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ST2E Tournament - "Multiplayer Team - 2010 Worlds Side Event"

    This Tournament was announced and operated by openCards user Thomas Schneider (thsch) and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (".


    imageThis Tournament is part of the schedule for the Big-Event Worlds 2010.

    Results: (published by Telak)

    RankPlayerPointsAffiliationAdditional information
    1 thsch10unknown icon
    1 Ramata Klan10unknown icon
    3 8unknown icon24
    3 ntimmons8unknown icon24
    5 8unknown icon22
    5 helmp8unknown icon22
    7 RedDwarf7Cardassian icon25
    7 Gumbo7unknown icon25
    9 Rekar7unknown icon21
    9 big7unknown icon21
    11 Michael van Breemen6unknown icon26
    11 marquetry13696unknown icon26
    13 Shane Brierley6unknown icon22
    13 Kieren6unknown icon22


    Date: Oct 4th, 2010
    Category: World Championship (side event)
    Format: Constructed (Standard)
    Level: Level 1 (Standard tournaments)
    Region: Gamma-03
    Carathotel Frankfurt Airport - Mörenfeld-Walldorf (Germany)
    Location contact: none deposited
    Number of participants: 14
    Played Rounds: 5

    Tournament director

    TD: thsch (log in OR create a new account to write TD a private message)

    Invitation text

    Multiplayer Team
    This time the team tournament will be multiplayer! Teams of two are facing each other in Multiplayer games. Team members are sitting on opposite sides of the table and are not counting as opponents for cards' gametext. Unique cards are unique per team. Players cannot use cards or points of their teammates, but are free to discuss their strategy (that includes showing cards to each other). A game lasts 90 minutes, and when time is called, the game continues until both teams have finished the same number of rounds. Victory conditions are changed to: 150 points and at least one completed planet and space mission per team; at least one completed mission per team member. Cards that create different ways of winning (i.e. Up the Ante, Quark's Treasure, The Long Journey Home and similar cards) are banned.

    Multiplayer Team Tournament Details about Registration Fees and the full World Championship Schedule can be found at: