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RR #120: '45 Dom Perignon

    '45 Dom Perignon

    Champagne of a respected 20th-century vintage. Traditionally used to christen new ships. In the holographic world of Secret Agent Julian Bashir, also serves as an effective hand weapon.

    Equipment Equipment

    May discard to download a unique ship to replace (discard) your ❖  ship of same class here. Once per battle, your personnel present may stun an adversary they just engaged.

    Characteristics: Hand weapon.
    Requires: ❖ ship.

    Rule hint for this card

    This card has an clarification:

    Discarding this equipment to replace a ship is not a valid response to any other action (such as battle) and does not suspend play. You may replace a ship with one of different affiliation only if the class name is identical and any personnel aboard are compatible with the new ship (you may not place them under house arrest). You may not replace one “UNKNOWN CLASS” ship with another (e.g., Mercenary Ship with Fesarius). See ship class, exchanging cards.

    Taken form Glossary - Version 1.9.5.

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at May 1st, 2009.

    '45 Dom Perignon

    This Card-Review article was written by Kathy McCracken and was published first on "Major Rakals Tal Shiar Headquarters (members.cox.net/majorrakal)" at May 27th, 2002.

    This article is part of the article serie "Romulan Review" from "Major Rakal (Kathy Mc Kracken)". Also see:

    Aefvadh! It's not often that a lowly common equipment card generates as much interest -- and as many questions -- as this one. But then, there aren't very many pieces of holographic equipment, and even fewer that can make one ship transmutate into another. So let's find out what happens when we pop the cork on a bottle of...

    '45 Dom Perignon

    May discard to download a unique ship to replace (discard) your � ship of same class here. Once per battle, your personnel present may stun an adversary they just engaged.

    Photonic Bubbles

    There're a lot of nuances to using this ephemeral bottle of light. First up is its icon. This drastically affects where you can use it -- and even where it can exist, because holographic cards may exist *only* aboard ships and facilities, unless a card explicitly allows otherwise. The ship or facility need not have a holodeck in order for the card to exist there, but without a holodeck the card will be inactive.

    What cards get around this restriction? Well, the Mobile Holo-emitter can do it for a personnel, but a bottle of champagne isn't a personnel and can't "wear" an emitter. That leaves Holo-projectors, which in its revised form plays on a single planet, where cards may then exist and be used without a holodeck.

    So you can report this equipment card in any normal manner, as long as it is reporting aboard a facility or ship (or to a planet with Holo-projectors installed). You can move the deactivated equipment like any other piece of equipment (beaming or carrying), but again only between places where it is allowed to exist. And you can use it aboard your ship or facility that has a holodeck, or on any Holo-projector-equipped planet. That includes *any* use: to "christen" a ship, to stun an adversary in battle, or to discard for Samaritan Snare. Beam it over to an enemy ship to pick a fight, and it deactivates; you can't use your opponent's holodeck to enable use of your holograms.

    "...an effective hand weapon."

    The next most important feature is the fact that it's a hand weapon, identified as such in its lore. Practical implications of this status:

    1. It can be reported to Security Office (or downloaded there using Ops).
    2. It can satisfy any requirement for a hand weapon, such as discarding it for extra points at Kressari Rendezvous, as long as it is activated.
    3. You can't seed it at a Primary Supply Depot or use it for a cargo run.
    4. The Borg cannot use it for any purpose, including ship replacement. (There's another good reason why they can't do that -- Borg ships have no ship class -- but even if they did, christening ships is irrelevant.)

    Oh, and the most practical implication: any one of your puny personnel can escape getting clobbered by a hulking Hirogen or gigantic Jem'Hadar by popping the cork in his face. Having a case of champagne at the ready won't let you zap more than one adversary in a battle, though, because the use of that text is limited to once per battle.

    "I christen thee U.S.S. Replacement!"

    Once you have the bottle of bubbly reported and activated, however, you'll probably find it more useful for christening a ship than conking a intruder over the head. True, you have to discard the bottle, but that's a small price to pay for turning a universal rust-bucket into a spanking new named (unique) ship, with typical added benefits of upgraded attributes, a matching commander, and, in some cases, another special download.

    So what's required for this magical transformation? First, you need a universal ship already in play. Next, there must be a unique ship of the same class available for its replacement. An interesting feature of this exchange is that there's no requirement that the ships be of the same affiliation, as long as the class name is the same and any personnel aboard the first ship are compatible with the replacement, to which they transfer.

    Because the replacement is being downloaded, that means it is reporting for duty; unlike a persona exchange, if the replacement has an Alternate Universe icon, you have to have an Alternate Universe Door or some other card that allows Alternate Universe cards to play. On the other hand, the download gives a specific destination -- "here" (at the same location as the Dom Perignon) -- and the download is being allowed by an equipment card (not a facility or site), so you can replace a Starship Constitution with the I.S.S. Enterprise regardless of the quadrant you're in.

    How close does the class name have to be? Identical. For example, a MODIFIED D'DERIDEX CLASS ship is not the same class as a D'DERIDEX CLASS ship. The only exception is that the word "CLASS" is implied on ship classes that don't include that word. Thus the Karemman Vessel (FREIGHTER CLASS) is the same class as the Bok'Nor (FREIGHTER), but neither is the same class as the Groumall (MILITARY FREIGHTER) or the Rigelian Freighter (MERCHANT FREIGHTER).

    There's one other consideration in determining ship class. "UNKNOWN CLASS" is not a distinct ship class; it represents the fact the actual class is, well, unknown. Just as Dr. Farralon, Kurros, and Barash are all classed as "humanoid" but clearly are not the same species, so the Miradorn Raider is pretty clearly not the same type of ship as the Fesarius or the Edo Vessel, even though they are all labelled "UNKNOWN CLASS."

    One of the most frequent questions about this card is a request for a list of "christenable" ships. You'll find a complete list through The Motion Pictures at the Tal Shiar Headquarters.

    The Major's Combos:

    • '45 Dom Perignon + Spacedoor: Who says a Spacedoor can't download a unique ship -- with a little help from a respected 20th-century vintage.
    • '45 Dom Perignon + Secret Agent Julian Bashir: Leave it to Julian to save himself -- or anyone else -- in personnel battle, suspending play to grab the bottle when a combat pairing looks like deep trouble.