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Ausrüstung Ausrüstung card list

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UCT-IDNamesort iconExpansionRarityFaction
LotR 1 R 90[error]Aragorn's BowThe Fellowship of the RingRareGondor faction
LotR 15 R 56[error]Aragorn's Bow, Ranger's LongbowThe HuntersRareGondor faction
LotR 1 U 91[error]Aragorn's PipeThe Fellowship of the RingUncommonGondor faction
LotR 1 C 92[error]ArmorThe Fellowship of the RingCommonGondor faction
LotR 17 U 1[error]Armor of KhazadRise of SarumanUncommonDwarven faction
LotR 11 U 55[error]Armor of the CitadelShadowsUncommonGondor faction
LotR 18 C 39[error]Armor of the White CityTreachery & DeceitCommonGondor faction
LotR 13 R 1[error]Arod, Rohirrim SteedBloodlinesRareDwarven faction
LotR 18 R 4[error]Arwen's BowTreachery & DeceitRareElven faction
LotR 18 R 5[error]Arwen's DaggerTreachery & DeceitRareElven faction
LotR 1 U 31[error]AsfalothThe Fellowship of the RingUncommonElven faction
LotR 7 R 17[error]Asfaloth, Elven SteedThe Return of the KingRareElven faction
LotR 13 R 10[error]Asfaloth, Swift BlossomBloodlinesRareElven faction
LotR 1 U 94[error]AthelasThe Fellowship of the RingUncommonGondor faction
LotR 4 R 41[error]Axe of EreborThe Two TowersRareDwarven faction
LotR 11 U 3[error]Axe of Khazad-dûmShadowsUncommonDwarven faction
LotR 6 U 14[error]Banner of ElberethEnts of FangornUncommonElven faction
LotR 6 C 59[error]Banner of IsengardEnts of FangornCommonIsengard faction
LotR 6 C 98[error]Banner of the EyeEnts of FangornCommonSauron faction
LotR 6 U 90[error]Banner of the MarkEnts of FangornUncommonRohan faction
LotR 6 U 51[error]Banner of WesternesseEnts of FangornUncommonGondor faction
LotR 17 U 40[error]Beast of WarRise of SarumanUncommonMen faction
LotR 12 U 2[error]Belt of EreborBlack RiderUncommonDwarven faction
LotR 18 R 18[error]Beorning AxeTreachery & DeceitRareGandalf faction
LotR 12 U 136[error]Berserker TorchBlack RiderUncommonUruk-hai faction
LotR 7 C 265[error]Besieging PikeThe Return of the KingCommonSauron faction
LotR 1 U 285[error]Bilbo's PipeThe Fellowship of the RingUncommonShire faction
LotR 3 U 106[error]Bill the PonyRealms of the Elf-LordsUncommonShire faction
LotR 13 R 143[error]Bill the Pony, Dearly-lovedBloodlinesRareShire faction
LotR 8 R 70[error]Black FlailSiege of GondorRareRingwraith faction
LotR 8 C 50[error]Black Sails of UmbarSiege of GondorCommonRaider faction
LotR 1 R 208[error]Black SteedThe Fellowship of the RingRareRingwraith faction
LotR 11 U 109[error]Bladed GauntletsShadowsUncommonOrc faction
LotR 1 R 95[error]Blade of GondorThe Fellowship of the RingRareGondor faction
LotR 12 R 42[error]Blade of Gondor, Sword of BoromirBlack RiderRareGondor faction
LotR 11 U 16[error]Blade of LindonShadowsUncommonElven faction
LotR 17 U 112[error]Blade of the White HandRise of SarumanUncommonUruk-hai faction
LotR 3 R 1[error]Book of MazarbulRealms of the Elf-LordsRareDwarven faction
LotR 1 U 98[error]Boromir's CloakThe Fellowship of the RingUncommonGondor faction
LotR 4 C 112[error]Boromir's GauntletsThe Two TowersCommonGondor faction
LotR 11 U 58[error]Bow of Minas TirithShadowsUncommonGondor faction
LotR 1 R 33[error]Bow of the GaladhrimThe Fellowship of the RingRareElven faction
LotR 7 R 18[error]Bow of the Galadhrim, Gift of GaladrielThe Return of the KingRareElven faction
LotR 4 C 298[error]Brace of ConeysThe Two TowersCommonShire faction
LotR 4 U 263[error]BregoThe Two TowersUncommonRohan faction
LotR 13 R 63[error]Brego, Loyal SteedBloodlinesRareGondor faction
LotR 4 C 142[error]Broad-bladed SwordThe Two TowersCommonIsengard faction
LotR 8 R 32[error]CatapultSiege of GondorRareGondor faction
LotR 2 R 53[error]Cave Troll's ChainMines of MoriaRareMoria faction
LotR 1 R 166[error]Cave Troll's HammerThe Fellowship of the RingRareMoria faction
LotR 12 R 86[error]Cave Troll's Hammer, Unwieldy CudgelBlack RiderRareOrc faction
LotR 17 R 41[error]Ceremonial ArmorRise of SarumanRareMen faction
LotR 1 C 101[error]Coat of MailThe Fellowship of the RingCommonGondor faction
LotR 12 R 111[error]CoifBlack RiderRareRohan faction
LotR 8 C 52[error]Corsair BallistaSiege of GondorCommonRaider faction
LotR 18 U 60[error]Corsair Boarding AxeTreachery & DeceitUncommonMen faction
LotR 18 U 61[error]Corsair BowTreachery & DeceitUncommonMen faction
LotR 18 U 62[error]Corsair Grappling HookTreachery & DeceitUncommonMen faction
LotR 18 U 63[error]Corsair HalberdTreachery & DeceitUncommonMen faction
LotR 18 U 64[error]Corsair ScimitarTreachery & DeceitUncommonMen faction
LotR 8 U 59[error]Corsair War GalleySiege of GondorUncommonRaider faction
LotR 18 R 43[error]Denethor's SwordTreachery & DeceitRareGondor faction
LotR 18 U 45[error]Dunadan's BowTreachery & DeceitUncommonGondor faction
LotR 1 C 8[error]Dwarven ArmorThe Fellowship of the RingCommonDwarven faction
LotR 1 C 9[error]Dwarven AxeThe Fellowship of the RingCommonDwarven faction
LotR 2 U 3[error]Dwarven BracersMines of MoriaUncommonDwarven faction
LotR 6 U 79[error]Easterling PolearmEnts of FangornUncommonRaider faction
LotR 18 U 8[error]Elven ArmamentsTreachery & DeceitUncommonElven faction
LotR 1 C 41[error]Elven BowThe Fellowship of the RingCommonElven faction
LotR 4 U 63[error]Elven BroochThe Two TowersUncommonElven faction
LotR 1 C 42[error]Elven CloakThe Fellowship of the RingCommonElven faction
LotR 9 R  13[error]Elven RopeReflectionsRareElven faction
LotR 4 C 64[error]Elven SwordThe Two TowersCommonElven faction
LotR 18 R 95[error]Eomer's BowTreachery & DeceitRareRohan faction
LotR 4 U 268[error]Éomer's SpearThe Two TowersUncommonRohan faction
LotR 15 R 124[error]Eomer's Spear, Trusty WeaponThe HuntersRareRohan faction
LotR 4 R 272[error]Éowyn's SwordThe Two TowersRareRohan faction
LotR 7 R 230[error]Éowyn’s Sword, Dernhelm’s BladeThe Return of the KingRareRohan faction
LotR 18 R 96[error]Erkenbrand's HornTreachery & DeceitRareRohan faction
LotR 18 R 97[error]Erkenbrand's ShieldTreachery & DeceitRareRohan faction
LotR 4 R 118[error]Faramir's BowThe Two TowersRareGondor faction
LotR 17 R 29[error]Faramir's Bow, Ithilien LongbowRise of SarumanRareGondor faction
LotR 4 R 119[error]Faramir's CloakThe Two TowersRareGondor faction
LotR 12 R 48[error]Faramir's SwordBlack RiderRareGondor faction
LotR 6 U 83[error]Fell BeastEnts of FangornUncommonRingwraith faction
LotR 4 R 274[error]FirefootThe Two TowersRareRohan faction
LotR 7 R 232[error]Firefoot, Éomer’s SteedThe Return of the KingRareRohan faction
LotR 13 R 126[error]Firefoot, Mearas of the MarkBloodlinesRareRohan faction
LotR 13 R 48[error]Fishing BoatBloodlinesRareGollum faction
LotR 2 R 32[error]Flaming BrandMines of MoriaRareGondor faction
LotR 18 R 66[error]Fleet of Corsair ShipsTreachery & DeceitRareMen faction
LotR 7 U 93[error]Footman’s ArmorThe Return of the KingUncommonGondor faction
LotR 4 R 303[error]Frodo's CloakThe Two TowersRareShire faction
LotR 3 U 107[error]Frodo's PipeRealms of the Elf-LordsUncommonShire faction
LotR 3 C 108[error]Frying PanRealms of the Elf-LordsCommonShire faction
LotR 18 R 100[error]Gamling's HornTreachery & DeceitRareRohan faction
LotR 1 U 73[error]Gandalf's CartThe Fellowship of the RingUncommonGandalf faction
LotR 12 R 28[error]Gandalf's HatBlack RiderRareGandalf faction
LotR 1 U 74[error]Gandalf's PipeThe Fellowship of the RingUncommonGandalf faction
LotR 7 U 8[error]Gimli’s ArmorThe Return of the KingUncommonDwarven faction
LotR 1 R 14[error]Gimli's Battle AxeThe Fellowship of the RingRareDwarven faction
LotR 7 R 9[error]Gimli’s Battle Axe, Trusted WeaponThe Return of the KingRareDwarven faction
LotR 11 R 9[error]Gimli's Battle Axe, Vicious WeaponShadowsRareDwarven faction
LotR 1 R 15[error]Gimli's HelmThe Fellowship of the RingRareDwarven faction
LotR 3 U 2[error]Gimli's PipeRealms of the Elf-LordsUncommonDwarven faction
LotR 1 R 75[error]GlamdringThe Fellowship of the RingRareGandalf faction
LotR 7 R 39[error]Glamdring, Elven BladeThe Return of the KingRareGandalf faction
LotR 11 R 35[error]Glamdring, Foe-hammerShadowsRareGandalf faction
LotR 6 R 31[error]Glamdring, Lightning BrandEnts of FangornRareGandalf faction
LotR 17 R 18[error]Glamdring, Orc BeaterRise of SarumanRareGandalf faction
LotR 0 SPD 1[error]Goblet of the White CityDigital cards from Deciphers websiteVirtualGondor faction
LotR 1 C 180[error]Goblin ScimitarThe Fellowship of the RingCommonMoria faction
LotR 1 C 182[error]Goblin SpearThe Fellowship of the RingCommonMoria faction
LotR 18 U 108[error]Golden Perch AleTreachery & DeceitUncommonShire faction
LotR 7 U 94[error]Gondor BowThe Return of the KingUncommonGondor faction
LotR 11 U 59[error]Gondorian BladeShadowsUncommonGondor faction
LotR 12 U 49[error]Gondorian SteedBlack RiderUncommonGondor faction
LotR 7 U 98[error]Gondorian SwordThe Return of the KingUncommonGondor faction
LotR 10 R 60[error]Gorbag's SwordMount DoomRareRingwraith faction
LotR 10 R 89[error]Gothmog's WargMount DoomRareSauron faction
LotR 18 R 81[error]Gothmog's Warg, Leader's MountTreachery & DeceitRareOrc faction
LotR 15 U 80[error]Great AxeThe HuntersUncommonMen faction
LotR 1 C 107[error]Great ShieldThe Fellowship of the RingCommonGondor faction
LotR 0 SPD 2[error]Green Dragon MugDigital cards from Deciphers websiteVirtual PromoShire faction
LotR 17 R 44[error]Gríma's DaggerRise of SarumanRareMen faction
LotR 18 R 82[error]Grond, Forged With Black SteelTreachery & DeceitRareOrc faction
LotR 8 R 103[error]Grond, Hammer of the UnderworldSiege of GondorRareSauron faction
LotR 1 R 47[error]GwemegilThe Fellowship of the RingRareElven faction
LotR 12 R 18[error]HadafangBlack RiderRareElven faction
LotR 2 C 10[error]Hand AxeMines of MoriaCommonDwarven faction
LotR 15 U 7[error]Heavy AxeThe HuntersUncommonDwarven faction
LotR 4 C 278[error]Heavy ChainThe Two TowersCommonRohan faction
LotR 18 R 69[error]Henchman's DaggerTreachery & DeceitRareMen faction
LotR 4 U 280[error]HerugrimThe Two TowersUncommonRohan faction
LotR 7 R 236[error]Herugrim, Sword of the MarkThe Return of the KingRareRohan faction
LotR 4 R 19[error]HidesThe Two TowersRareDunland faction
LotR 1 C 299[error]Hobbit SwordThe Fellowship of the RingCommonShire faction
LotR 3 R 42[error]Horn of BoromirRealms of the Elf-LordsRareGondor faction
LotR 18 R 53[error]Horn of Boromir, The Great HornTreachery & DeceitRareGondor faction
LotR 5 U 8[error]Horn of HelmBattle of Helms DeepUncommonDwarven faction
LotR 9 R  45[error]Horn of the MarkReflectionsRareRohan faction
LotR 15 U 129[error]Horse of Great StatureThe HuntersUncommonRohan faction
LotR 4 C 283[error]Horse of RohanThe Two TowersCommonRohan faction
LotR 4 C 26[error]Iron AxeThe Two TowersCommonDunland faction
LotR 3 C 55[error]Isengard AxeRealms of the Elf-LordsCommonIsengard faction
LotR 5 U 54[error]Isengard ScimitarBattle of Helms DeepUncommonIsengard faction
LotR 11 U 191[error]Isengard Siege BowShadowsUncommonUruk-hai faction
LotR 11 C 192[error]Isengard SwordShadowsCommonUruk-hai faction
LotR 15 U 62[error]Ithilien BladeThe HuntersUncommonGondor faction
LotR 13 C 73[error]KingsfoilBloodlinesCommonGondor faction
LotR 4 R 284[error]King's MailThe Two TowersRareRohan faction
LotR 9 R+ 17[error]Knife of the GaladhrimReflectionsRare PlusElven faction
LotR 8 C 40[error]Knight's MountSiege of GondorCommonGondor faction
LotR 7 C 108[error]Knight’s SwordThe Return of the KingCommonGondor faction
LotR 8 U 23[error]LarderSiege of GondorUncommonGollum faction
LotR 11 R 23[error]Legolas' BowShadowsRareElven faction
LotR 5 U 12[error]Legolas' SwordBattle of Helms DeepUncommonElven faction
LotR 4 R 75[error]LembasThe Two TowersRareElven faction
LotR 18 R 15[error]Lembas BreadTreachery & DeceitRareElven faction
LotR 11 C 89[error]Long Battle BowShadowsCommonMen faction
LotR 1 C 300[error]Longbottom LeafThe Fellowship of the RingCommonShire faction
LotR 3 R 21[error]Long-knives of LegolasRealms of the Elf-LordsRareElven faction
LotR 7 C 240[error]Long SpearThe Return of the KingCommonRohan faction
LotR 18 R 119[error]Lurtz's Bow, Black-Fletch BowTreachery & DeceitRareUruk-hai faction
LotR 2 R 43[error]Lurtz's SwordMines of MoriaRareIsengard faction
LotR 15 R 163[error]Lurtz's Sword, Mighty LongswordThe HuntersRareUruk-hai faction
LotR 7 R 241[error]Merry’s ArmorThe Return of the KingRareRohan faction
LotR 9 R  18[error]Merry's DaggerReflectionsRareElven faction
LotR 7 R 242[error]Merry’s SwordThe Return of the KingRareRohan faction
LotR 12 R 72[error]Messenger's MountBlack RiderRareMen faction
LotR 11 C 128[error]Mordor ScimitarShadowsCommonOrc faction
LotR 7 C 186[error]Morgul AxeThe Return of the KingCommonRingwraith faction
LotR 1 R 216[error]Morgul BladeThe Fellowship of the RingRareRingwraith faction
LotR 1 R 190[error]Moria AxeThe Fellowship of the RingRareMoria faction
LotR 5 C 73[error]MûmakBattle of Helms DeepCommonRaider faction
LotR 8 U 64[error]MûmakilSiege of GondorUncommonRaider faction
LotR 6 C 21[error]Naith LongbowEnts of FangornCommonElven faction
LotR 12 C 168[error]Nazgûl BladeBlack RiderCommonRingwraith faction
LotR 7 U 203[error]Nazgûl ScimitarThe Return of the KingUncommonRingwraith faction
LotR 1 U 218[error]Nazgûl SwordThe Fellowship of the RingUncommonRingwraith faction
LotR 1 C 305[error]Old TobyThe Fellowship of the RingCommonShire faction
LotR 10 C 113[error]Orc ArmorMount DoomCommonShire faction
LotR 11 S 130[error]Orc HammerShadowsStarterOrc faction
LotR 1 C 269[error]Orc ScimitarThe Fellowship of the RingCommonSauron faction
LotR 12 C 96[error]Orc SpearBlack RiderCommonOrc faction
LotR 18 C 84[error]Orkish AxTreachery & DeceitCommonOrc faction
LotR 15 U 114[error]Orkish Hunting SpearThe HuntersUncommonOrc faction
LotR 11 C 94[error]PaviseShadowsCommonMen faction
LotR 3 U 24[error]Phial of GaladrielRealms of the Elf-LordsUncommonElven faction
LotR 7 R 113[error]Pippin’s ArmorThe Return of the KingRareGondor faction
LotR 9 R  21[error]Pippin's DaggerReflectionsRareElven faction
LotR 7 R 114[error]Pippin’s SwordThe Return of the KingRareGondor faction
LotR 11 S 95[error]PoleaxeShadowsStarterMen faction
LotR 17 U 47[error]Primitive BrandRise of SarumanUncommonMen faction
LotR 18 R 26[error]Radagast's Herb BagTreachery & DeceitRareGandalf faction
LotR 7 C 155[error]Raider BowThe Return of the KingCommonRaider faction
LotR 7 C 156[error]Raider HalberdThe Return of the KingCommonRaider faction
LotR 4 C 131[error]Ranger's BowThe Two TowersCommonGondor faction
LotR 15 U 68[error]Ranger's CloakThe HuntersUncommonGondor faction
LotR 1 U 112[error]Ranger's SwordThe Fellowship of the RingUncommonGondor faction
LotR 4 U 132[error]Ranger's Sword, Blade of AragornThe Two TowersUncommonGondor faction
LotR 2 R 113[error]Red Book of WestmarchMines of MoriaRareShire faction
LotR 17 R 89[error]Relentless WargRise of SarumanRareOrc faction
LotR 11 U 151[error]Riddermark JavelinShadowsUncommonRohan faction
LotR 13 U 135[error]Rider's BowBloodlinesUncommonRohan faction
LotR 17 U 90[error]Rider's GearRise of SarumanUncommonOrc faction
LotR 4 C 287[error]Rider's MountThe Two TowersCommonRohan faction
LotR 4 C 288[error]Rider's SpearThe Two TowersCommonRohan faction
LotR 7 U 245[error]Riding ArmorThe Return of the KingUncommonRohan faction
LotR 15 R 136[error]Rohirrim AxeThe HuntersRareRohan faction
LotR 5 C 88[error]Rohirrim BowBattle of Helms DeepCommonRohan faction
LotR 5 R 89[error]Rohirrim HelmBattle of Helms DeepRareRohan faction
LotR 7 C 248[error]Rohirrim JavelinThe Return of the KingCommonRohan faction
LotR 11 U 156[error]Rohirrim MountShadowsUncommonRohan faction
LotR 5 C 91[error]Rohirrim ShieldBattle of Helms DeepCommonRohan faction
LotR 0 SPD 3[error]Rohirrim SteinDigital cards from Deciphers websiteVirtualRohan faction
LotR 11 R 171[error]Salt from the ShireShadowsRareShire faction
LotR 4 R 317[error]Sam's PackThe Two TowersRareShire faction
LotR 6 U 73[error]ScaffoldingEnts of FangornUncommonIsengard faction
LotR 4 R 100[error]ShadowfaxThe Two TowersRareGandalf faction
LotR 17 R 24[error]Shadowfax, Greatest of the MearasRise of SarumanRareGandalf faction
LotR 8 R 21[error]Shadowfax, GreatheartSiege of GondorRareGandalf faction
LotR 13 R 40[error]Shadowfax, Roaring WindBloodlinesRareGandalf faction
LotR 11 U 40[error]Shadowfax, Unequaled SteedShadowsUncommonGandalf faction
LotR 12 R 171[error]Shadowy MountBlack RiderRareRingwraith faction
LotR 5 R 59[error]Sharku's WargBattle of Helms DeepRareIsengard faction
LotR 2 R 38[error]Shield of BoromirMines of MoriaRareGondor faction
LotR 18 C 57[error]Shield of the White TreeTreachery & DeceitCommonGondor faction
LotR 8 R 65[error]Ships of Great DraughtSiege of GondorRareRaider faction
LotR 7 R 250[error]SnowmaneThe Return of the KingRareRohan faction
LotR 13 R 136[error]Snowmane, Noble MearasBloodlinesRareRohan faction
LotR 4 R 247[error]Southron BowThe Two TowersRareRaider faction
LotR 4 C 255[error]Southron SpearThe Two TowersCommonRaider faction
LotR 15 U 140[error]Spear of the MarkThe HuntersUncommonRohan faction
LotR 17 U 117[error]Spear of the White HandRise of SarumanUncommonUruk-hai faction
LotR 8 U 46[error]Spectral SwordSiege of GondorUncommonGondor faction
LotR 8 C 28[error]Spider PoisonSiege of GondorCommonGollum faction
LotR 12 C 172[error]Steed of MordorBlack RiderCommonRingwraith faction
LotR 1 R 313[error]StingThe Fellowship of the RingRareShire faction
LotR 5 R 116[error]Sting, Baggins HeirloomBattle of Helms DeepRareShire faction
LotR 8 R 113[error]Sting, Bane of the Eight LegsSiege of GondorRareShire faction
LotR 18 R 113[error]Sting, Elven Long KnifeTreachery & DeceitRareShire faction
LotR 11 R 173[error]Sting, Weapon of HeritageShadowsRareShire faction
LotR 9 R  22[error]Strands of Elven HairReflectionsRareElven faction
LotR 15 U 141[error]Sturdy ShieldThe HuntersUncommonRohan faction
LotR 7 C 253[error]Swift SteedThe Return of the KingCommonRohan faction
LotR 6 R 85[error]Sword of Dol GuldurEnts of FangornRareRingwraith faction
LotR 4 C 134[error]Sword of GondorThe Two TowersCommonGondor faction
LotR 1 U 225[error]Sword of Minas MorgulThe Fellowship of the RingUncommonRingwraith faction
LotR 4 C 291[error]Sword of RohanThe Two TowersCommonRohan faction
LotR 15 C 25[error]Sword of the FallenThe HuntersCommonElven faction
LotR 11 U 28[error]The Art of GandalfShadowsUncommonGandalf faction
LotR 1 U 292[error]The Gaffer's PipeThe Fellowship of the RingUncommonShire faction
LotR 1 R 55[error]The Mirror of GaladrielThe Fellowship of the RingRareElven faction
LotR 1 R 221[error]The Pale BladeThe Fellowship of the RingRareRingwraith faction
LotR 11 R 214[error]The Pale Blade, Sword of FlameShadowsRareRingwraith faction
LotR 12 U 184[error]The Witch-king's Beast, Fell CreatureBlack RiderUncommonRingwraith faction
LotR 17 U 91[error]Threatening WargRise of SarumanUncommonOrc faction
LotR 1 R 318[error]Thrór's MapThe Fellowship of the RingRareShire faction
LotR 0 P 60[error]Tom Bombadil's HatPromotion CardsPromotionShire faction
LotR 6 U 107[error]Troll's ChainEnts of FangornUncommonSauron faction
LotR 4 R 177[error]Uglúk's SwordThe Two TowersRareIsengard faction
LotR 15 R 173[error]Uglúk's Sword, Weapon of CommandThe HuntersRareUruk-hai faction
LotR 10 C 102[error]Uruk AxeMount DoomCommonSauron faction
LotR 1 C 160[error]Uruk-hai SwordThe Fellowship of the RingCommonIsengard faction
LotR 4 C 196[error]Uruk SpearThe Two TowersCommonIsengard faction
LotR 17 C 92[error]Vicious WargRise of SarumanCommonOrc faction
LotR 2 C 95[error]Vile BladeMines of MoriaCommonSauron faction
LotR 17 C 118[error]Vile PitRise of SarumanCommonUruk-hai faction
LotR 4 U 36[error]War ClubThe Two TowersUncommonDunland faction
LotR 5 C 65[error]WargBattle of Helms DeepCommonIsengard faction
LotR 5 R 78[error]War MûmakBattle of Helms DeepRareRaider faction
LotR 12 C 77[error]War TridentBlack RiderCommonMen faction
LotR 5 U 64[error]War-wargBattle of Helms DeepUncommonIsengard faction
LotR 12 C 159[error]Weapon of OpportunityBlack RiderCommonUruk-hai faction
LotR 8 C 30[error]WebSiege of GondorCommonGollum faction
LotR 15 R 9[error]Well-crafted ArmorThe HuntersRareDwarven faction
LotR 17 C 66[error]Wildman's OathRise of SarumanCommonMen faction
LotR 7 R 260[error]WindfolaThe Return of the KingRareRohan faction
LotR 8 U 83[error]Winged MountSiege of GondorUncommonRingwraith faction
LotR 2 C 29[error]Wizard StaffMines of MoriaCommonGandalf faction
LotR 13 C 102[error]Worn BattleaxeBloodlinesCommonMen faction