: Klingon/Cardassian AllianceCrossoverVirtual
    ST1E 9 C 21Treaty: Romulan/BajoranThe Trouble with TribblesCommon
    ST1E 5 U 76Treaty: Romulan/CardassianDeep Space NineUncommon
    ST1E 6 C 30Treaty: Romulan/DominionThe DominionCommon
    ST1E 1 C 101Treaty: Romulan/KlingonPremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 34 V 12Treaty: Romulan/VulcanCold FrontVirtual
    ST1E 18 V 11Treaty: Starfleet/KlingonStraight and SteadyVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 399Treaty: Starfleet/VulcanPre-Warp PackVirtual
    ST2E 3 U 65Trial of FaithCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 31 V 14TyrannyThe Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST2E 2 R 68Under ScrutinyEnergize - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 0 VR 217Unstable MatrixHomefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 0 VP 85U.S.S. Enterprise-JVirtual Backward 2E PromosVirtual Promo
    ST2E 14 R 43U.S.S. Enterprise-JWhat You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 22 V 12Venus DrugEngageVirtual
    ST1E 12 C 54Villagers With TorchesVoyagerCommon
    ST2E 2 R 72VisionaryEnergize - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST2E 3 C 67Vorta CloningCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 4 R 36Wall of ShipsFirst ContactRare
    ST1E 1 R 102Warp Core BreachPremiere BBRare
    ST1E 28 V 22Warrior's BirthrightCrossoverVirtual
    ST2E 1 C 119Warrior's BirthrightSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 2 R 50Wartime ConditionsAlternate UniverseRare
    ST2E 13 C 41Watch DogIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleCommon
    ST1E 5 C 77Weapons LockerDeep Space NineCommon
    ST1E 0 P 62We Are The BorgEnhanced First ContactPromotion
    ST1E 34 V 13"We Are the Metrons"Cold FrontVirtual
    ST1E 18 V 12We're ReadyStraight and SteadyVirtual
    ST2E 2 U 73We Will Not SurrenderEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 16 V 1Where No Man Has Gone BeforeChain of CommandVirtual
    ST1E 1 C 103Where No One Has Gone BeforePremiere BBCommon
    ST1E 31 V 15Will You Kindly Die?The Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST1E 0 P 2Yellow AlertWarp PackPromotion
    ST1E 21 V 20You Are a MonumentThe Next GenerationVirtual
    ST2E 12 U 32You Have a DiseaseThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 0 VP 175You Know I'd Like to HelpVirtual PromosVirtual
    ST1E 3 R 30Zalkonian Storage CapsuleQ-ContinuumRare