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[Oversize Cards] Oversize Cards (OC)

Special set of 16 cards published by Decipher (2001/08 - Summer 2003).

Overview card types:
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeFaction
LotR 1 M 1[?]The Lord of the Rings, Trading Card GamePromotionKnechtGandalf faction
LotR 1 M 2[?]The Lord of the Rings, Trading Card GamePromotionKnechtMoria faction
LotR 1 M 3[?]Lurtz, Servant of Isengard (reprint)PromotionKnechtIsengard faction
LotR 2 M 1[?]The Witch-king, Lord of the Nazgul (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 2 M 2[?]Frodo, Reluctant Adventurer (reprint)PromotionGefährteShire faction
LotR 2 M 3[?]Sam, Proper Poet (reprint)PromotionGefährteShire faction
LotR 2 M 4[?]Gimli, Dwarf of the Mountain-race (reprint)PromotionGefährteDwarven faction
LotR 3 M 1[?]Arwen, Elven Rider (reprint)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 3 M 2[?]Hand of Sauron (reprint)PromotionEreignisSauron faction
LotR 4 M 1[?]The One RingPromotionEreignis
LotR 4 M 2[?]Legolas, Dauntless Hunter (reprint)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 5 M 1[?]Gollum, Stinker (reprint)PromotionKnechtGollum faction
LotR 5 M 2[?]Gríma, Chief Counselor (reprint)PromotionKnechtIsengard faction
LotR 6 M 1Treebeard, Guardian of the Forest (reprint)PromotionGefährteGandalf faction
LotR 6 M 2[?]Aragorn, Defender of Free Peoples (reprint)PromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 6 M 3[?]Merry, Impatient Hobbit (reprint)PromotionGefährteShire faction

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