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War Club

    War Club

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    War Club
    War Club

    This Card-Review article was written by a anonymous person and was published first on "Lord of the Rings Online (lotrtcg.decipher.com)".

    The wooden weapons of the wild men slew scores of unarmed villagers.

    We've all seen them mocking us from across the table, making themselves known every time our Dunlendings try to stop the fellowship. You know what I'm talking about: Aragorn's Bow, Flaming Brand, Eomer's Spear, Bow of the Galadhrim, Sting, or any other Free Peoples possession that permanently thwarts your best efforts to kill companions. The War Club is our salvation.

    The War Club is a great equalizer, with its low cost (0 - doesn't get much lower), its nice strength bonus (+2 is nothing to thumb your nose at) and its way, way cool special ability. Most Free Peoples strategies rely on a combination of permanent strength enhancers and event based boosts to kill minions, making that precious double move a reality. The War Club can disrupt this strategy in a grand fashion allowing your shadow side to run rampant over your opponent - which is just what Dunlendings like to do.

    When you combine War Club with minions that are naturally fierce, such as Wulf, you can snag up to 4 free peoples possessions. While there are some Free Peoples strategies for which possessions aren't overly important, this disrupts a large number of strategies, such as Archery, Choke, or Horn of Boromir that rely on either massed possessions or the regular use of one particular possession. Upsetting these strategies will often lead to your opponent's Free Peoples side slowing its advance, making it correspondingly easier for your Free Peoples side to win.

    The War Club is the best friend of any Dunlending player due to its low cost, high versatility and its ability to strip the Free Peoples of its permanent strength enhancement and utility possessions.