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Tradelists for ST1E "The Motion Pictures"

    InfoNameRarityTypeHavesWantslast update of a corresponding tradelist
    ST1E 15 R 1The Genesis DeviceRareArtifact45143 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 2Engine ImbalanceUncommonDilemma8103 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 3"God"RareDilemma41173 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 4Hero WorshipRareDilemma42163 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 5I Hate YouCommonDilemma2073 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 6Linguistic LegerdemainCommonDilemma1453 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 7Now Would Be A Good TimeUncommonDilemma7113 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 8Subspace Shock WaveCommonDilemma2673 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 9The Whale ProbeRareDilemma45193 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 10V'GerRareDilemma40173 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 11The NexusUncommonDoorway1383 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 12Transport InhibitorCommonEquipment2873 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 13Transporter DronesUncommonEquipment1683 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 14Duj SaqCommonEvent3063 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 15Fal-tor-panCommonEvent2453 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 16I Just Love Scanning for Life-formsRareEvent41203 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 17Isomagnetic DisintegratorUncommonEvent12203 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 18To Be Or Not To BeUncommonEvent1293 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 19Ceti EelCommonIncident6063 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 20Release This PainCommonIncident3983 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 21I Do Not Take Orders From You!UncommonInterrupt2173 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 22Lure of the NexusCommonInterrupt1773 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 23No, Kirk... The Game's Not OverCommonInterrupt2763 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 24Prefix Code TransmissionCommonInterrupt1643 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 25Smooth as an Android's Bottom?UncommonInterrupt1483 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 26The Needs of the Many…CommonInterrupt2183 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 27What Does God Need With A Starship?RareInterrupt36273 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 28Analyze RadiationCommonMission3273 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 29InsurrectionCommonMission2153 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 30Observe RitualCommonMission3663 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 31The Discovery of Sha Ka ReeCommonMission2963 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 32Collect Metaphasic ParticlesUncommonObjective1883 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 33Revenge is a Dish Best Served ColdUncommonObjective1383 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 34Admiral CartwrightUncommonPersonnel1683 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 35Admiral KirkRare PlusPersonnel10243 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 36Amanda GraysonRare PlusPersonnel18183 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 37Ambassador SarekRare PlusPersonnel12173 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 38Captain SpockRare PlusPersonnel11293 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 39Captain StylesUncommonPersonnel1493 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 40Captain SuluRare PlusPersonnel10293 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 41Carol MarcusRarePersonnel47153 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 42Clark TerrellUncommonPersonnel1593 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 43Commander ChekovRare PlusPersonnel16253 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 44Commander RandRarePersonnel47113 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 45Commander UhuraRare PlusPersonnel18253 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 46David MarcusRarePersonnel39163 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 47Demora SuluUncommonPersonnel14113 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 48Dmitri ValtaneUncommonPersonnel1383 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 49Dr. ChapelRare PlusPersonnel21213 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 50Dr. McCoyRare PlusPersonnel11263 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 51Ensign TuvokRarePersonnel48143 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 52HenreidCommonPersonnel4353 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 53IliaUncommonPersonnel1893 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 54J. T. EstebanUncommonPersonnel18103 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 55JacobsonCommonPersonnel2973 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 UR 56James T. KirkUltra RarePersonnel2603 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 57John HarrimanRare PlusPersonnel17233 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 58LojurCommonPersonnel3283 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 59Mark TobiastonCommonPersonnel2963 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 60Matthew DoughertyUncommonPersonnel1183 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 61Mr. ScottRare PlusPersonnel7283 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 62SaavikRare PlusPersonnel16243 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 63St. John TalbotUncommonPersonnel1073 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 64T'LarUncommonPersonnel1383 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 65TahglioCommonPersonnel3063 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 66ValerisRarePersonnel50133 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 67VoightCommonPersonnel3473 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 68Willard DeckerRare PlusPersonnel23203 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 69AzetburUncommonPersonnel2083 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 70Brigadier KerlaRarePersonnel43123 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 71Captain KangRare PlusPersonnel12283 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 72Ch'dakCommonPersonnel2583 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 73Chancellor GorkonRare PlusPersonnel20253 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 74Colonel WorfRare PlusPersonnel10243 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 75General ChangRare PlusPersonnel5283 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 76General KorrdUncommonPersonnel1773 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 77KamaragUncommonPersonnel2193 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 78KarnogCommonPersonnel2943 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 79KlaaUncommonPersonnel1683 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 80KomalCommonPersonnel2963 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 81Kor'chothCommonPersonnel3143 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 82KothUncommonPersonnel1983 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 83KraseRare PlusPersonnel13223 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 84KrugeRare PlusPersonnel21203 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 85MaltzUncommonPersonnel1873 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 86RegnorCommonPersonnel2773 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 87TorgRarePersonnel55113 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 88ValkrisUncommonPersonnel2483 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 89VixisUncommonPersonnel1883 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 90WotelnCommonPersonnel3273 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 91George and GracieUncommonPersonnel1683 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 92Dr. Gillian TaylorRare PlusPersonnel4503 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 93Dr. Tolian SoranRare PlusPersonnel13253 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 94GallatinRarePersonnel39153 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 95J'OnnUncommonPersonnel1993 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 96JoachimRarePersonnel48183 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 97KhanRare PlusPersonnel10283 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 98MartiaUncommonPersonnel1783 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 99Mas'udCommonPersonnel27123 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 100Pa'renaCommonPersonnel2983 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 101Rae'alinCommonPersonnel3873 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 102Ru'afoRare PlusPersonnel14273 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 103Sam'poCommonPersonnel5073 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 104SarodCommonPersonnel39153 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 105SharicCommonPersonnel2983 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 106SybokUncommonPersonnel1293 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 107WajahutCommonPersonnel37123 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 108Caithlin DarUncommonPersonnel1583 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 109NanclusRarePersonnel52143 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 110H.M.S. BountyRare PlusShip1593 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 111Starship ConstitutionCommonShip3493 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 112Starship EnterpriseRare PlusShip12253 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 113Starship ExcelsiorRare PlusShip9313 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 114U.S.S. Enterprise-ARare PlusShip10303 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 115U.S.S. Enterprise-BUncommonShip14103 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 116I.K.C. AmarRareShip42173 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 117I.K.C. ChontayUncommonShip993 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 118I.K.C. K'elricUncommonShip12103 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 119I.K.C. K't'ingaCommonShip3073 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 120I.K.C. Kla'DiyusRare PlusShip19293 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 121Kronos OneRare PlusShip17283 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 122Injector Assembly OneUncommonShip1693 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 123Li'seriaUncommonShip1893 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 124Son'a BattleshipRareShip30223 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 125Son'a ShuttleCommonShip4373 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R+ 126U.S.S. ReliantRare PlusShip3553 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 127Isolytic BurstUncommonTactic1593 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 U 128Riker ManeuverUncommonTactic1193 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 129Target Warp Field CoilsCommonTactic32133 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R 130Camp KhitomerRareTime Location42213 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 C 131Cetacean InstituteCommonTime Location2763 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R* 92Dr. Gillian TaylorAlternate Affiliation RarePersonnel4493 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R* 126U.S.S. ReliantAlternate Affiliation RareShip1483 weeks ago
    ST1E 15 R* 110H.M.S. BountyAlternate Affiliation RareShip1573 weeks ago