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Ort Ort card list

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UCT-IDNamesort iconExpansionRarityFaction
LotR 13 U 185[error]Abandoned Mine ShaftBloodlinesUncommon
LotR 1 C 356[error]Anduin BanksThe Fellowship of the RingCommon
LotR 11 U 227[error]Anduin BanksShadowsUncommon
LotR 1 U 353[error]Anduin ConfluenceThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 11 S 228[error]Anduin ConfluenceShadowsStarter
LotR 15 R 187[error]Anduin RiverThe HuntersRare
LotR 1 C 354[error]Anduin WilderlandThe Fellowship of the RingCommon
LotR 1 U 319[error]Bag EndThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 1 U 343[error]Balin's TombThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 11 S 229[error]BarazinbarShadowsStarter
LotR 4 U 337[error]Barrows of EdorasThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 10 U 117[error]Base of MindolluinMount DoomUncommon
LotR 7 U 338[error]Beacon of Minas TirithThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 15 U 188[error]Breeding Pit of IsengardThe HuntersUncommon
LotR 1 U 327[error]Bree GateThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 1 U 329[error]Breeland ForestThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 1 U 328[error]Bree StreetsThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 1 U 357[error]Brown LandsThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 11 S 230[error]Buckland HomesteadShadowsStarter
LotR 1 U 330[error]Buckleberry FerryThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 3 U 115[error]Caras GaladhonRealms of the Elf-LordsUncommon
LotR 11 S 231[error]Caras GaladhonShadowsStarter
LotR 4 U 355[error]Cavern EntranceThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 11 S 232[error]Cavern EntranceShadowsStarter
LotR 5 U 120[error]Caverns of IsengardBattle of Helms DeepUncommon
LotR 4 U 352[error]Caves of AglarondThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 13 S 186[error]Caves of AglarondBloodlinesStarter
LotR 11 S 233[error]Chamber of MazarbulShadowsStarter
LotR 7 U 344[error]City GatesThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 15 U 189[error]City GatesThe HuntersUncommon
LotR 13 U 187[error]City of KingsBloodlinesUncommon
LotR 8 U 118[error]City of the DeadSiege of GondorUncommon
LotR 1 C 337[error]Council CourtyardThe Fellowship of the RingCommon
LotR 13 U 188[error]Courtyard ParapetBloodlinesUncommon
LotR 11 S 234[error]Crags of Emyn MuilShadowsStarter
LotR 8 U 119[error]Crashed GateSiege of GondorUncommon
LotR 7 U 356[error]Cross RoadsThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 13 S 189[error]Crossroads of the Fallen KingsBloodlinesStarter
LotR 7 U 360[error]DagorladThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 11 U 235[error]Dammed Gate-streamShadowsUncommon
LotR 4 U 348[error]Deeping WallThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 4 U 347[error]Deep of HelmThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 4 U 330[error]DerndingleThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 1 U 350[error]Dimrill DaleThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 17 U 145[error]Dol GuldurRise of SarumanUncommon
LotR 13 U 190[error]Doors of DurinBloodlinesUncommon
LotR 18 U 134[error]Doorway to DoomTreachery & DeceitUncommon
LotR 7 U 329[error]Dunharrow PlateauThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 1 U 344[error]Dwarrowdelf ChamberThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 4 U 324[error]Eastemnet DownsThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 4 U 325[error]Eastemnet GulliesThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 4 U 331[error]EastfoldThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 1 U 320[error]East RoadThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 11 S 236[error]East RoadShadowsStarter
LotR 4 U 323[error]East Wall of RohanThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 15 U 190[error]East Wall of RohanThe HuntersUncommon
LotR 7 U 330[error]Edoras HallThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 1 U 360[error]Emyn MuilThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 12 S 187[error]Emyn MuilBlack RiderStarter
LotR 4 U 343[error]Ered NimraisThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 3 U 116[error]Eregion HillsRealms of the Elf-LordsUncommon
LotR 1 C 331[error]EttenmoorsThe Fellowship of the RingCommon
LotR 11 S 237[error]EttenmoorsShadowsStarter
LotR 11 S 238[error]Expanding MarshlandShadowsStarter
LotR 17 U 146[error]Falls of RaurosRise of SarumanUncommon
LotR 4 U 332[error]Fangorn ForestThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 11 S 239[error]Fangorn GladeShadowsStarter
LotR 1 U 321[error]Farmer Maggot's FieldsThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 11 S 240[error]Flats of RohanShadowsStarter
LotR 18 U 135[error]Foot of Mount DoomTreachery & DeceitUncommon
LotR 1 U 338[error]Ford of BruinenThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 13 S 191[error]Fords of IsenBloodlinesStarter
LotR 4 U 360[error]Fortress of OrthancThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 11 S 241[error]Fortress of OrthancShadowsStarter
LotR 1 U 339[error]Frodo's BedroomThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 1 C 351[error]Galadriel's GladeThe Fellowship of the RingCommon
LotR 15 U 191[error]Gate of MordorThe HuntersUncommon
LotR 3 C 117[error]Gates of ArgonathRealms of the Elf-LordsCommon
LotR 4 U 338[error]Golden HallThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 2 U 118[error]Great ChasmMines of MoriaUncommon
LotR 4 U 353[error]Great HallThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 1 U 322[error]Green Dragon InnThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 11 S 242[error]Green Dragon InnShadowsStarter
LotR 1 U 323[error]Green Hill CountryThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 7 U 339[error]Hall of the KingsThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 11 S 243[error]HarrowdaleShadowsStarter
LotR 7 U 361[error]Haunted PassThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 11 U 244[error]Heights of IsengardShadowsUncommon
LotR 4 U 349[error]Helm's GateThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 11 S 245[error]Helm's GateShadowsStarter
LotR 12 S 188[error]Hill of SightBlack RiderStarter
LotR 12 S 189[error]Hobbiton MarketBlack RiderStarter
LotR 2 U 115[error]Hobbiton Party FieldMines of MoriaUncommon
LotR 2 U 116[error]Hobbiton WoodsMines of MoriaUncommon
LotR 2 C 119[error]HollinMines of MoriaCommon
LotR 4 U 354[error]Hornburg ArmoryThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 4 U 356[error]Hornburg CausewayThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 4 U 350[error]Hornburg CourtyardThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 6 U 118[error]Hornburg HallEnts of FangornUncommon
LotR 4 U 351[error]Hornburg ParapetThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 5 U 118[error]Hornburg WallBattle of Helms DeepUncommon
LotR 4 U 326[error]Horse-countryThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 3 U 119[error]House of ElrondRealms of the Elf-LordsUncommon
LotR 17 U 147[error]ImladrisRise of SarumanUncommon
LotR 7 U 331[error]Isengard RuinedThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 15 U 192[error]Isengard RuinedThe HuntersUncommon
LotR 13 U 193[error]IsenwashBloodlinesUncommon
LotR 4 U 357[error]King's RoomThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 7 U 335[error]King’s TentThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 1 U 352[error]Lothlórien WoodsThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 6 U 117[error]MeduseldEnts of FangornUncommon
LotR 11 U 246[error]Mere of Dead FacesShadowsUncommon
LotR 1 U 332[error]Midgewater MarshesThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 1 U 333[error]Midgewater MoorsThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 7 U 346[error]Minas Tirith Fifth CircleThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 7 U 347[error]Minas Tirith First CircleThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 7 U 348[error]Minas Tirith Fourth CircleThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 7 U 349[error]Minas Tirith Second CircleThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 7 U 350[error]Minas Tirith Seventh CircleThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 7 U 351[error]Minas Tirith Sixth CircleThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 7 U 352[error]Minas Tirith Third CircleThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 18 U 136[error]MithlondTreachery & DeceitUncommon
LotR 1 U 345[error]Mithril MineThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 18 U 137[error]Morannon PlainsTreachery & DeceitUncommon
LotR 7 U 358[error]MorgulduinThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 7 U 357[error]Morgul ValeThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 11 S 247[error]Moria GuardroomShadowsStarter
LotR 1 C 346[error]Moria LakeThe Fellowship of the RingCommon
LotR 1 U 347[error]Moria StairwayThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 11 S 248[error]Moria StairwayShadowsStarter
LotR 15 U 193[error]Mount DoomThe HuntersUncommon
LotR 5 U 119[error]Nan CurunírBattle of Helms DeepUncommon
LotR 7 U 362[error]NarchostThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 11 S 249[error]Neekerbreekers' BogShadowsStarter
LotR 7 U 359[error]Northern IthilienThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 12 S 190[error]Northern PelennorBlack RiderStarter
LotR 11 S 250[error]North UndeepShadowsStarter
LotR 17 U 148[error]NurnRise of SarumanUncommon
LotR 11 S 251[error]Old Forest RoadShadowsStarter
LotR 4 U 361[error]Orthanc BalconyThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 4 U 362[error]Orthanc LibraryThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 8 U 120[error]Osgiliath ChannelSiege of GondorUncommon
LotR 7 U 353[error]Osgiliath CrossingThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 7 U 342[error]Osgiliath FallenThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 11 S 252[error]Osgiliath ReclaimedShadowsStarter
LotR 4 U 363[error]Palantír ChamberThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 1 U 348[error]Pass of CaradhrasThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 11 S 253[error]Pelennor FieldsShadowsStarter
LotR 7 U 345[error]Pelennor FlatThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 11 S 254[error]Pelennor FlatShadowsStarter
LotR 7 U 354[error]Pelennor GrasslandThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 7 U 343[error]Pelennor PlainThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 10 U 118[error]Pelennor PrairieMount DoomUncommon
LotR 1 U 358[error]Pillars of the KingsThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 11 S 255[error]Pinnacle of ZirakzigilShadowsStarter
LotR 4 U 327[error]Plains of RohanThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 4 U 333[error]Plains of Rohan CampThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 13 U 194[error]Redhorn PassBloodlinesUncommon
LotR 4 U 358[error]Ring of IsengardThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 1 U 340[error]Rivendell TerraceThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 1 U 341[error]Rivendell ValleyThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 1 U 342[error]Rivendell WaterfallThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 6 U 115[error]Rocks of Emyn MuilEnts of FangornUncommon
LotR 11 S 257[error]Rohan UplandsShadowsStarter
LotR 7 U 336[error]Rohirrim CampThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 7 U 332[error]Rohirrim RoadThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 4 U 334[error]Rohirrim VillageThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 7 U 355[error]Ruined CapitolThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 6 U 120[error]Saruman's LaboratoryEnts of FangornUncommon
LotR 1 U 325[error]Shire Lookout PointThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 1 U 359[error]Shores of Nen HithoelThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 12 U 191[error]Shores of Nen HithoelBlack RiderUncommon
LotR 1 U 355[error]Silverlode BanksThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 18 U 138[error]Sirannon RuinsTreachery & DeceitUncommon
LotR 7 U 363[error]Slag MoundsThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 11 S 258[error]Slag MoundsShadowsStarter
LotR 7 U 333[error]Sleeping QuartersThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 1 U 361[error]Slopes of Amon HenThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 12 U 192[error]Slopes of OrodruinBlack RiderUncommon
LotR 4 U 339[error]StablesThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 11 S 259[error]StablesShadowsStarter
LotR 12 U 193[error]StarkhornBlack RiderUncommon
LotR 7 U 334[error]Steps of EdorasThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 10 U 119[error]Steward's TombMount DoomUncommon
LotR 18 U 139[error]Steward's TombTreachery & DeceitUncommon
LotR 18 U 140[error]Streets of BreeTreachery & DeceitUncommon
LotR 4 U 340[error]Streets of EdorasThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 1 C 362[error]Summit of Amon HenThe Fellowship of the RingCommon
LotR 12 U 185[error]The AngleBlack RiderUncommon
LotR 1 C 349[error]The Bridge of Khazad-dûmThe Fellowship of the RingCommon
LotR 12 U 186[error]The Bridge of Khazad-dûmBlack RiderUncommon
LotR 8 U 117[error]The DimholtSiege of GondorUncommon
LotR 13 S 192[error]The Great GatesBloodlinesStarter
LotR 3 C 118[error]The Great RiverRealms of the Elf-LordsCommon
LotR 1 U 324[error]The Prancing PonyThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 11 S 256[error]The Prancing PonyShadowsStarter
LotR 4 U 328[error]The RiddermarkThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 4 U 341[error]Throne RoomThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 1 U 363[error]Tol BrandirThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 7 U 340[error]Tower of EcthelionThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 2 C 117[error]Town CenterMines of MoriaCommon
LotR 1 U 334[error]Trollshaw ForestThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 11 S 260[error]Trollshaw ForestShadowsStarter
LotR 4 U 335[error]Uruk CampThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 6 U 119[error]Valley of SarumanEnts of FangornUncommon
LotR 2 U 120[error]Valley of the SilverlodeMines of MoriaUncommon
LotR 11 S 261[error]Valley of the SilverlodeShadowsStarter
LotR 3 U 120[error]Wastes of Emyn MuilRealms of the Elf-LordsUncommon
LotR 10 U 120[error]Watchers of Cirith UngolMount DoomUncommon
LotR 11 S 262[error]Watch-tower of Cirith UngolShadowsStarter
LotR 1 U 335[error]WeatherhillsThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 1 U 336[error]WeathertopThe Fellowship of the RingUncommon
LotR 4 U 344[error]Westemnet HillsThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 4 U 342[error]Westemnet PlainsThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 11 S 264[error]Westemnet VillageShadowsStarter
LotR 4 U 329[error]Western Emyn MuilThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 1 C 326[error]WestfarthingThe Fellowship of the RingCommon
LotR 6 U 116[error]WestfoldEnts of FangornUncommon
LotR 15 R 194[error]Westfold VillageThe HuntersRare
LotR 11 S 263[error]West Gate of MoriaShadowsStarter
LotR 7 U 337[error]West RoadThe Return of the KingUncommon
LotR 4 U 345[error]White MountainsThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 4 U 346[error]White RocksThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 11 S 265[error]Window on the WestShadowsStarter
LotR 4 U 359[error]Wizard's ValeThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 12 U 194[error]Wold BattlefieldBlack RiderUncommon
LotR 4 U 336[error]Wold of RohanThe Two TowersUncommon
LotR 11 S 266[error]Woody-EndShadowsStarter