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One Best Deck Contest - JIGSAW

    This Deck was build by VwllssWndr and was published first on "Decipher's Website (" at Jun 11th, 2009.

    One Best Deck Contest - JIGSAW

    Deck listing:


    JigsawJigsaw (1 R 76)

    Draw Cards:
    Condition (14)
    2xvillianIn the Back of Your Mind (1 U 81)
    3xvillianLet the Games Begin (1 U 82)
    2xvillianRemember the Fantastic Four? (2 C 74)
    2xvillianReverse Bear Trap (1 U 87)
    3xvillianRotting Memories (1 U 72)
    2xvillianTrophy (1 U 63)
    Effect (6)
    3xvillianCyanide Gas (2 C 82)
    3xvillianPuzzle Pieces (1 U 86)
    Instant (6)
    3xvillianChild's End (1 U 65)
    3xvillianHand Trap (1 U 79)

    Fight Cards:
    3xvillianI Want to Play a Game (1 U 80)
    2xvillianS-11 (2 C 99)
    1xvillianS-12 (2 R 100)
    3xvillianS-6 (1 U 98)
    3xvillianS-7 (1 U 99)
    1xvillianThe Drop (1 R 101)

    Hints & strategie notes for this Deck

    Tim’s rationale for selecting this deck:
    A standard HandTrap/Child’s End for blue energy, which can be used for Rotting Memories and Trophy. The instants also feed S-7. Nice, efficient, by the book… Jigsaw likes his rules :-) Puzzle piece helps restrict the opponent’s actions, kinda backing them into a corner like a good chess master. Chess? Games? Sounds like Jigsaw to me! The idea behind the deck is not brute force, but marginal wins that gradually wear down the opponent, using all the tools at your disposal.