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ST1E Tournament - "European Continental Champions 2012"

    This Tournament was announced by openCards user Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich) and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (" at Mar 31st, 2012. It was operated as Main-TD by "Unjustly Banned".

    imageThis Tournament is part of the schedule for the Big-Event EC 2012.

    Results: (published by Telak)

    RankPlayerAffiliationAdditional informationDecklist
    1NL Arjan Hoek
    2012 Continental Enterprise-E Relaunched deck
    Non-Aligned iconFederation iconMWimage
    2DE Nava
    Continentals 2012: I can loose with Borg too...
    Borg iconMLimage
    3DE timeruler
    One Enterprise - 2012
    Federation iconimage
    4DE Dunnagh
    Romulan thingy mingy
    Ferengi iconRomulan iconimage
    5DE Chairman NilvaDominion iconHirogen icon
    6NL Boon of Bolian
    2012 European Continental
    Non-Aligned iconimage
    7DE Odofounder
    Continentals 2012
    Borg iconimage


    Date: Jul 22nd, 2012
    Category: Continental Championship Finals
    Format: Open - OTF
    Level: Level 3 (Continentals)
    Mercure Hotel Bonn Hardtberg - Bonn (Germany)
    Location contact: none deposited
    Number of participants: 7
    Played Rounds: 4

    Tournament director

    TD: Unjustly Banned

    Invitation text

    European Championship