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CommonCommon (C)919
CommonSubset Common Foil (Sub-CF)603
CommonAlternate Image Common (C*)3
UncommonUncommon (U)932
UncommonSubset Uncommon Foil (Sub-UF)603
RareRare (R)1023
RareRare Plus (R+)26
RareSubset Rare Foil (Sub-RF)722
VirtualVirtual (V)17
VirtualVirtual Promo (VP)8
StarterStarter (S)130
Promos & FoilsPromotion Foil (PF)93
Promos & FoilsPromotion (P)185
Promos & FoilsTournament Foil (TF)18
Promos & FoilsDGMA Promo (D)14
Promos & FoilsLegends Foil (LF)45

We distinguish between the rarities you can see on the left side for Lord of the Rings on openCards. Click on the name of a rarity, to navigate to a list with all cards of that rarity.