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Klingon related Strategy-Notes:

No related Strategy-Notes archieved on openCards until now.

Klingon related Card-Reviews:

TitleCard typeAuthorRelated event
What's a Girl Gotta Do to Get to the Mirror Universe? (Bajor, Terok Nor)Missionby Maggie Geppert (published on oC by Telak at Nov, 2018)no statement
The Greatest Hero of the Klingon Empire (Arne Darvin, "Hero of the Empire")Personnelby Nathan Miracle (published on oC by Telak at May, 2018)no statement
Explore Extradimensional WorldMissionby KaiserK at Aug 30th, 2009no statement
Make a Statement (Demonstrate Aggressive Intent)Missionby MidnightLich (published on oC by Telak at Nov, 2008)no statement
Klag, Second OfficerPersonnelby KaiserK (published on oC by Telak at Aug, 2008)no statement
Azetbur, Visionary ChancellorPersonnelby KaiserK (published on oC by Telak at Apr, 2008)no statement
Like a Distortion of Space-Time Contiuum ... (Commandeer Prototype)Missionby Jaglom Shrek at Jan 22nd, 2008no statement
Historical Research (Gateway, Historical Research)Missionby Will Hawkins (published on oC by Telak at Jul, 2007)no statement
Great Power to Control, Dominate (Kruge, Instinctive Commander)Personnelby CaptMDKirk (published on oC by Telak at Nov, 2006)no statement