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[Three] Three (Three)

Regular expansion of 100 physical cards published by Decipher (2009/12).

Overview card types:
CharacterConditionEffectFight CardGearInstant
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeFaction
FK 3 R 1RobocopRareCharacterHero
FK 3 C 2AdjustCommonConditionHero
FK 3 C 3Bucket boy's OnlineCommonConditionHero
FK 3 U 4Bullet & Heat Proof Soft ArmorUncommonConditionHero
FK 3 U 5Dick, You're Fired!UncommonEffectHero
FK 3 R 6ED-209RareConditionHero
FK 3 R 7I Brought You Some FoodRareInstantHero
FK 3 U 8Retractable Interface SpikeUncommonGearHero
FK 3 R 9TargetingRareEffectHero
FK 3 R 10ThermographRareEffectHero
FK 3 C 11This Guy is Really GoodCommonInstantHero
FK 3 C 12Toxic WasteCommonInstantHero
FK 3 U 13You Are Under ArrestUncommonEffectHero
FK 3 U 14Your Move CreepUncommonFight CardHero
FK 3 R 15Sgt. Elias GrodinRareCharacterHero
FK 3 U 16Feeling Good's Good EnoughUncommonConditionHero
FK 3 R 17In The EyesRareEffectHero
FK 3 U 18Just the BeginningUncommonInstantHero
FK 3 C 19Make War Not PeaceCommonConditionHero
FK 3 C 20Medivac SupportCommonConditionHero
FK 3 C 21Platoon OrdnanceCommonGearHero
FK 3 U 22Take a BreakUncommonInstantHero
FK 3 C 23Torch This PlaceCommonInstantHero
FK 3 C 24TripwireCommonConditionHero
FK 3 U 25War CryUncommonEffectHero
FK 3 U 26We're Gonna Run Into SomethingUncommonFight CardHero
FK 3 R 27What, Me Worry?RareInstantHero
FK 3 R 28The TerminatorRareCharacterHero
FK 3 R 29BurnedRareInstantHero
FK 3 R 30GlitchingRareEffectHero
FK 3 R 31Hammer TimeRareInstantHero
FK 3 U 32Hasta La Vista, BabyUncommonFight CardHero
FK 3 C 33In the Line of SightCommonInstantHero
FK 3 C 34Leader of the Human ResistanceCommonConditionHero
FK 3 C 35Liquid RooterCommonEffectHero
FK 3 R 36No FateRareEffectHero
FK 3 U 37TerminatedUncommonConditionHero
FK 3 C 38Terminator RelicsCommonConditionHero
FK 3 C 39We Know This Guy's InvolvedCommonConditionHero
FK 3 U 40Weapons CacheUncommonGearHero
FK 3 U 41You're a TerminatorUncommonInstantHero
FK 3 C 42M-13CommonFight CardHero
FK 3 R 43M-14RareFight CardHero
FK 3 C 44M-15CommonFight CardHero
FK 3 C 45P-13CommonFight CardHero
FK 3 C 46P-14CommonFight CardHero
FK 3 R 47P-15RareFight CardHero
FK 3 C 48S-13CommonFight CardHero
FK 3 U 49S-14UncommonFight CardHero
FK 3 C 50S-15CommonFight CardHero
FK 3 R 51Gaear Grimsrud and Carl ShowalterRareCharacterVillian
FK 3 U 52Blood has Been ShedUncommonFight CardVillian
FK 3 R 53For Pete's SakeRareEffectVillian
FK 3 C 54Happened to HerCommonInstantVillian
FK 3 C 55Jerry LundegaardCommonConditionVillian
FK 3 C 56Paul BunyanCommonConditionVillian
FK 3 R 57Plug Me Into the Ozone, BabyRareInstantVillian
FK 3 R 58Running BlindRareEffectVillian
FK 3 C 59Where is Pancakes Hause?CommonConditionVillian
FK 3 U 60Whoa... Whoa, DaddyUncommonInstantVillian
FK 3 C 61Wood ChipperCommonGearVillian
FK 3 U 62Yah, Gotta Front Comin' InUncommonEffectVillian
FK 3 R 63You Should See The Other GuyRareInstantVillian
FK 3 U 64You Want Us to Kidnap Your Wife?UncommonConditionVillian
FK 3 R 65T-1000RareCharacterVillian
FK 3 U 66FingeredUncommonEffectVillian
FK 3 C 67Forced PursuitCommonConditionVillian
FK 3 C 68HK (Hunter-Killer) Patrol MachineCommonInstantVillian
FK 3 C 69InvestigationCommonConditionVillian
FK 3 U 70Knives and Stabbing WeaponsUncommonGearVillian
FK 3 R 71On the RunRareConditionVillian
FK 3 R 72PinionedRareEffectVillian
FK 3 U 73Polymorphic KillerUncommonFight CardVillian
FK 3 C 74RelentlessCommonInstantVillian
FK 3 U 75Sarah Connor-1000UncommonConditionVillian
FK 3 R 76Series 800RareInstantVillian
FK 3 R 77Something's WrongRareEffectVillian
FK 3 U 78The Four HorsemenUncommonEffectVillian
FK 3 R 79The CreeperRareCharacterVillian
FK 3 C 80A Dead Boy Told MeCommonConditionVillian
FK 3 U 81Bannon County's Death MachineUncommonFight CardVillian
FK 3 U 82Bat Out of HellUncommonConditionVillian
FK 3 U 83He Knows No MercyUncommonInstantVillian
FK 3 C 84He Lost His Head!CommonConditionVillian
FK 3 R 85No ExitRareInstantVillian
FK 3 R 86No One is SafeRareEffectVillian
FK 3 R 87PinnedRareInstantVillian
FK 3 U 88Shuriken of FleshUncommonGearVillian
FK 3 U 89Smell in Our FearUncommonEffectVillian
FK 3 U 90Sniffed You OutUncommonEffectVillian
FK 3 C 91Tapestry of Torture and SadismCommonConditionVillian
FK 3 R 92M-16RareFight CardVillian
FK 3 C 93M-17CommonFight CardVillian
FK 3 C 94M-18CommonFight CardVillian
FK 3 C 95P-16CommonFight CardVillian
FK 3 C 96P-17CommonFight CardVillian
FK 3 C 97P-18CommonFight CardVillian
FK 3 C 98S-16CommonFight CardVillian
FK 3 C 99S-17CommonFight CardVillian
FK 3 C 100S-18CommonFight CardVillian

Premier display Kilo

"Three" is the third expansion for Fight Klub. It contains 100 (30 rare, 40 uncommon and 40 common). A 120 card "Kilo" of "Three" contains ten random rare cards , on copy of every uncommon and two copies of every common card.

You can only buy this set on Decipher's public Fight Klub site!