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logo ST1E deck

Build: Decks

Publish your ST1E Deck on openCards!

Add your best Deck, the deck you like most or one you just like to discuss!

logo ST1E card_review

Build: Card-Reviews

Publish your ST1E Card-Review on openCards!

The classic article about a specific ST1E card (or a combo of two cards).

logo ST1E strategy

Build: Strategy-Notes

Publish your ST1E Strategy-Note on openCards!

Tell us about your thoughts of the actual meta game or your favorite ST1E  strategies!

logo ST1E tournament

Play: Tournaments

Publish your ST1E Tournament (by rules of trekcc) OR a historic Tournament by rules of Decipher here!

Use the wide functions of openCards to provide your ST1E Tournament on openCards.

logo ST1E tournament_report

Play: Tournament-Reports

Publish your ST1E Tournament-Report on openCards!

Tell us about the Tournaments you have visited, the Decks, the people you have met.

logo ST1E tournament_pictures

Play: Tournament pictures

Select a ST1E Tournament to publish corresponding pictures on openCards!

You have made some pictures of the last event you visited? Share them with us!

logo ST1E ruledocument

Play: Rule-Documents

Add a (official) ST1E  Rule-Document to our Rule-Archive!

Help us to document the actual and/or historic ST1E Rules on openCards.

logo ST1E dreamcard

Underground: Dream-Cards

Publish your favorite ST1E Dream-Card on openCards!

You think there is a card ST1E misses? Load it up for discussion.

logo ST1E houserule

Underground: House-Rules

Publish your favorite ST1E House-Rules on openCards!

You are playing a special ST1E format with you friends? Tell us here.

logo ST1E funstuff

Underground: Fun-Stuff

Publish your ST1E Fun-Stuff article on openCards!

Everything that don't match on of the other categories.