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[Two] Two (Two)

    Regular expansion of 100 physical cards published by Decipher (2009/02).

    Overview card types:
    CharacterConditionEffectFight CardGearInstant
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    FK 2 R 1Major Scott McCoyRareCharacterHero
    FK 2 R 2American AmbushRareEffectHero
    FK 2 R 3Amphibious TeamRareEffectHero
    FK 2 C 4Bad ReceptionCommonConditionHero
    FK 2 R 5BullseyeRareEffectHero
    FK 2 U 6Delay Thier ReinforementsUncommonInstantHero
    FK 2 U 7Get Your Badges OnUncommonConditionHero
    FK 2 C 8HeadlinesCommonConditionHero
    FK 2 R 9Hijackers' WeaponsRareGearHero
    FK 2 U 10Parting ShotUncommonConditionHero
    FK 2 R 11Rocket LauncherRareEffectHero
    FK 2 U 12Sleep Tight, SuckerUncommonFight CardHero
    FK 2 C 13Smashing MelonsCommonInstantHero
    FK 2 R 14Something to SayRareInstantHero
    FK 2 R 15Target DummiesRareConditionHero
    FK 2 R 16Michael EmersonRareCharacterHero
    FK 2 C 17A Survival ManualCommonInstantHero
    FK 2 C 18Creature of the NightCommonConditionHero
    FK 2 U 19Garlic BathUncommonEffectHero
    FK 2 C 20Lookout PointCommonInstantHero
    FK 2 U 21How You KnowUncommonEffectHero
    FK 2 C 22RegenerationCommonInstantHero
    FK 2 R 23Santa Carla's MissingRareEffectHero
    FK 2 U 24Serious Vampire ActivityUncommonEffectHero
    FK 2 U 25The Elixir of BloodUncommonInstantHero
    FK 2 U 26Try Some NoodlesUncommonConditionHero
    FK 2 C 27Wooden StakeCommonGearHero
    FK 2 C 28You Are One of UsCommonConditionHero
    FK 2 U 29You Must FeedUncommonFight CardHero
    FK 2 R 30Tank GirlRareCharacterHero
    FK 2 R 31Crunch!RareEffectHero
    FK 2 R 32Cyber-genetic ArmRareEffectHero
    FK 2 C 33Danger BallCommonGearHero
    FK 2 C 34Drop Something?CommonInstantHero
    FK 2 C 35Gear UpCommonInstantHero
    FK 2 U 36I Like PainUncommonEffectHero
    FK 2 U 37Jet GirlUncommonConditionHero
    FK 2 C 38Jet Girl's JetCommonConditionHero
    FK 2 C 39RipperCommonInstantHero
    FK 2 C 40Roughed UpCommonConditionHero
    FK 2 U 41Say It…UncommonEffectHero
    FK 2 U 42Tank Girl's TankUncommonGearHero
    FK 2 R 43Your Face Has Been GuttedRareEffectHero
    FK 2 U 44You've Been Stealing VaterUncommonFight CardHero
    FK 2 C 45M-9CommonFight CardHero
    FK 2 R 46M-10RareFight CardHero
    FK 2 C 47P-9CommonFight CardHero
    FK 2 C 48P-10CommonFight CardHero
    FK 2 C 49S-9CommonFight CardHero
    FK 2 C 50S-10CommonFight CardHero
    FK 2 R 51Captain SpauldingRareCharacterVillian
    FK 2 U 52Baby FireflyUncommonEffectVillian
    FK 2 U 53Don't Ya Like Clowns?UncommonFight CardVillian
    FK 2 C 54Firefly's EndCommonConditionVillian
    FK 2 C 55Homemade ArmorCommonGearVillian
    FK 2 R 56HustleRareEffectVillian
    FK 2 U 57NailedUncommonEffectVillian
    FK 2 C 58Nonstop CarnageCommonInstantVillian
    FK 2 C 59Otis B. DriftwoodCommonConditionVillian
    FK 2 C 60Otis' Six-shooterCommonGearVillian
    FK 2 R 61Road KillRareEffectVillian
    FK 2 R 62The Devil's RejectsRareEffectVillian
    FK 2 U 63Top Secret Clown BusinessUncommonInstantVillian
    FK 2 R 64Two-facedRareInstantVillian
    FK 2 R 65Mr. BlondeRareCharacterVillian
    FK 2 C 66Acting Like a ProfessionalCommonConditionVillian
    FK 2 U 67Bam Bam Bam Bam BamUncommonEffectVillian
    FK 2 U 68Bark All DayUncommonConditionVillian
    FK 2 U 69Boy in BlueUncommonEffectVillian
    FK 2 R 70Gasoline, DangerRareEffectVillian
    FK 2 U 71I'm Gonna Torture You AnywayUncommonInstantVillian
    FK 2 R 72Lousy TripperRareConditionVillian
    FK 2 C 73Mr. Pink's .357 MagnumCommonGearVillian
    FK 2 C 74Remember the Fantastic Four?CommonConditionVillian
    FK 2 U 75Somebody's Gonna Start CryingUncommonFight CardVillian
    FK 2 R 76The Only One I Wasn't 100% OnRareEffectVillian
    FK 2 C 77Torture You? That's a Good IdeaCommonInstantVillian
    FK 2 R 78Under No CircumstancesRareEffectVillian
    FK 2 C 79What's Going On?CommonInstantVillian
    FK 2 R 80SilRareCharacterVillian
    FK 2 C 81CocoonCommonGearVillian
    FK 2 C 82Cyanide GasCommonEffectVillian
    FK 2 U 83Docile and ControllableUncommonInstantVillian
    FK 2 R 84EscapeRareEffectVillian
    FK 2 U 85Formula From Outer SpaceUncommonEffectVillian
    FK 2 U 86I Want a BabyUncommonConditionVillian
    FK 2 U 87I'm ForeignUncommonFight CardVillian
    FK 2 C 88It StartedCommonConditionVillian
    FK 2 C 89Life Is PersistentCommonConditionVillian
    FK 2 U 90New LifeUncommonConditionVillian
    FK 2 C 91RegenerationCommonInstantVillian
    FK 2 R 92Sharp TongueRareEffectVillian
    FK 2 U 93She's a PredatorUncommonEffectVillian
    FK 2 C 94Whatever It TakesCommonConditionVillian
    FK 2 C 95M-11CommonFight CardVillian
    FK 2 R 96M-12RareFight CardVillian
    FK 2 C 97P-11CommonFight CardVillian
    FK 2 C 98P-12CommonFight CardVillian
    FK 2 C 99S-11CommonFight CardVillian
    FK 2 R 100S-12RareFight CardVillian

    Premier display Kilo

    "Two" is an expansion set for Fight Klub that consists of 100 unique cards (30 rare, 30 uncommon, and 40 common). A 120-card Kilo of "Two" contains ten random rare cards, one copy of every uncommon card and two copies of every common card.

    You can only buy this set on Decipher's Fight Klub Website. If you are not a founding member of Fight Klub you need a invitation for this site. Because openCards is a official supporter of Fight Klub you can use our handle "opencards" to enter the Fight Klub site!