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Dunland factionLotR cards - faction: Dunländer

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UCT-IDNamesort iconExpansionRarityType
LotR 6 C 1Bound By RageEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 4 R 6Constantly ThreateningThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 4 U 27Living Off RockThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 4 U 28No DefenseThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 4 R 29No RefugeThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 4 R 30No RetreatThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 4 U 31Over the IsenThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 6 R 7Ready to FallEnts of Fangorn (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 4 U 34Secret FolkThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 4 C 3AngerThe Two Towers (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 4 C 5Burn Every VillageThe Two Towers (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 4 C 7Dark FuryThe Two Towers (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 4 U 8Death to the StrawheadsThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 5 R 3Leaping BlazeBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 4 R 32Ravage the DefeatedThe Two Towers (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 6 U 8Too Long Have These Peasants StoodEnts of Fangorn (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 4 R 35Wake of DestructionThe Two Towers (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 4 C 37War Cry of DunlandThe Two Towers (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 4 R 39Wild Man RaidThe Two Towers (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 0 W 1Army of DunlandTriumph and Menace SeriesVirtualKnecht
LotR 4 C 4Band of Wild MenThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 U 9Dunlending ArsonistThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 10Dunlending BrigandThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 C 2Dunlending ElderEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 C 3Dunlending FootmenEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 C 4Dunlending HeadmanEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 U 11Dunlending LooterThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 12Dunlending MadmanThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 U 13Dunlending PillagerThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 5 U 1Dunlending RampagerBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 14Dunlending RansackerThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 15Dunlending RavagerThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 U 2Dunlending RenegadeBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 6 C 5Dunlending ReserveEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 16Dunlending RobberThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 17Dunlending SavageThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 18Dunlending WarriorThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 9 R+ 2[?]Freca, Hungry SavageReflectionsRare PlusKnecht
LotR 4 R 20Hill ChiefThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 6 R 6Hill ClanEnts of Fangorn (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 C 21Hillman BandThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 R 22Hillman HordeThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 R 23Hillman MobThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 U 24Hillman RabbleThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 25Hillman TribeThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 R 33Saruman, Rabble-rouserThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 U 38Wild Man of DunlandThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 5 R 4Wild Men of the HillsBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 R 40Wulf, Dunlending ChieftainThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 R 19HidesThe Two Towers (first print)RareAusrüstung
LotR 4 C 26Iron AxeThe Two Towers (first print)CommonAusrüstung
LotR 4 U 36War ClubThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonAusrüstung