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ST2E - House-Rules database

At this time there are 4 ST2E House-Rules in our database.
You can use the form below to find House-Rules by different criterias like e.g. the Tournament format it should be used or the language it's written in - simply klick on "Choose your filter" and use the different filters there, to find a special House-Rule you are looking for.

By default the 20 last published House-Rules are shown here, but only 4 House-Rules are listed here at this time:

CreatedHouse-Rules titleFormatAuthorLanguage
Nov, 2008Mercenary Draft (V.2)Sealed (Draft)thscharticle in english language
Nov, 2007Orbital Shift - a new tournament formatConstructedKaiserKarticle in english language
May, 2007The Biermeister TournamentUniversalTribblearticle in english language
Oct, 2006Casino RoyaleConstructedJaglom Shrekarticle in german language