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Dilemma Dilemma card list

Artifact Dilemma Doorway Equipment Event Event-Interrupt Facility Incident Interrupt Mission Objective Personnel Q-Card Ship Site Tactic Time Location Tribble Trouble 

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UCT-IDNamesort iconExpansionRarity
ST2E 3 C 1A Bad EndCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 0 VR 348A Bad EndHomefront VIVirtual
ST1E 0 P 32Abandon Ship!Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
ST2E 11 PF 1Accelerated AgingGenesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 11 R 2A Fast Ship Would Be NiceMirror, MirrorRare
ST1E 12 R 1Aggressive BehaviorVoyagerRare
ST1E 21 V 1A Good Day to LieThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 14 C 2AliceHolodeck AdventuresCommon
ST1E 1 U 10Alien AbductionPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 29 V 2Alien Abduction: Test SubjectsThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST1E 31 V 1Alien ConspiracyThe Terran EmpireVirtual
ST2E 13 C 2Alien ConspiracyIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 2 C 8Alien LabyrinthAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 1 U 11Alien ParasitesPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 0 P 106Alien Parasites & REM FatigueEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 21 V 2All Available PersonnelThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 5 U 5Altonian Brain TeaserDeep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 32 V 1A Miner ConfrontationBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 1 C 12Anaphasic OrganismPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 0 P 107Anaphasic Organism & NagilumEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 1 R 13Ancient ComputerPremiere BBRare
ST1E 0 P 108Ancient Computer & MicrovirusEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 3 U 4Android NightmaresQ-ContinuumUncommon
ST1E 29 V 1A New GameThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST1E 5 C 6Angry MobDeep Space NineCommon
ST1E 13 R 1Ankari "Spirits"The BorgRare
ST1E 22 V 2Antedean AssassinsEngageVirtual
ST2E 1 C 4Antedean AssassinsSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 30 V 1A Passionate VulcanStar Trek 50Virtual
ST2E 10 C 1A Pattern of LiesCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 5 C 7Aphasia DeviceDeep Space NineCommon
ST1E 25 V 1A Pleasant SurpriseThe MaquisVirtual
ST2E 4 C 2A Pleasant SurpriseNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 31 V 2Archaic RitualThe Terran EmpireVirtual
ST1E 1 C 14ArcherPremiere BBCommon
ST2E 12 C 1ArenaThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 10 R 3Armed Search PartyCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 5 U 8Arms DealDeep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 19 V 1Armus: Energy FieldShades of GrayVirtual
ST1E 19 V 2Armus: RouletteShades of GrayVirtual
ST1E 1 R 15Armus - Skin of EvilPremiere BBRare
ST1E 0 P 33Armus - Sticky SituationOfficial Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
ST1E 11 R 3Artillery AttackMirror, MirrorRare
ST1E 28 V 1Assassination AttemptCrossoverVirtual
ST2E 1 R 7Assassination AttemptSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 5 C 9Assassin's BladeDeep Space NineCommon
ST1E 23 V 1Assimilated VesselThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST1E 12 R 3Astral EddyVoyagerRare
ST1E 30 V 2Attack of the DronesStar Trek 50Virtual
ST1E 29 V 3Attractive AntiquitiesThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST2E 1 C 8Authenticate ArtifactsSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 32 V 2Authorized Access OnlyBroken BowVirtual
ST2E 1 C 9Automated WeaponsSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 24 V 1Back Room DealingsEmissaryVirtual
ST2E 4 C 6Back Room DealingsNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 20 V 1Back to BasicsResistance is Futile!Virtual
ST2E 14 R 1Back to BasicsWhat You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 4 U 4Balancing ActFirst ContactUncommon
ST1E 1 R 16Barclay's Protomorphosis DiseasePremiere BBRare
ST1E 3 R 5Bendii SyndromeQ-ContinuumRare
ST1E 6 U 4Berserk ChangelingThe DominionUncommon
ST1E 29 V 4Between Duty and RespectThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST2E 8 U 3Between Duty and RespectTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 1 U 17Birth of "Junior"Premiere BBUncommon
ST2E 4 U 8Bleeding to DeathNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 4 U 5BlendedFirst ContactUncommon
ST2E 4 C 5B'omar StipulationsNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 4 U 6Borg ServoFirst ContactUncommon
ST1E 1 R 18Borg ShipPremiere BBRare
ST1E 5 C 10Brief RomanceDeep Space NineCommon
ST2E 4 R 9Broken CaptiveNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 28 V 2Buried AliveCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 22 V 3Captain's HolidayEngageVirtual
ST2E 1 C 13Captain's HolidaySecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 8 R 5Cardassian ProcessingTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 0 VR 127Cardassian ProcessingHomefront IIVirtual
ST1E 2 U 9Cardassian TrapAlternate UniverseUncommon
ST1E 29 V 5Caretaker's WaveThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST2E 14 C 2Caretaker's WaveWhat You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 18 V 1Cargo PiratesStraight and SteadyVirtual
ST2E 14 C 3Cargo PiratesWhat You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 17 V 2Causal RecursionRaise The Stakes - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST1E 8 U 4Center of AttentionRules of AcquisitionUncommon
ST1E 1 U 19ChalnothPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 3 C 6Chinese Finger PuzzleQ-ContinuumCommon
ST1E 8 C 5Chula: CrossroadsRules of AcquisitionCommon
ST1E 14 C 3Chula: EchoesHolodeck AdventuresCommon
ST2E 8 U 6Chula: Move Along HomeTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 6 U 5Chula: Pick One to Save TwoThe DominionUncommon
ST1E 7 R 2Chula: The AbyssBlaze of GloryRare
ST1E 6 R 6Chula: The ChandraThe DominionRare
ST1E 6 C 7Chula: The DiceThe DominionCommon
ST1E 8 R 6Chula: The DoorRules of AcquisitionRare
ST1E 9 R 2Chula: The DrinkThe Trouble with TribblesRare
ST1E 11 U 4Chula: The GameMirror, MirrorUncommon
ST1E 7 C 3Chula: The LightsBlaze of GloryCommon
ST1E 9 C 3Chula: The Way HomeThe Trouble with TribblesCommon
ST1E 14 U 4Chula: TrickeryHolodeck AdventuresUncommon
ST1E 24 V 2Chula: Unfortunate RollEmissaryVirtual
ST2E 16 V 5Chula: Unfortunate RollFavor The Bold - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST1E 12 C 5Civil UnrestVoyagerCommon
ST1E 5 C 11Clan PeopleDeep Space NineCommon
ST1E 28 V 3Climbing the RanksCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 27 V 1Close CallThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST2E 3 C 3Close CallCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 2 R 10Coalescent OrganismAlternate UniverseRare
ST2E 1 S 17Command DecisionsSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E 5 C 12Common ThiefDeep Space NineCommon
ST2E 10 U 5Compassionate InterferenceCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 P 109Computer Weapon & Hyper-AgingEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST2E 3 C 4Confined to QuartersCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 32 V 3Contaminating a CultureBroken BowVirtual
ST2E 10 R 6Contaminating a CultureCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 20 V 2Contingency PlanResistance is Futile!Virtual
ST1E 2 C 11ConundrumAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 1 U 20Cosmic String FragmentPremiere BBUncommon
ST2E 17 V 3Covert AmbushRaise The Stakes - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST2E 13 C 5Crew AdvancementIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 0 VR 352Crew AdvancementHomefront VIVirtual
ST2E 2 U 3Crippling AttackEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 6 C 8CrisisThe DominionCommon
ST1E 20 V 3Crowded BarResistance is Futile!Virtual
ST1E 1 R 21Crystalline EntityPremiere BBRare
ST1E 24 V 3Cultural DifferencesEmissaryVirtual
ST2E 8 C 8Cultural DifferencesTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 23 V 2Cybernetic Homing DeviceThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST1E 1 R 22CytheriansPremiere BBRare
ST1E 14 U 5Cytoplasmic Life-formHolodeck AdventuresUncommon
ST1E 5 U 13Dal'RokDeep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 17 V 2Damaged ReputationLife From LifelessnessVirtual
ST2E 1 U 20Damaged ReputationSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST2E 3 R 5Dangerous ClimbCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 0 VR 128Dangerous ClimbHomefront IIVirtual
ST1E 29 V 6Dangerous DerelictThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST1E 8 C 7Dangerous LiaisonsRules of AcquisitionCommon
ST1E 23 V 3Data Has Some IssuesThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST1E 4 U 7Dead EndFirst ContactUncommon
ST2E 2 C 4Dedication to DutyEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 0 VR 129Dedication to DutyHomefront IIVirtual
ST1E 20 V 4Definitely Not SwedishResistance is Futile!Virtual
ST1E 32 V 4Defrosted MenaceBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 14 C 6DejarenHolodeck AdventuresCommon
ST1E 25 V 2Deliberate Tactical ErrorThe MaquisVirtual
ST1E 11 R 5Denevan Neural ParasitesMirror, MirrorRare
ST2E 11 PF 2Destined JourneyGenesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 22 V 4Devastating CommuniqueEngageVirtual
ST1E 18 V2Dial-UpStraight and SteadyVirtual
ST1E 18 V 3Difference of OpinionStraight and SteadyVirtual
ST1E 24 V 4Difficult DisposalEmissaryVirtual
ST2E 10 C 7Difficult RescueCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 6 P 2Dignitaries and WitnessesReflections II - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 0 VR 130Dignitaries and WitnessesHomefront IIVirtual
ST1E 21 V 3Diplomatic InterventionThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 28 V 4Disgraceful AssaultCrossoverVirtual
ST2E 2 C 5Disgraceful AssaultEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 17 V 3DisplacedLife From LifelessnessVirtual
ST2E 2 C 6Disruptor AccidentEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 17 V 4Distracted By Thoughts Of HomeLife From LifelessnessVirtual
ST1E 11 U 6DistractionMirror, MirrorUncommon
ST1E 21 V 4Divided LoyaltiesThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 3 S 7DNA AnalysisCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E 5 R 14DNA CluesDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 0 UR 3DNA MetamorphosisThe Fajo CollectionUltra Rare
ST1E 28 V 5DNA Security ScanCrossoverVirtual
ST2E 2 C 7DNA Security ScanEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 4 U 8Don't Call Me AhabFirst ContactUncommon
ST2E 3 C 8Don't Let It End This WayCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 0 VR 353Don't Let It End This WayHomefront VIVirtual
ST1E 22 V 5Do You Smell Something Burning?EngageVirtual
ST1E 25 V 3Dramatis PersonaeThe MaquisVirtual
ST1E 7 U 4DrumheadBlaze of GloryUncommon
ST1E 5 U 15Duonetic Field GeneratorDeep Space NineUncommon
ST2E 17 V 4Echo Papa AttackRaise The Stakes - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST2E 4 C 13Echo Papa Stasis FieldNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 2 U 12Edo ProbeAlternate UniverseUncommon
ST1E 1 U 23El-Adrel CreaturePremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 11 C 7Emergency ConversionMirror, MirrorCommon
ST1E 14 U 7Emergent Life-formHolodeck AdventuresUncommon
ST1E 2 C 13Empathic EchoAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 24 V 5Encased in CrystalEmissaryVirtual
ST1E 15 U 2Engine ImbalanceThe Motion PicturesUncommon
ST1E 28 V 6Ensure Their SilenceCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 30 V 3Exact ChangeStar Trek 50Virtual
ST2E 12 C 5Excalbian DramaThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 29 V 7ExcludedThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST1E 9 R 4Executive AuthorizationThe Trouble with TribblesRare
ST1E 29 V 8Exe-Q-tionerThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST1E 28 V 7Explosive DecompressionCrossoverVirtual
ST2E 1 R 26Explosive DecompressionSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 28 V 8Exposed Power RelayCrossoverVirtual
ST2E 2 U 8Exposed Power RelayEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 5 U 16ExtraditionDeep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 28 V 9Eye to EyeCrossoverVirtual
ST2E 6 P 3Eye to EyeReflections II - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 28 V 10Face to FaceCrossoverVirtual
ST2E 2 R 9Face to FaceEnergize - ST1E compatibleRare
ST2E 3 S 10Failure To CommunicateCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E 32 V 5Faux PasBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 1 C 24Female's Love InterestPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 0 P 110Female's Love Interest & Garbage ScowEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 21 V 5Ferengi AmbushThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 2 C 14Ferengi AttackAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 8 U 8Ferengi BugRules of AcquisitionUncommon
ST1E 9 R 5Ferengi InfestationThe Trouble with TribblesRare
ST1E 7 U 5Ferengi IngenuityBlaze of GloryUncommon
ST1E 24 V 6Ferengi Locator BombEmissaryVirtual
ST2E 15 V 3Ferengi Locator BombThe Undiscovered Country - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST2E 12 C 6Fesarius BluffThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 11 PF 3Final TriumphGenesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 1 U 25FirestormPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 12 U 9Flash Plasma StormVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 5 U 17Flaxian AssassinDeep Space NineUncommon
ST2E 2 U 10Flim-Flam ArtistEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 VR 60Flim-Flam ArtistHomefrontVirtual
ST1E 24 V 7Fly by the Seat of your PantsEmissaryVirtual
ST2E 3 R 11ForsakenCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 0 VR 131ForsakenHomefront IIVirtual
ST1E 6 R 9Founder SecretThe DominionRare
ST2E 13 C 9Fractured TimeIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 0 VR 133Fractured TimeHomefront IIVirtual
ST1E 5 U 18Framed for MurderDeep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 2 U 15Frame of MindAlternate UniverseUncommon
ST1E 6 C 10Friendly FireThe DominionCommon
ST1E 5 R 19Garak Has Some IssuesDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 5 C 20Garanian BolitesDeep Space NineCommon
ST1E 15 R 3"God"The Motion PicturesRare
ST2E 3 R 12Gomtuu Shock WaveCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 0 VR 133Gomtuu Shock WaveHomefront IIVirtual
ST1E 11 U 8Gorn EncounterMirror, MirrorUncommon
ST1E 7 C 6Gravimetric DistortionBlaze of GloryCommon
ST1E 1 U 26Gravitic MinePremiere BBUncommon
ST2E 1 R 28Graviton EllipseSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
ST2E 3 C 13Graviton WaveCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 4 C 15Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?Nessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 12 R 11Hanonian Land EelVoyagerRare
ST1E 24 V 8Hard TimeEmissaryVirtual
ST2E 6 P 6Hard TimeReflections II - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 5 R 21Harvester VirusDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 5 U 22Hate CrimeDeep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 7 C 7Hazardous DutyBlaze of GloryCommon
ST1E 28 V 11Head to HeadCrossoverVirtual
ST2E 2 R 11Head to HeadEnergize - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 19 V 3HelplessShades of GrayVirtual
ST2E 6 P 7HelplessReflections II - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 15 R 4Hero WorshipThe Motion PicturesRare
ST1E 2 C 16Hidden EntranceAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 19 V 4High RollersShades of GrayVirtual
ST1E 0 P 34Hippocratic OathOfficial Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
ST2E 2 U 12Hired MuscleEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST2E 3 C 14History Repeats ItselfCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 0 VR 355History Repeats ItselfHomefront VIVirtual
ST1E 1 U 27Hologram RusePremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 11 R 9HortaMirror, MirrorRare
ST1E 12 R 13Hull BreachVoyagerRare
ST1E 2 C 17Hunter GangsAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 23 V 4Hunter ProbeThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST1E 1 U 28Hyper-AgingPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 1 C 29Iconian Computer WeaponPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 15 C 5I Hate YouThe Motion PicturesCommon
ST1E 21 V 6I'm Not Going to Fight YouThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 1 C 30Impassable DoorPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 12 C 14ImplicationVoyagerCommon
ST1E 17 V 5Important GuestsLife From LifelessnessVirtual
ST1E 13 U 2Impressive TrophiesThe BorgUncommon
ST1E 27 V 2Incentive-Based EconomicsThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST2E 3 S 15Inside CollaboratorsCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E 27 V 3Inter Arma Enim Silent LegesThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST1E 2 C 18Interphasic Plasma CreaturesAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 8 U 9In The Pale MoonlightRules of AcquisitionUncommon
ST2E 4 C 17In the WayNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 13 U 3Invasive ProceduresThe BorgUncommon
ST1E 22 V 6Invidium LeakEngageVirtual
ST2E 1 C 31Invidium LeakSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 23 V 5Irrational CommanderThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST1E 5 C 23Isolinear PuzzleDeep Space NineCommon
ST1E 0 VR 356It's GreenHomefront VIVirtual
ST1E 30 V 4Jol Yichu'!Star Trek 50Virtual
ST2E 3 S 16Justice or VengeanceCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E 0 VR 357Justice or VengeanceHomefront VIVirtual
ST1E 12 C 15Kazon BombVoyagerCommon
ST1E 11 R 10Kelvan Show of ForceMirror, MirrorRare
ST1E 5 C 24KidnappersDeep Space NineCommon
ST2E 1 S 33Kolaran RaidersSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E 12 U 16Komar PossessionVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 1 R 31Ktarian GamePremiere BBRare
ST1E 4 C 9Lack of PreparationFirst ContactCommon
ST2E 10 U 11Last GaspCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST2E 12 U 9LawgiversThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 5 U 25Lethean Telepathic AttackDeep Space NineUncommon
ST2E 16 V 8Let Them WorryFavor The Bold - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST1E 9 C 6LineupThe Trouble with TribblesCommon
ST1E 15 C 6Linguistic LegerdemainThe Motion PicturesCommon
ST1E 21 V 7Local TroubleThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 5 C 26LockboxDeep Space NineCommon
ST1E 29 V 9Looking for Par'machThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST1E 32 V 6MACO EncounterBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 12 R 18MacrovirusVoyagerRare
ST1E 4 C 10MaglockFirst ContactCommon
ST1E 21 V 8Magnetic Field DisruptionsThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 1 C 36Magnetic Field DisruptionsSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 0 P 35Make Us GoOfficial Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
ST1E 1 C 32Male's Love InterestPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 0 P 111Male's Love Interest & Plague ShipEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 2 C 19Malfunctioning DoorAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 2 U 20Maman PicardAlternate UniverseUncommon
ST1E 25 V 4Maquis VendettaThe MaquisVirtual
ST2E 9 R 3Maquis VendettaDangerous Missions - ST1E compatibleRare
ST2E 12 C 10Mark of GideonThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 1 U 33Matriarchal SocietyPremiere BBUncommon
ST2E 2 C 14Meaningless WordsEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 17 V 6Medical CrisisLife From LifelessnessVirtual
ST2E 2 C 15Memory InvasionEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 1 C 34Menthar Booby TrapPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 1 C 35Microbiotic ColonyPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 21 V 9MicrobrainThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 1 C 37MicrobrainSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 1 C 36MicrovirusPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 18 V 4Mimetic SimbiotStraight and SteadyVirtual
ST1E 29 V 10MisdirectionThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST1E 5 C 27Misguided ActivistDeep Space NineCommon
ST1E 6 U 11Mission FatigueThe DominionUncommon
ST2E 7 R 8Molecular Reversion FieldStrange New Worlds - ST1E compatibleRare
ST2E 14 C 7Moral ChoiceWhat You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 24 V 9More of Your KindEmissaryVirtual
ST2E 6 P 8Mr. TricorderReflections II - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 31 V 3Multitronic MenaceThe Terran EmpireVirtual
ST1E 23 V 6Murasaki EffectThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST2E 3 C 18Murder InvestigationCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 0 VR 64Murder InvestigationHomefrontVirtual
ST1E 4 R 11My First RaygunFirst ContactRare
ST1E 1 R 37NagilumPremiere BBRare
ST2E 1 R 39Nanite AttackSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 1 U 38NanitesPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 27 V 4Nanobiogenic FugitivesThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST2E 2 C 16Nausicaan PiratesEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 1 U 39NausicaansPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 29 V 11Nausicaans: PiratesThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST1E 6 C 12Navigational HazardsThe DominionCommon
ST2E 13 U 13New AdvancementsIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 7 U 8New EssentialistsBlaze of GloryUncommon
ST1E 1 U 40Nitrium Metal ParasitesPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 5 R 28No Loose EndsDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 5 C 29None Shall PassDeep Space NineCommon
ST2E 11 PF 4Not Quite Domesticated PetsGenesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 15 U 7Now Would Be A Good TimeThe Motion PicturesUncommon
ST1E 1 U 41Null SpacePremiere BBUncommon
ST2E 17 V 9Occupational HazardsRaise The Stakes - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST1E 0 VR 360Occupational HazardsHomefront VIVirtual
ST1E 5 U 30Odo's "Cousin"Deep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 17 V 7Oh No!Life From LifelessnessVirtual
ST2E 15 V 5Once More Unto the BreachThe Undiscovered Country - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST1E 28 V 12One to OneCrossoverVirtual
ST2E 16 V 9One to OneFavor The Bold - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST1E 4 R 12Ooby DoobyFirst ContactRare
ST1E 9 C 7Oops!The Trouble with TribblesCommon
ST1E 8 R 10Orion Syndicate BombRules of AcquisitionRare
ST1E 22 V 7Ornaran ThreatEngageVirtual
ST2E 1 C 41Ornaran ThreatSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 23 V 7Osaarian PiratesThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST1E 2 C 21Outpost RaidAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 9 U 8PalukooThe Trouble with TribblesUncommon
ST1E 2 U 22Parallel RomanceAlternate UniverseUncommon
ST2E 8 R 14ParallelsTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 23 V 8Paralyzed by FearThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST2E 13 R 15Paranoid EscapeIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleRare
ST2E 16 V 10Patriotic SpiritFavor The Bold - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST2E 1 R 42Personal DutySecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
ST2E 0 VP 33Personal DutyVirtual Backward 2E PromosVirtual Promo
ST1E 0 VP 19Personal DutyVirtual PromosVirtual Promo
ST1E 1 C 42Phased MatterPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 13 U 4Photonic Energy BeingThe BorgUncommon
ST2E 2 U 17Picking Up the PiecesEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 VR 67Picking Up the PiecesHomefrontVirtual
ST1E 21 V 10Pinned DownThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 1 S 43Pinned DownSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST2E 1 C 44Planetary SurveySecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 2 U 18Plasma ShockEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 1 U 43Portal GuardPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 24 V 10Precision PilotingEmissaryVirtual
ST1E 32 V 7PreoccupiedBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 4 R 13Primitive CultureFirst ContactRare
ST1E 14 C 8Primitive HumanoidsHolodeck AdventuresCommon
ST1E 25 V 5Protestations of InnocenceThe MaquisVirtual
ST2E 10 R 14Psionic AttackCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleRare
ST2E 3 U 20Psychic ReceptacleCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST2E 3 S 21Psycho-Kinetic AttackCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST2E 12 R 15Psychokinetic ControlThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 5 U 31Punishment BoxDeep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 2 C 23Punishment ZoneAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 5 R 32"Pup"Deep Space NineRare
ST1E 28 V 13Pursuit Just BehindCrossoverVirtual
ST2E 1 R 46Pursuit Just BehindSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 1 R 44QPremiere BBRare
ST1E 9 C 9Q Gets the PointThe Trouble with TribblesCommon
ST1E 3 U 7Q's Vicious Animal ThingsQ-ContinuumUncommon
ST2E 2 U 19Quaint TechnologyEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 31 V 4Quality of LifeThe Terran EmpireVirtual
ST1E 29 V 12Q-uality TimeThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST2E 3 R 22Quantum FilamentCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 11 U 11Quantum FissureMirror, MirrorUncommon
ST1E 32 V 8Quantum LeapBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 2 U 24Quantum Singularity LifeformsAlternate UniverseUncommon
ST2E 2 C 20Racial TensionEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 1 U 45Radioactive Garbage ScowPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 2 U 25RascalsAlternate UniverseUncommon
ST1E 1 U 46Rebel EncounterPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 25 V 6Recurring InjuryThe MaquisVirtual
ST2E 1 C 48Recurring InjurySecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 31 V 5ReflectionsThe Terran EmpireVirtual
ST2E 13 C 17ReflectionsIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 23 V 9Regime ChangeThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST1E 22 V 8Reluctant InformantEngageVirtual
ST1E 23 V 10Remat DetonatorThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST1E 1 U 47REM Fatigue HallucinationsPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 13 R 5Replicator AccidentThe BorgRare
ST2E 3 U 23Restricted AreaCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 VR 70Restricted AreaHomefrontVirtual
ST1E 32 V 9Rock PeopleBroken BowVirtual
ST2E 3 C 24"Rock People"Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 29 V 13Routine PhysicalThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST1E 2 U 26Royale Casino: BlackjackAlternate UniverseUncommon
ST1E 3 U 8Royale Casino: CrapsQ-ContinuumUncommon
ST1E 19 V 5Royale Casino: ElevatorShades of GrayVirtual
ST1E 11 C 12Royale Casino: SlotsMirror, MirrorCommon
ST1E 28 V 14Rules of ObedienceCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 18 V 5RumplestiltskinStraight and SteadyVirtual
ST1E 13 U 6Sabotaged NegotiationsThe BorgUncommon
ST1E 25 V 7Sabotaged Plasma ConduitThe MaquisVirtual
ST2E 10 C 15Sabotaged ReactorCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 1 R 48SarjenkaPremiere BBRare
ST1E 25 V 8ScapegoatThe MaquisVirtual
ST1E 8 C 11Scientific MethodRules of AcquisitionCommon
ST1E 4 R 14Scout EncounterFirst ContactRare
ST1E 24 V 11Secret IdentityEmissaryVirtual
ST2E 3 U 26Secret IdentityCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST2E 0 VP 77Secret IdentityVirtual Backward 2E PromosVirtual Promo
ST1E 3 C 9Security PrecautionsQ-ContinuumCommon
ST1E 5 R 33Seismic QuakeDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 1 U 49Shaka, When the Walls FellPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 22 V 9Shall We Begin Again?EngageVirtual
ST1E 0 VR 364Shields Up!Homefront VIVirtual
ST2E 9 R 2Shields Up!Dangerous Missions - ST1E compatibleRare
ST2E 6 P 9Shipboard FireReflections II - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST2E 14 U 13Shocking BetrayalWhat You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 19 V 6Shore LeaveShades of GrayVirtual
ST2E 4 U 23Short CircuitNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 4 C 15Shot in the BackFirst ContactCommon
ST2E 15 V 7Show TrialThe Undiscovered Country - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST2E 4 U 24Side by SideNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 32 V 10Silent EnemyBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 17 V 8Skeleton CrewLife From LifelessnessVirtual
ST2E 3 U 28Skeleton CrewCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST2E 16 V 12Skeptical SuperiorsFavor The Bold - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST1E 5 C 34SkullduggeryDeep Space NineCommon
ST1E 6 R 13Sleeper TrapThe DominionRare
ST1E 24 V 12Socializing with the StaffEmissaryVirtual
ST2E 3 C 29So Many EnemiesCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 2 C 21Sorting Things OutEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 28 V 11Spaceborne EntityThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST1E 12 C 23Spatial RiftVoyagerCommon
ST1E 32 V 11Stand-offBroken BowVirtual
ST2E 10 C 16Stand-OffCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 1 C 50Stellar Core FragmentSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 7 U 9Stellar FlareBlaze of GloryUncommon
ST1E 8 U 12Strange BedfellowsRules of AcquisitionUncommon
ST1E 4 R 16Strict Dress CodeFirst ContactRare
ST1E 27 V 5Subspace AccidentThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST2E 2 C 23Subspace AccidentEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 12 R 24Subspace FractureVoyagerRare
ST1E 5 U 35"Subspace Seaweed"Deep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 15 C 8Subspace Shock WaveThe Motion PicturesCommon
ST2E 11 PF 5Subterranean BarrierGenesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 6 C 14Surprise AssaultThe DominionCommon
ST2E 12 R 17Swashbuckler at HeartThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 32 V 12Symbalene Blood BurnBroken BowVirtual
ST2E 10 C 17Symbalene Blood BurnCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 1 R 51Sympathetic MagicSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleRare
ST2E 1 C 52Systems DiagnosticSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 3 R 10System-Wide Cascade FailureQ-ContinuumRare
ST2E 8 R 16Tactical DisadvantageTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleRare
ST2E 0 VP 34Tactical DisadvantageVirtual Backward 2E PromosVirtual Promo
ST1E 0 VP 20Tactical DisadvantageVirtual PromosVirtual Promo
ST1E 14 U 9Talosian CageHolodeck AdventuresUncommon
ST1E 1 U 50Tarellian Plague ShipPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 28 V 15Tedious SoireeCrossoverVirtual
ST2E 2 C 24Telepathic DeceptionEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 1 R 51Temporal Causality LoopPremiere BBRare
ST1E 21 V 11TemptationThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 1 U 53TemptationSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 28 V 16Temptations of the FleshCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 21 V 12Tense NegotiationsThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 1 C 54Tense NegotiationsSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 19 V 7The Arsenal: DividedShades of GrayVirtual
ST1E 17 V 9The Arsenal: SeparatedLife From LifelessnessVirtual
ST2E 16 V 14The Beast at El-AdrelFavor The Bold - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST2E 11 PF 6The Caretaker's "Guests"Genesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST2E 0 VP 35The Caretaker's "Guests"Virtual Backward 2E PromosVirtual Promo
ST1E 0 VP 21The Caretaker's "Guests"Virtual PromosVirtual Promo
ST1E 12 R 25The CloudVoyagerRare
ST1E 13 U 7The Clown: Beneath the MaskThe BorgUncommon
ST2E 5 P 2The Clown: Bitter MedicineFractured Time - ST1E compatiblePromotion
ST2E 0 VP 36The Clown: Bitter MedicineVirtual Backward 2E PromosVirtual Promo
ST1E 0 VP 22The Clown: Bitter MedicineVirtual PromosVirtual Promo
ST1E 14 U 10The Clown: GuillotineHolodeck AdventuresUncommon
ST1E 13 R 8The Clown: My FestivalThe BorgRare
ST2E 16 V 15The Clown: On His ThroneFavor The Bold - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST1E 14 R 11The Clown: Playing DoctorHolodeck AdventuresRare
ST2E 3 R 31The Demands of DutyCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 2 C 27The GatherersAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 32 V 13The Ghost of Cyrus RamseyBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 2 U 28The Higher … The FewerAlternate UniverseUncommon
ST1E 19 V 8The LossShades of GrayVirtual
ST1E 27 V 6The New ResistanceThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST1E 3 R 11The SheliakQ-ContinuumRare
ST1E 12 R 26The SwarmVoyagerRare
ST1E 4 R 17Theta-Radiation PoisoningFirst ContactRare
ST1E 5 R 36The Three VipersDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 19 V 9The Vengeance FactorShades of GrayVirtual
ST1E 13 R 9The Weak Will PerishThe BorgRare
ST1E 15 R 9The Whale ProbeThe Motion PicturesRare
ST1E 2 C 29Thought FireAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 24 V 13Too Many ChiefsEmissaryVirtual
ST1E 18 V 6Topological Anomaly 4747Straight and SteadyVirtual
ST1E 33 V 2T'Pol Has Some IssuesLive Long and ProsperVirtual
ST1E 12 C 27Trabe GrenadeVoyagerCommon
ST2E 2 C 27Traitor ExposedEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 5 R 37TraumaDeep Space NineRare
ST2E 16 V 18Treachery Running DeepFavor The Bold - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST2E 12 C 18Trelane's TrialThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 21 V 13TriageThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 1 C 57TriageSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST1E 22 V 10Trilithium RaidEngageVirtual
ST1E 1 R 52Tsiolkovsky InfectionPremiere BBRare
ST1E 12 U 28TwistedVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 1 U 53Two-Dimensional CreaturesPremiere BBUncommon
ST2E 11 PF 7Unbelievable EmergencyGenesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 22 V 11Undercover AgentEngageVirtual
ST1E 27 V 7Underestimating the FoundersThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST1E 7 U 10Under FireBlaze of GloryUncommon
ST2E 10 U 20Under PressureCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 4 R 18Undetected Beam-InFirst ContactRare
ST1E 29 V 14UnexpectedThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST2E 2 C 28UnexpectedEnergize - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 4 U 29Ungracious HostsNessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST2E 6 P 11Unknown MicroorganismReflections II - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 24 V 14Unlikely PairEmissaryVirtual
ST1E 0 VR 365Unorthodox PreservationHomefront VIVirtual
ST1E 25 V 9Unscheduled "Assistance"The MaquisVirtual
ST1E 0 P 36Unscientific MethodOfficial Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
ST1E 5 U 38Untrustworthy AssociateDeep Space NineUncommon
ST2E 16 V 20Unwanted GuestsFavor The Bold - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST1E 5 C 39Vantika's Neural PathwaysDeep Space NineCommon
ST1E 17 V 10Vastly OutnumberedLife From LifelessnessVirtual
ST2E 1 U 59Vastly OutnumberedSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 5 C 40VendettaDeep Space NineCommon
ST1E 15 R 10V'GerThe Motion PicturesRare
ST1E 17 V 11VirusLife From LifelessnessVirtual
ST1E 12 R 29Volcanic EruptionVoyagerRare
ST1E 5 C 41Vole InfestationDeep Space NineCommon
ST1E 21 V 14War GamesThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 21 V 15Warp Bubble MishapThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 8 C 19Warp Bubble MishapTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 1 C 60WavefrontSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleCommon
ST2E 15 V 10What Lies BeneathThe Undiscovered Country - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST1E 1 R 54Wind DancerPremiere BBRare
ST1E 2 C 30WorshiperAlternate UniverseCommon
ST1E 32 V 14Xindi Test StrikeBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 14 R 12Your Galaxy Is ImpureHolodeck AdventuresRare
ST1E 3 R 12YutaQ-ContinuumRare
ST1E 2 U 31ZaldanAlternate UniverseUncommon